AIIMS B.Sc. Admissions 2015

AIIMS B.Sc. Admissions 2015

Important Dates

AIIMS B.Sc. Admissions 2015 Important Dates for B.Sc.(Hons.) Para-Medical, B.Sc. Nursing (Post-certificate) and B.Sc.(Hons.) Nursing are given below. Please Note that these are the expected dates and final dates will be updated once notification is released.

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B.Sc. (Hons.) Nursing

  • To develop in a student the qualities of a nurse who can provide comprehensive nursing care to the sick admitted to the hospital with varied medical and surgical conditions.
  • To train a student as midwife, able to give necessary supervisory care and services to women during pregnancy, labour and postpartum period, to conduct deliveries on her own responsibility and to take care of the newborn and the infant.
  • To impart training to the student so as to enable her to teach and supervise appropriate nursing and health care to patients, families, the general public and other co-operating personnel in the health care delivery system, thus taking part in the promotion of health, prevention of disease and in rehabilitation.

Para-Medical Courses :

(i) B.Sc. (Hons.) Ophthalmic Techniques :

A. Basic Medical Sciences :

  1. To achieve general understanding of human biology.
  2. To achieve in-depth knowledge of science related to ophthalmology (Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Microbiology and Optics).

B.  Clinical :

The objectives of the clinical work are to enable a candidate to work under the supervision of an ophthalmologist so as to understand anatomical, physiological basis of clinical ophthalmology and its implications and applications and to enable him to :

  1. Assist an ophthalmologist in hospital, clinics and in community to execute an integrated approach of promotive, preventive, diagnostic and rehabilitative aspects of opthalmic care.
  2. Develop skills to carry out various ophthalmic investigations as directed.
  3. Assess disorders of ocular motility and uniocular and binocular functions and give orthoptic and pleoptic exercises as directed.
  4. Perform refraction and making of glasses.
  5. Assess contact lens patients and fit contact lenses in various conditions under supervision of ophthalmologist.
  6. Maintain records of patients, investigation and treatment, follow up records.

C. Machinery and equipment

To enable the students to understand the principles of equipment used in ophthalmology, perform routine servicing, assist ophthalmologist in clinical utilization of equipment.

(ii) B.Sc. (Hons.) Medical Technology in Radiography

  • To provide basic knowledge of human anatomy and physiology for understanding human biology.
  • To provide basic understanding of the beneficial and harmful effect of X-ray radiation and protective measures while working with it and physical principles of other imaging modalities like Ultrasound and MRI.
  • To train the student to operate X-ray and other imaging equipments, perform all routine radiographic techniques and produce images of good diagnostic quality with minimum radiation dose.
  • To train a student to work independently as a competent imaging technologist and produce teachers for the future.

B.Sc. Nursing (Post-Certificate) :

  • To train nurses to provide comprehensive nursing care to patients/clients that contribute to health of individuals, families and communities in preventive, promotive, curative and restorative health care delivery system.
  • To develop skills in nursing management and teaching at basic level.
  • To produce nurses who can demonstrate communication skills, leadership qualities and decision making abilities in various situations.

Important Instructions

  • If a candidate is found to have furnished false information or certificate etc. or to have concealed some information in his/her application, his/her candidature for examination/ admissions will be cancelled.
  • Incomplete or unsigned applications, will be summarily rejected.
  • A candidate who fails in the first year examination in any of the above mentioned undergraduate courses, in three successive examinations will not be permitted to continue studies at the AIIMS.
  • No TA/DA will be paid for attending the Entrance Examination/Interview/Counselling.
  • The selected candidates must join classes on the due date on which the classes commence, or as mentioned in the selection letter.
  • Admission of the candidates to the entrance examination is provisional. If ineligibility of a candidate is detected at any stage, his/her candidature for examination/admission will be cancelled.
  • The candidates as well as their parents at the time of admission of the students to the Institute will be required to furnish an undertaking in the form of an affidavit that the candidate will not indulge in any form of ragging and, if found ragging the freshers, the Institute may take appropriate action against the erring students.
  • Change, if any in the address should be promptly reported to the Institute.
  • The candidate should report at the examination centre at 8:30 A.M.
  • No candidate will be allowed to enter after 9:50 AM in the examination center.
  • Downloadable Admit cards of all the eligible candidates will be hosted on website as per the schedule mentioned under ‘AT A GLANCE’. Candidates are advised to download their Admit Card from website. It may please be noted that the Admit Cards will not be sent by post.
  • No candidate should carry any textual material, printed or written, bits of papers or any other material except the Admit Card inside the examination hall. If a candidate is found to be copying/conversing with other candidate/to have in his/her possession papers, notes or books he/she will be disqualified from taking that examination and the next one or two such examinations according to the nature of offence.
  • Candidates should not bring cell phones, pagers, calculator, digital diaries or any electronic gadget etc. to the examination hall; these are strictly prohibited.
  • The candidate must not obtain or give or attempt to obtain or to give irregular assistance of any kind during the examination.
  • Any attempt to note down questions during the examination or to take away pages from the Question Booklet will be viewed very seriously, and invite severe punishment.
  • The decision of the Director of the Institute shall be final in the matter of selection of candidates for admission to the above courses and no appeal shall be entertained on this subject.
  • If a candidate selected for admission does not pay the fee/dues within the prescribed period, his/her admission shall be cancelled and the next candidate on the waiting list shall be admitted.
  • Private practice/service in any form during the course is prohibited. The period of training is strictly full time and continuous.
  • All students admitted to the Institute shall maintain good conduct, pay the requisite tution fees and other charges by due dates, attend their classes regularly and abide by the regulations of the Institute failing which their names are liable to be struck off the rolls of the Institute.
  • No individual intimation will be sent to candidates who are not selected, and no correspondence on this subject will be entertained.
  • There is no provision for rechecking of answer sheets or communication of marks obtained at the entrance examination. However, the marks of all the candidates will be displayed on the website only after completion of admission process.
  • The selected candidates will have to submit migration certificate from the College/University from where they passed the qualifying examination.
  • The rules are subject to change in accordance with the decision of the Institute taken from time to time.
  • Any dispute in regard to any matter referred to herein shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Delhi Courts lone.

Medical Exam

The candidates selected for admission, except those selected for B.Sc. Nursing (Post Certificate), will have to undergo medical examination by a Medical Board consisting of faculty members of the Institute. If, in the assessment of Medical Board, a candidate is found medically unfit, he/she will not be admitted. The decision of the Board shall be final. In that case, in his/her place next candidate in order of merit will be admitted.

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