AIIMS Fee Structure 2017 represents the amount of money to be paid for tuition and other expenses after candidates get admission. AIIMS are government medical colleges. Their fee amount is also nominal and quite affordable in comparison with other medical colleges under private management. This also makes AIIMS a good choice to study MBBS in India.

The AIIMS MBBS Fees are to be paid in cash immediately, after you have been declared medically fit in the Medical Board of the Institute as per details given below: 

Academic & Other Fees Amount in Rs Hostel & Other Fees Amount in Rs
Registration Fee 25.00 Hostel Rent* 990.00
Caution Money 100.00 Gymkhana Fee 220.00
Tuition Fee 1350.00 Pot Fund 1320.00
Laboratory Fee 90.00 Electricity Charges 198.00
Student Union Fee 63.00 Mess Security (Refundable) 500.00
Hostel Security (Refundable) 1000.00
Total 1628.00 4228.00

Above fees are subject to revision
*Hostel accommodation will be provided subject to availability

The above payment is to be made in Cash. Please Note that Cheques, Drafts, Money Orders etc will not be accepted in any case, Extension of date for payment of dues will not be allowed in any case.

For Foreign Nationals: Tuition fees of US $ 75,000/-(divided in 3 equal installments for pre-clinical phase, para clinical phase and clinical phase of MBBS course) will be charged from the foreign national students admitted to MBBS course at AIIMS.

AIIMS MBBS Admissions

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