AIPMT 2014 Print E-Challan Form AIPMT

AIPMT 2014 Print E-Challan Form

Candidates who wish to make payment via challan form can download the E-Challan Form from HERE.

Students have option to make payment online to through challan.

If you have selected Challan then you need to print this challan and make payment before completing the Application Procedure and Print Confirmation Page HERE

What is e-Challan?
An e-challan is an electronic format of the challan used as a receipt for payment or delivery. An e-challan can also be defined as a specific format used for depositing/remitting the contribution/statutory payment at bank/treasury. A challan is a way of crediting the money to one’s bank account through a form. Generally it is issued by the bank.
Challan is a standard form prescribed for government payments as per rules of Treasury Code. The payment of challan is accepted in the bank only and one has to go in person if required to make the payment.
A person needs to have a online bank account with the identified banks by the government to make the online payment. e-Challan is the customized challan format where in payments can be accepted through internet and accounted by bank to treasuries for all departments. Accordingly e-challan software accessible through internet provides the interface to the citizen to fill the e-form as per requirements and leads to the selected bank’s gate way. The user need to provide his/her user id and password to log in, verify the particulars filled in e-form, fill the amount and confirm the payment to complete the transaction. The hard copy of the e-challan is provided through bank’s interface, which can be saved or printed and provided to the department, concerned as is done with the regular challan. Further, the soft copy of the e-challan will be sent to the e-mail id provided by the payee in the e-form for necessary record.

If you have any queries regarding AIPMT, please ask in comments below.

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AIPMT 2014 Print E-Challan Form
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  • Santhosh Kumar

    I have send my confirmation page without attaching the copy of chalan. Is it necessary . If yes how can I rectify this?

    • AglaSem

      @disqus_MnAth8ESK8:disqus – It has not mentioned in the list of required documents along with the application form

      • Lokesh

        It means CBSE COPY of chalan form is not mendatory ?

  • vivekviswanath

    I have successfully completed step one and two of on line submission of
    aipmt, but when I fill e-challan for remittance of fee a message (you
    have already paid the fee appear on the screen) bank staff told me
    that they accept money togther with the e_challan form .Also my conformation page is ready to take print out with out the remittance of required fee.Please help me
    to solve this problem.

    • Anwesha Bose

      Please go to AIPMT website -> On the “On-Line application” menu you can see in dropdown “Print e-challan”. Please click there and enter details to download the form.

    • tanisha bardhan

      hey.. i am having the same problem..
      did you get the E challan form ? becos when go to print e challan form . .it shows .. you have already paid the fees .. but dsnt show any receipt for the fees paid..

      • Anwesha Bose

        Did you pay the fees through any other mode?

  • Abiya susan shibu

    I have paid fees through e challan from syndicate bank for aipmt but when go for printing conformtry page showing as not paid .What to do next?

    • Anwesha Bose

      Please email at aipmt[dot]cbse[at]nic[dot]in mentioning your application status and attach proof of e-challan.

  • Sayanee Mitra

    I have paid my fees through e challan from India post office. yet it is shown that I have not paid my fees. I have emailed at but have not received any reply.

    • Anwesha Bose

      Do you have proof of having paid the fees? If yes, please attach the same in the email and send again.

  • tanisha bardhan

    i need an advice..
    i have completed whole process and have printed the confirmation page also.. and paid through debit card by syndicate bank.. and i was not knowing that we have to sent E challan form with the AIPMT form.. so i went back to the site.. and selected.. print E challan form.. i filled the information’s needed under the heading..

    but after filling it.. it showed that.. “You have already paid examination fee”. I am totally confused..

    • Anwesha Bose

      If you have paid through debit card, you do not need e-challan.

  • komal bhansali

    I had paid my fees through echallan from canara bank but while taking printout of confirmation page dey shown fees had not paid yet pls help me

    • Anwesha Bose

      Please contact nearest bank branch to know status of fee update.

  • komal bhansali

    I had visited the bank today itself only they had check it.They had updated the fee
    I really wo

    • Anwesha Bose

      Then try completing the form now.

  • SYed abbas

    i hv printed the e-challan (india post).what is the procedure after this???



    • Anwesha Bose

      If payment is coming confirmed in AIPMT, it will be correct.

  • rahul

    I have already send the confirmation page along with original reciept of fee paid but cbse emailed me to -If already remitted, proof ofpayment of fee may be sent on the above mentioned address alongwith copy ofconfirmation page on or before 31st January 2014 please super scribeon envelope “LATE FEE-AIPMT 2014”.Asstt.Secretary (Exam) then which reciept should i send the original reciept of candidates copy or photocopy of cbse reciept

    • Anwesha Bose

      Please attach copies of both in case of confusion.

  • sapna

    wen u pay thru debit card ,how to get the proof ofd remittance of fee to send it along with the confirmation page…..plz help

  • Rishab Singh Makhija

    i have paid the fee but i have not taken the print so how can i get the print please help me

    • Anwesha Bose

      You were supposed to send all the documents by Feb. Now you cannot apply, I am sorry.

  • vaishnavi

    i have paid the aipmt fees but i did not take the print of the application form and now the site says that the date is over. today i received a message that says hard copy of conformation page is not received to the site what am i supposed to do? plz help

    • Anwesha Bose

      Hello Vaishnavi
      I am afraid you have missed the last date. The form submission was over long ago.