CCMT 2014 Admission Process

CCMT 2014 Admission Process

The admission process broadly involves the following three stages:

  1. Online registration, choice filling and locking
  2. Online Seat Allotment and personally reporting to a Reporting Center/Allotted Institute
  3. Physical Reporting and Admission in the Allotted Institute

1. Online Registration, Choice Filling and Locking

In this stage, all candidates declared ‘eligible’ on the basis of GATE 2012 or 2014 results are required to register Online through Internet ( from any place convenient to them. Arrangement of Help Centers has been made at most of the Participating Institutes and some metro cities for guiding the candidates. Candidates may seek guidance at these institutes during working hours (normally 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM) and complete their registration, choice filling and locking. The list of these institutes is given in Annexure-VIII. During this stage, all the registered candidates are required to exercise their choices of programmes and institutes in order of their preference for these programmes / Institutes. The detailed procedure is as follows:

The procedure for exercising choices and seeking pertinent information is guided through appropriate messages and tabs on the computer screen.

As per the eligibility of the candidate, available programmes related to Institute and Department will be displayed. However, there may be some cases of not checking all eligible conditions by the online process. It would be the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that he/she fulfills all the necessary eligibility conditions of the M.Tech./M.Plan. programme before filling that programme as a choice. They are advised to seek information from individual Institute’s website or by contacting Institutes themselves regarding eligibilities conditions of their programmes.

Candidate can fill in as many choices in the order of preference as he/she wishes from the list of available programmes.

Candidates are permitted, if they so desire, to change or re-order their choices, delete earlier choices and add new choices any number of times until they lock their final choices. Choices should be positively locked before midnight of May 22, 2014.

Note: Instructions to candidates showing process of the registration and choice filling/locking have been made available to all candidates when they visit CCMT website for doing online registration. It is strongly advised that all the candidates should read the ‘Registration Guidelines’, which details the procedure to be followed. Only after reading ‘Registration Guidelines’, they should proceed to do the actual registration and choice filling/locking.

2. Online Seat Allotment

During this step, the choices submitted by the candidates will be processed and seats will be allotted in order of merit (as per rules of merit) on the basis of the locked choices. The allotment result will be available on the Centralized Counselling for M.Tech./M.Plan. admission (CCMT) website Individual allotment letters will not be sent to the candidates. However, candidates may take a printout of the allotment details from CCMT website. Candidates who are allotted seats will have to personally report to any one of the reporting centre / participating institutes as per the schedule along-with printout of their allotment-letter and the documents mentioned in Section 3.1.

2.1 Seat Allotment Procedure

Seat allotment will be done in several rounds. In the first round, all the available seats will be allotted and the result indicating the allotted PARTICIPATING INSTITUTE with the Specialization will be available on the website. In the second and third rounds, seats will be allotted against the available vacancies in the respective rounds, and the results will be available on the web site. In second and third round, if a candidate is allotted her/his higher preference, her/his earlier allotted seat would be available for allotment to subsequent candidates. In the second and third rounds, no fresh choice filling will be permitted; registered candidates will not be allowed to alter or resubmit their choices. In fourth round candidates can fill fresh choices as per the eligibility constraints and within the time frame as per the schedule.

2.2 Withdrawal from Allotment Process

If a candidate wishes to cancel his/her allotment, the candidate should report to the same reporting centre/ participating institute in which he/she has reported and got allotment letter. The candidate should surrender the allotment letter with cancellation application on or before July 12, 2014 during reporting periods of first three rounds. If a candidate cancels his/her allotted seat after taking final admission, he/she has to get the refund from the same institute in which he has taken admission; the refund would be as per the norms of the admitted PARTICIPATING INSTITUTE.

2.3 Cancellation due to non-fulfillment of Essential Requirements

If a candidate fails to satisfy the minimum educational qualifications prescribed her/his allotted seat shall automatically stand cancelled and such candidate will not be considered for seat allotment in subsequent rounds, if any. Candidates for whom the result of qualifying degree is awaited may take part in the counselling process; however they would have to compulsorily produce the result of their qualifying degree and should fulfill minimum educational qualifications latest by 15th Sept. 2014, failing which their admission would automatically stand  cancelled.

If a candidate fails to produce appropriate category certificates his/her allotment will stand cancelled. However, in  such cases, if eligible, he/she may be considered for allotment in further rounds, as per their changed category.

If a candidate is unable to produce her/his Date of Birth certificate, her/his seat allotment would stand cancelled and she/he would not be permitted in subsequent rounds. No change in Date of Birth would be permitted after the application has been locked.

3  Reporting to Reporting Center for Provisional Admission

Candidates who get a seat allotment for the first time in any of the first two rounds should report to any Reporting Center (see Annexure-VIII for list of reporting centers) within the scheduled dates of that specific round for taking the provisional admission. Generally, the reporting time at all the Reporting Centers is 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM. The reporting procedure for provisional admission is as follows:

3.1 Document Verification

Candidates shall carry the following documents at the time of reporting to the Reporting Center:

1. Printout of the registration form, locked choices, provisional seat allotment letter taken from the website using their login details. Candidate should paste their recent color photographs on the registration form with one additional colored photograph with them.

2.  Photocopy as well as Originals required for verification

  1. Printout of the registration form, locked choices, provisional seat allotment letter downloaded from the website using their login details.
  2. Allotment Letter (Coloured photograph pasted on it)
  3. GATE score card (2012/2014)
  4. ID proof as per Govt. of India norms
  5. Class X (High School) Board Certificate as proof of date of birth
  6. Mark sheet of Class XII
  7. All semesters Grade/Mark sheets of qualifying examination
  8. Degree / Provisional certificate, if degree is completed
  9. Course completion certificate (by result awaiting candidates)
  10. Certificate of category (OBC / SC / ST), if applicable, issued by the competent authority. (OBC certificate must be issued on or after April 1, 2014).
  11. Undertaking by the candidate regarding OBC status in required format
  12. Certificate for Persons With Disabilities (PWD), if applicable
  13. Proof of payment of initial fee of `10,000/-.

Note: If the original certificates are not in English/Hindi, English/Hindi version/translation of such certificates,  duly certified by the Principal/Director of the passing out institute, will be required during verification of documents. A set of self attested photocopies of abovementioned documents should also be submitted at the time of reporting.

3.1.1 Verification of Credentials

If the personal data viz., category, subcategory, gender, qualifying degree, programme of qualifying degree, GATE subject and GATE qualifying year submitted by the candidate during the registration of online application is found to be wrong at the time of verification of the original documents in the reported NIT, his/her seat allotment is liable to be cancelled.

3.1.2 Norms for Updating Candidate’s Personal Data

Any update in the candidate’s category from OC to SC/ST/OB, SC to ST, ST to SC, OB to SC/ST, SC/ST to OB, SC to SCPWD, ST to STPWD, OB to OBPWD and OC to OCPWD shall not be permitted under any circumstances. However, after obtaining an undertaking from the candidate, his/her personal data will be updated in the following ways during reporting period. This may lead to cancellation of presently allotted seat, if allotted on the basis of data being changed.

  1. Category can be updated from (SC/ST/OB) to OC, if NOT able to produce a valid category certificate but vice versa is not allowed.
  2. Category can be updated from (SCPWD/STPWD/OBPWD/OCPWD) to (SC/ST/OB/OC) respectively, if NOT able to produce a valid PWD certificate but vice versa is not allowed.

Based on the updated data, if the candidate is eligible he/she will be allowed only for the next rounds of seat allotment for the available vacant seats based on his/her choices. No fresh choice filling will be permitted at this stage under any circumstance.

3.1.3 Consequences of Not Reporting to the Reporting Center

The seats allotted to candidates who do not report within the stipulated period to the Reporting Center (that is, to any of the participating NITs) will be cancelled and these candidates will not be considered for seat allotment in subsequent rounds.

3.2 Payment of Initial Fee:

Initial fee of `10,000/- has to be paid by e-challan (ICICI Bank only) before reporting at the reporting center. No other modes are permitted. The candidate will pay fee, and go to reporting centre along with documents and proof of payment of fee.

3.3 Exercising Options Pertaining to Higher Preference Choices

Candidates will be required to exercise one of the following Options when they report to the Reporting Center:

Option-I, if they wish to be considered in the next round for all of their higher preference choices (i.e. even across institutes).

Option-II, if they wish to be considered in the next round for their higher preference choices only within the Institute allotted to them.

Option-III, if they are satisfied with the currently allotted seat; therefore their higher preference choices will not be considered in the subsequent round(s). Candidates, who have already taken the provisional admission in the first round, can change their Options only once, during second round of reporting. Only the following changes in Option are permitted:

Permitted changes of Option



Option I Option II
Option I Option III
Option II Option III

For this change in Options, candidates will have to approach the same Reporting Center, which had issued the provisional admission letter to them. The procedure for reporting to the Reporting Center for exercising the change in Options is explained in Section 5.

3.4 Issue of Provisional Admission Letter

Whenever a candidate is allotted a seat for the first time in any of the rounds, provisional letter will be issued at the Reporting Center after completion of reporting formalities. This provisional letter shall indicate the personal details of the candidate, details of the institution and programme to which the candidate has been provisionally admitted, details of initial fee payment and the Option (I or II or III) exercised by the candidate for subsequent rounds of allotment. The candidate should check all the entries in this provisional admission letter, sign it and preserve it for further reference.

All the candidates, who have obtained provisional admission letter from the Reporting Center, should regularly visit the CCMT website for the status / up-gradation of their allotted seat in further round of allotment. They should take a printout of the letter indicating new allotment, if any, as available on the website.

During reporting to the Allotted Institute for admission, candidates should carry both, the original provisional issued by the Reporting Center and a printout of the latest allotment letter downloaded from the CCMT website.

4  Reporting to the Reporting Center for Change of Options after Second Round  

Candidates, who have taken the provisional admission in the first round, can change their options after the second round of allotment (i.e. from June 25 to 27, 2014). For this purpose, candidates should personally report to the Reporting Center. Generally, the reporting time at all the Reporting Centers is 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM. The procedure for change of Options is as follows:

  1. Candidates must submit the original provisional letter issued in the first round by the Reporting Center.
  2. Candidates must produce for verification, the original GATE Score card. Candidates should fill in and sign the form for change of Option.
  3. A new provisional admission letter with the modified ‘Option’ will be issued by the Reporting Center. Those who are not interested to change the ‘Option’, need not report. Their earlier submitted ‘Option’ will be considered in the subsequent round of allotment.

5  Reporting of Option I Candidates to Reporting Center again after Third Round for surrendering their seat

Those candidates who participated in first and second round as Option I and are not satisfied with their allotted seat after the third round of seat allotment, but wish to remain under consideration for admission, should report to the Reporting Center from July 8 to 12, 2014. These candidates should submit a written request that they may be allowed to modify their choices, to participate in the fourth round of allotment. However, for availing this facility, these candidates shall surrender their claim on the seat currently allotted to them, as they are not satisfied with the allotment. The

procedure is as follows:

  1. Candidate must submit the original provisional letter issued in the earlier round by the Reporting Center.
  2. Candidate must produce for verification, the GATE SCORE Card.
  3. Candidate should fill and sign the undertaking and request for unlocking of choices.
  4. Upon receiving his/her written request and undertaking, the Reporting Center will unlock his/her choices to fill fresh choices.
  5. Candidate will be given an acknowledgement, containing details of initial fee paid. The candidate must preserve the same for further reference.

Generally, the reporting time at all the Reporting Centers is 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM

6 Mandatory reporting at the allotted NIT for Admission (July 8 to July 12, 2014)

All the candidates who have got provisional allotment letter during any one of the three rounds and who do not wish to surrender their seats for fourth and spot round as detailed above, must report to the allotted PARTICIPATING INSTITUTE for admission from July 8 to July 12 2014, failing which their seat will automatically get cancelled. At the time of admission in the allotted PARTICIPATING INSTITUTE, the candidate should produce the following documents in original:

  1. Provisional seat allotment letter issued by the Reporting Center and a printout of the latest allotment letter taken from
  2. the CCMT website. 
  3. All the original certificates mentioned in Section 6.
  4. Any additional certificate/document required by the allotted Institute (Refer to concern PARTICIPATING INSTITUTE website for any other requirement). 
  5. Balance fee to be paid (Refer the concern PARTICIPATING INSTITUTE website for details).

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