CCMT Registration 2015 – CCMT Application Form

CCMT Registration 2015 is to be done online. Application form of CCMT 2015 has to be submitted by candidates with a valid GATE score. Online application process started from 24 April 2015. Admission to M.Tech / M.Plan Programmes in all National Institutes of Technology (NITs), IIIT Allahabad, IIITM Gwalior, IIITDM Jabalpur, and other participating colleges will be through CCMT Counselling 2015.  Candidates must read all the guidelines given in the CCMT 2015 Brochure and on official website regarding eligibility conditions for respective programs across all participating institutes before registering.

CCMT Registration / Application Form 2015

The CCMT Application Form 2015 is made available by the organizing NITs along with option to select NITs, IIITs and other college preferences. It must be ensured that the candidate abides by special eligibility conditions detailed by some institutes while filling such programs during choice-filling. When candidates Register for CCMT 2015 only correct and verifiable information must be provided.

Application form of CCMT 2015 is now available.

Register for CCMTClick Here for CCMT Register 2015 (link will be updated when the form is released).

In case you have already filled the Registration Form, then you can re-generate:

Registration Process

CCMT Registration Process

CCMT Application Form Filling Guidelines

Please note that application form filling guidelines are yet not available for 2015. Given below is the information based on previous year application process. It will be updates as soon as the newer information is available.

Keep following documents ready before starting to fill application online.

1. Original GATE score card
2. Mark sheet showing aggregate marks in Qualifying degree (Engg., MBBS, B.Pharma, M.Sc. etc.)
3. Class X/XII certificate for Date of Birth, and Names of Father/Mother
4. Credit-card/Debit-card/netbanking details for payment online & continue filling application till completion (OR in case you pay by e-challan, it normally takes 72 hours to reconcile the payment made by e- challan.)
CCMT 2014 Guidelines

Step 1.1: Click on Apply Now button as shown below
CCMT 2014 Guidelines

Step 1.2: It would open undertaking page. Read carefully all the points and remember to follow them all, if applicable. You will be able to proceed ONLY after clicking on “I agree” button; which imply that you have agreed to all the undertakings. You would then be taken to “Fill your GATE Details” page.
CCMT 2014 Guidelines

Step 1.3: Click on Select Gate Paper Button and you would see details as in box given below. Click on the paper for which you had appeared. Use scroll bar to see remaining papers.

You may first type few keystrokes in Search box to display only those papers which contain that keystrokes (Such search boxes would also be available at various other places and would serve the same purpose). You may click either the paper name or paper code.
CCMT 2014 Guidelines

You must then carefully type your GATE registration number, your GATE score, select year of GATE appearance and also enter your GATE All India Rank in relevant boxes. Make sure that you have entered correct details by checking it against the GATE score card.

If your GATE information is found correct you would be taken to the next page

CCMT 2014 Guidelines

Step 1.4: Now, you will be able to select your Educational & Category details carefully from drop menu/scroll bar.

The various information asked are: whether degree completed?, year of completion, whether maths taken as a subject in XII?, degree name, qualifying degree and category.

In case your final CGPA/CGPI or % Marks is not likely to be available even after 15th Sept. or you are not likely to clear the minimum eligibility of CGPA/CGPI or % marks then you are not eligible for applying for M.Tech./M.Plan. programmes and you should not apply.

In case your degree has been completed and you have been awarded final CGPA/CGPI or % Marks, select “Yes” in Degree Completed? In case your final CGPA/CGPI or % Marks is yet not available but would definitely be available before 15th Sept. and you are likely to clear the minimum eligibility requirements, select “No”. In case of Yes, you also need to select the marking method of your Institute/University. i.e. if CGPA/CGPI is awarded by your Institute/University or % Marks is awarded. After selecting option you need to fill the CGPA/CGPI and its scale or % Marks as shown below. For CGPA/CGPI you also need to correctly specify the scale (typically 10 but could be 4 or 7 etc. depending upon university/Institute). In that case your CGPA/CGPI is also shown up to two decimal places on scale of 10. In case you enter more than 2 digits after decimal in CGPA/CGPI or % Marks the digits after two decimal places are removed and not stored. Please round off up to 2 decimal digits in case your Institute/University awards CGPA/CGPI or % marks in more than two decimal digits.
CCMT 2014 Guidelines

Step 1.5: For Maths in 12th, in case you have taken Mathematics as a subject in 12th (senior secondary), select “Yes” else select “No”. Then you must first select the degree name (B.Arch./B.Planning, B.Tech./B.E. or equivalent, etc.). Only after you select degree name, you would see a list of Qualifying degree. Please wait for some time for the list to populate. This may be a long list of various qualifying disciplines from amongst which you need to select you own degree discipline. A code is appended in brackets after each degree discipline. List of all eligible degree disciplines are given in the brochure. You need to ensure that you have selected the right degree discipline. In case later it is found that you have selected the wrong discipline code, you application would be summarily rejected without any further reference and you would be responsible for any further consequences. This is a very important step because it determines your eligibility to various programmes and so, take extra care, to fill the same.

Step 1.6: You also need to specify if you are Person with disability (PWD) or not. Select “Yes”, if you are person with disability and you have valid certificate for the same as per the format given in brochure, else select “No”. Once you select PWD option, you would see category list. You would not see category list unless you have selected the appropriate PWD choice.

Step 1.7: Please select your category amongst the General (OC), Other Backward Class –Non Creamy (OB), Other Backward Class (Minority)-Non Creamy (OM), Schedule Caste (SC) or Schedule Tribe (ST). Please note that you must have a valid certificate from authorized signatories as per the format given in Brochure to claim reservation against a particular class. You would need to produce appropriate original certificate at the time of reporting otherwise your allotment would stand cancelled. In case of OB and OM category you also need to take appropriate undertaking. Please ensure that you have appropriate undertaking certificate including signature of your parent/guardian in case of OM.

Step 1.8: After filling all above information correctly, click on Check Available Program Options button. If you now find that you have made some mistake in filling the data earlier click on Clear Form button to get a fresh screen, and then fill all data correctly again.

Step 1.9: After clicking Check Available Program Options button, you would see the box as given below.
CCMT 2014 Guidelines
Here you have to fill your personal information such as Email address, alternate e-mail address, if any, and Mobile number. Please ensure that you have filled your email addresses and mobile number correctly. You would receive a lot of e-mails during the entire process and you may also receive calls and sms giving crucial information, so please ensure that you fill your own e-mail addresses and mobile number and that you check your e-mails and sms regularly. Please note that in case you fill a nonexistent or wrong e-mail address, you would not be able to proceed further. You are strongly advised to also enter an alternate e-mail. This would ensure that you receive many of the information in both the e-mail addresses. For security purpose, you should give only your e-mail. You would receive passwords and many critical information in these two e-mail addresses and therefore you should ensure secrecy and security of these e-mail addresses. After filling these details you have to enter the Text as displayed on the Image (CAPTCHA) in the box. This is a security step.

Step 1.10: After this you have to check the box and accept condition as mentioned below

I Accept that I have filled the data correctly to the best of my knowledge and that I will NOT be able to change the information filled above. Also, that I am stating the discipline of qualifying degree as per my degree certificate.
Please note that at this stage you are also able to see the list of various programmes, shown randomly, as shown below, to which you are eligible as per the information you have entered above. You should check this list very carefully and should proceed only if you are satisfied with the available choices.

Please note that this list is for your reference only and you are not asked to specify your choices yet.

You may see more (or less) and different choices depending upon the data entered by you so far. You could use the search box as described earlier to filter and display only choices fufilling your combination of keystrokes. When you have explored the possibilties you could proceed further by clicking “Apply Now” button.
CCMT 2014 Guidelines

When you click at Apply Now button, you would be taken to confirmation box as shown below.

CCMT 2014 Guidelines
Please read carefully and click “Confirm” if you wish to proceed further.

Once you click to confirm button, following screen appears saying that “Email Address Verification Token Sent!”.

CCMT 2014 Guidelines

Step 1.11: Now you would receive an e-mail which would have your Temporary Registration Number and verification token. Please preserve the e-mail for later reference and do not delete it. Read the e- mail carefully and then click or copy & paste the complete verification token in web browser and press enter to verify the e-mail address. In case you have not received the verification e-mail, first check your spam folder (if you have received the e-mail in spam folder, ensure that you mark it as “not spam” and move it to the inbox). Ensure that your e-mail provider is working properly, then you could regenerate token from the last dialog box if still open or from the home page of by clicking the link below the “Login” and “Apply Now” Buttons of home page.

Step 1.12: Once your e-mail token is verified after you go to the URL mentioned, you are shown the box shown below
CCMT 2014 Guidelines

Step 2.1: You now need to pay the application fee (as per your category, Rs. 1000/- for SC/ST Candidates and Rs. 1,500/- for rest). You could do so by clicking on “Pay Now” button. In case at this stage you accidently close your browser or there is power failure, you could again click on your e-mail verification token. It is therefore important to preserve the e-mail received earlier.
On clicking “Pay Now”, you are shown the details filled so far and given a chance to pay using one of the two methods

1. Pay online using Credit Card or Debit Card or Net Banking
2. Pay by first generating E-Challan and then depositing it by cash or DD in any one of the ICICI Bank branch.
CCMT 2014 Guidelines

Using online method is a fast online method and you would be able to get confirmation quickly and proceed for next step. E-Challan is a longer process, which may take up to 72 hours after depositing the amount in any of the ICICI Bank. Candidates are strongly advised to use the first online method wherever possible.

Step 2.2: When you choose the first method, you are taken to the payment gateway using which you could pay the application fee by any of the Credit Card (Master or Visa), Debit Card or Netbanking. Many different choices of banks are offered. Image below shows the dialog box shown. Please use the appropriate choices to make the payment.
CCMT 2014 Guidelines

In the image box, green boxes are used to artificially hide the sample values for security reasons. Some other boxes you may see are given below

CCMT 2014 Guidelines
Step 2.3: In case you want to use the e-challan method, click on “Pay by E-Challan” button. You would be shown the e-challan guidelines. Please read them very carefully. Candidate should deposit the application fee within 48 hours of generating an E-Challan. It is candidate’s responsibility to track the payment of amount till it is received by CCMT 2015. In case you do not receive permanent number & do not get application filling further enabled, please lodge a complaint with CCMT 2015, and also track the payment going to bank where you have deposited the amount.
CCMT 2014 Guidelines
Please save the E-Challan and print it. Take the E-Challan along with required cash or DD to any ICICI Bank for payment.

Step 2.4: On successful payment of application fee by online method, you would immediately get a confirmation message and an e-mail with your payment details, permanent registration number as well as login credentials. In case of e-challan, wait for the e-mail message. This may take around 72 hours in case of payment by e-challan.

Step 2.5: Now you could login using the login credential sent in your e-mail. You could go the main page of CCMT website ( and click on login button to open the login page. If for some reason, you have not received the e-mail providing your login credential, first look into the spam folder. If you do not find the e-mail in spam folder, ensure that your e-mail service provider is working and you have not exhausted your quota and then you could click on the link provided on login page (2nd point on right pane, see picture below) to regenerate the e-mail. It would be sent to your registered e- mail address.
CCMT 2014 Guidelines

Step 3.1: On validating you login credentials, you would be taken to a screen showing details already filled by you in step 1. Your name, taken from GATE database is also shown but cannot be changed. In case you find small correction in your name, if any, please note that the same cannot be carried out. Only after admission in an Institute, you may be able to correct the spelling of your name as per the rules and regulations of that Institute. Further you are required to give personal information such as Date of Birth, Gender, Mother’s name & Father’s name. Please fill your Date of Birth correctly and as per your 10th mark sheet/Date of Birth Certificate. This is an important step and you would not be able to change your Date of Birth once your form is locked. In case later you would not be able to produce original certificate (10th mark sheet etc.) mentioning your date of birth same as given in your application form, any seat allotted to you would be cancelled and your application would be cancelled without any further reference.

After this qualifying examination details are to be given such as University name, Institute name etc.
CCMT 2014 Guidelines

Step 3.2: Next, as given in screen below, you have to fill Education Background and Contact Information (In India). In case your present address is abroad, you need to provide the address of your guardian in India.

CCMT 2014 Guidelines
Step 3.3: Also provide permanent address in India, if different from the correspondence address.

Step 3.4: Once you are satisfied that the information provided by you is correct, you can click on the “Save & Proceed to Next Step” button to start filling your choices. You could also click on “Save Details” in between to remain on same page and at the same time save the information already entered.
CCMT 2014 Guidelines

Step 4.1: Now, you would be taken to screen, as shown below, where you can fill choices for various M. Tech./M. Plan programs at all NITs. Please remember your registration process will be complete, only after locking of the choices.

CCMT 2014 Guidelines

Step 4.2: You would see the special eligibility conditions (blue box). Please take extra precaution to note these conditions and ensure that fulfill these conditions before opting for these programmes. If at any stage you are allotted these programmes and you do not fulfill these conditions, then your allotment would be cancelled without any further reference. Sole liability and responsibility of meeting these conditions lies with the candidate as these conditions are not checked during the application phase.

Step 4.3: You could select the programmes of your choices. Start by clicking the Institute of your choice, say NIT Jamsedhpur (JM), as shown in next image. You must wait till all the departments, offering programmes to which you are eligible, are shown in the department box.
CCMT 2014 Guidelines

Click on the department of your choice, say Mechanical Engineering (ME) as shown in next image. You would see all the programmes offered by that department to which you are eligible to apply in the programmes box.

CCMT 2014 Guidelines

Now as soon as you click on the programme of your choice, that programme is taken as your choice and added at the bottom of the choices you have already filled as shown in next image (in this case, as first choice). Please note that you would have to click individual programmes to select them and add them to the list of your choices.

CCMT 2014 Guidelines

Step 4.4: Add all the programmes you wish to apply from amongst the programmes to which you are eligible and you satisfy the special conditions. Please note that you are shown only those programmes to which you are eligible based on your degree discipline and GATE paper code and based on availability of seat in all those categories to which you are eligible. You may fill as many choices as you want. In case a particular choice has already been filled by you, you would see a message for the same as shown below
CCMT 2014 Guidelines

Step 4.4: Once all the chocies have been selected you would see them in the “Your Selected Choices” list as shown below. To re-order the choices use “click & drag”.
CCMT 2014 Guidelines

You could simply click and drag a choice to new location to reorder them as shown below (Changing Thermal & Fluid Engineering programme of NIT Jameshedpur from choice no 2 to choice no 4).

Use save changes button at the bottom of the page to keep saving your choices in between.
CCMT 2014 Guidelines

After filling choices you should not forget to save choices by clicking the button Save Choices. Please ensure that all your choices are shown in the order of your interest, i.e. Choice No. 1 is your first choice and so on. Do not fill a choice in which you are not interested in joining even if admission is offered. In case you have wrongly entered a choice and want to delete it, use the deletebutton of that programme in the list to delete it.

At this stage if you think that some personal information was incorrect, you may edit that information by clicking button. If you are satisfied with your choices and their order, click Save and Proceed to next step
CCMT 2014 Guidelines
Step 5.1: Now the screen below is showing all information filled by you in various steps 1-4. It is the time to verify all information filled by you i.e. Gate information, personal information, qualifying examination
details, education background, contact information, and selected programmes and their order.

Here you are required to verify all these information very carefully before locking.

At this screen you can see three buttons at bottom. After careful verification of details if you require some correction in “personal details” filled in step 4 and/or “list of choices”, you may do that by clicking on first two buttons.

Read carefully the undertaking given at the bottom before locking of form. After locking NO
modification is possible.
CCMT 2014 Guidelines
On clicking the lock button, you would be taken to next screen where a warning message is there “Are you sure you wish to Lock the Form?”. Please read the undertaking carefully.
CCMT 2014 Guidelines
If you click the “Lock Form” button, your form is locked and now you would see the web page as shown below
CCMT 2014 Guidelines
Also your application status would be displayed as shown below, showing your permanent registration number and date of application form submission. You could click View and Print button to view and take printout of your application form. You need to take such printout during the document verification process in case you are allotted a seat during the seat allotment process.
CCMT 2014 Guidelines
Please note that in case you would like to apply for one more application form using a GATE score card of different year (with different GATE paper code) then you need to fill one more application form and link both the forms using Link another button.

With this your application submission process is over. Please keep visiting the website for any update regarding allotment and counselling process. Please see the tentative schedule carefully. Read Brochure and other documents for detailed information.


This section is for those candidates who have found that some critical information submitted by them is wrong and they have locked their application form. Now they want to correct their mistake before the last date of registration. Information such as GATE Score Card information, Eligible Degree Discipline, its details, category, date of birth, e-mail address, are some of the important information which influences the eligible programme and allotment process. Any error in such data would lead to cancellation of their form. However it is important to note following points

1. Once this process is executed it is not possible to cancel it.

2. Applicant’s first application would be cancelled and application fee already paid would stand forfeited.

3. Applicant has to accept the disclaimer given below
CCMT 2014 Guidelines
4. In case such a request is made after the last date of payment by e-challan but before last date of registration, then the applicant would have to make payment for fresh application only using online payment (Credit/Debit card, net banking) only.

After clicking I Accept button, you would be shown a form in which you would have to write your request and click on Conform Cancellation button to confirm the cancellation request. You would receive an e-mail and your previous application would be deleted. After some time you would be able to fill your new application form. Please note that this process would not be available from the morning of last date of registration.

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