CUCET Syllabus 2015 – M.Sc. Environmental Science (MSES)

CUCET Syllabus 2015 for M.Sc. Environmental Science (MSES)

M.Sc. Environmental Science (MSES) is Offered by CU Bihar, CU Rajasthan, CU Kerala & CU Jammu

The Question paper will have common Part A and subject specific Part B

Part A: It will be of 45 minutes and will have 35 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), with four options: only one correct. Part A intended to test the applicants; general awareness, reasoning, basic language skills (English) and analytical skills.

Part B: will be subject specific of 75 minutes duration & will have 65 Multiple Choice Questions, with four options: only one is correct.

Syllabus / Topics for Subject specific Part B:

The Mater programme in Environmental Science has been designed to provide the students with the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to the conservation and prudent use of natural resources as well as to mitigate environmental degradation for the benefit of society. Accordingly, the candidates appearing for the Entrance test will be expected to answer Multiple Choice Questions drawn from the following fields:

  1. Graduation level Zoology/ Life Science including biochemistry, cell biology, physiology; genetics, taxonomy, evaluation ecology.
  2. Graduation level Chemistry including organic, inorganic and physical chemistry.
  3. Graduation level Geology including physical geology, structural geology, palaeontology, economic geology, mineralogy, crystallography, etc.
  4. Basics of Environmental Sciences, pollution biology, wildlife and forestry.
  5. Basics of Agricultural Science including Soil and Crop Science etc.

Sample Question

1. Minamata disease is caused by:

  • (A) Mercury
  • (B) Lead
  • (C) Cadimium
  • (D) Polychlorinated biphenyls

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