DTU Admissions 2014 Nominees of the Government of India

DTU Admissions 2014 Nominees of the Government of India

(a) One seat over and above the normal total intake in DTU is reserved for Wards/ Children of India based staff posted at Indian Missions abroad provided they have passed their qualifying examination from outside India. Nominations against this seat will be made by the Ministry of External Affairs, G.O.I., New Delhi. Any person who is sponsored by the Govt. of India on an assignment abroad will be treated to be the staff posted in Indian Mission abroad.


In case of countries where educational facilities are totally inadequate and are not available upto the qualifying standard or due to situation of turmoil in the country, the wards/children of the Indian Mission based personnel who had to study in India are also eligible if a certificate to this effect is issued by the Indian Ambassador in the country concerned and is attached with the application.

However, if the nomination of the Ministry of External Affairs is for more than one candidate, preference will be given to the candidate covered under Clause (a), above.

(b) Six seats in DTU courses of (Electrical-1, Electronics and Communication-1, Mechanical-1, Civil-1, Production-1, Computer-1) over and above the normal intake are reserved for candidates from friendly and developing countries. Nominations against these seats will be made by the Government of India.

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