DU DSE M.A. (Economics) Entrance Test 2014

DU DSE M.A. (Economics) Entrance Test 2014

There will be two types of question papers for the admission-cum-scholarship test termed as Option A and Option B. Candidates are free to choose any one option.

However, candidate must indicate on the application form their choice of option (A or B) for the entrance exam. The option exercised (at the time of submitting the application form) will be deemed final and you will get a question paper for that option only.

The question paper under Option A is more suitable for candidates who have studied Economics/Commerce at the undergraduate level, and the question paper under Option B will be on Mathematics and Statistics.

Option A syllabus

Candidates are expected to be familiar with the material contained in the current B.A. (Honours) Economics programme of the University of Delhi. The Entrance Examination will test the candidates’ ability to understand and apply concepts in four basic areas in Economics: (a) microeconomic theory, (b) macroeconomic theory, (c) mathematical techniques used by economists, and (d) probability and statistics. Apart from these, some general questions testing the reasoning and quantitative ability of the students may also be asked.

A list of indicative, but not exhaustive, references that may be used to prepare for the examination are:

  1. Chiang, A.C, Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics, McGraw- Hill.
  2. Dornbusch, R., and S. Fischer, Macroeconomics, McGraw-Hill
  3. Mankiw, N.G., Macroeconomics, Macmillan
  4. Nagar, A.L., and Das R.K., Basic Statistics, Oxford University Press.
  5. Pindyck, Robert S. and Rubinfeld, Daniel L. Microeconomics, 5th ed., Prentice- Hall.
  6. Sydsaeter, K. and Hammond, P. J. Mathematics for Economic Analysis, Pearson Education.
  7. Varian, H. Intermediate Microeconomics, 2nd ed., Norton & Co.

Option B syllabus

Candidates choosing Option B are expected to be prepared in Mathematics and Statistics at a level indicated by the following references:

  1. Bartle, R.G., The Elements of Real Analysis, Wiley
  2. Coddington, E.A. and N. Levinson, Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations, McGraw-Hill
  3. Feller, W., An Introduction to Probability Theory and its Applications, Wiley
  4. Finkbeiner, D.T., Introduction to Matrices and Linear Transformations, W.H. Freeman and Co. (reprinted in India by D.B. Taraporevala Sons & Co.)
  5. Hoffman, K. and R. Kunze, Linear Algebra, Prentice-Hall
  6. Hogg, C and Craig, A.T., Introduction to Mathematical Statistics, Prentice-Hall
  7. Rudin, W., Principles of Mathematical Analysis, McGraw-Hill

Day of the Entrance Test

  • The Entrance test will be held in last week of June 2014. The test will commence at 10 a.m. It will be a three hour examination.
  • Candidates must fill out and retain one of the admit card from the application form and present it at the examination centre at 9.00 a.m.
  • Allotment of examination centre can be found (i)  on the Department Website at least 2 days before the entrance test (ii) at the Delhi School of Economics on the day of the Entrance test.   No other communication will be send in this regard.

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