ICAI Study Material – 100 Hours Information Technology Training [ITT]

ICAI Study Material – 100 Hours Information Technology Training [ITT]

Unit 1 – Computer Fundamentals

Unit 2 – Operating Systems

Unit 3 – MS-Word

Unit 4 – MS-Excel

Unit 5 – MS-PowerPoint 2007

Unit 6 – Data Bases

Unit 7 – MS-Office Utilities

Unit 8 – Accounting Package

Unit 9 – Computer Aided Audit Techniques

Unit 10 – Web Technology & System Security and Maintenance

Unit 11 – E-Filing

Unit 12 – Digital Signatures

This course should be undergone by a student who has taken admission to Professional Competence Course and registered for articled / audit training. On completion of 3 months of articled training, a student can join ITT with an accredited Branch. Students who have already registered themselves for Professional Competence Course and articled / audit training shall be issued registration letter for 100 Hours ITT automatically.
Existing students of Professional Education (Course-I) and Professional Education (Course-II) who have not yet undergone 250 Hours Compulsory Computer Training and wish to continue under the existing syllabus should also undergo 100 hours ITT. It is further clarified that existing students of Professional Education (Course-I) and Professional Education (Course-II), who wish to switch over to new course and join PCC and articled training, should commence 100 hours ITT on completion of 3 months of articled training.
Those students of Professional Education (Course II) who have undergone 250 Hours of Compulsory Computer Training during their PE-Course-I or PE-Course-II are not required to undergo 100 Hours Information Technology Training.

The course fee (Rs 4000) is inclusive of all costs such as the cost of registration for the course, library fee, computer and Internet usage charges and cost of conducting training, module tests, project and final online examination. It also includes the cost for evaluation, marking, preparing results, for issuance of completion certificate and submitting the list of eligible candidates to the Board of Studies, ICAI, Noida.

The fresh batches shall start in the first week of each month. Students are required to undergo 100 Hours ITT with the accredited branch. The Branches can follow a teaching module of 3-5 hours per day, covering 100 hours in maximum 40 days including Sundays. The Board of Studies can change this training plan. A student should not appear for the final online examination before he/she completes the minimum training period prescribed in the training programme.

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