IIIT Hyderabad DDEE 2014 – Dual Degree Entrance Examination

IIIT Hyderabad Admissions to Five Year Dual Degree Research Programmes in CLD/EHD through Dual Degree Entrance Examination (DDEE)

IIIT H International Institute of Information TechnologyDual Degree Entrance Examination (DDEE)

Admission through entrance exam and interview

  1. A student can apply for both CLD/EHD
  2. Separate written test (entrance examinations) will be conducted for CLD and EHD
  3. Written test + background will be used for screening.
  4. Interview is the final decision.

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IIIT Hyderabad DDEE 2014 Important Information

[magz_tab title=”Stream 1″] Higher Secondary/class XII or equivalent in Science stream with Physics and Mathematics.[/magz_tab]
[magz_tab title=”Stream 2″]

Higher Secondary/class XII or equivalent in Humanities, Arts and Social Science with Mathematics.
  • For CLD program, a keen interest or work in languages and aptitude for for conceptual analysis and Mathematics is essential.
  • For EHD program, a keen interest or work in Arts, Humanities, Social Science and aptitude for logical analysis and Mathematics is essential.


Application Fees: Rs. 2000.
Application last date: 20 March, 2014
Examination Date:  13 April 2014
Examination Pattern
[magz_tab title=”CLD Exam”]

  • Part I Maths (Objective)
  • Part II Essay (Subjective)
  • Part III Aptitude (Obj/Sub)


[magz_tab title=”EHD Exam”]

  • Part A Maths (Subjective)
  • Part B Humanities Aptitude (Subjective)

[/magz_tab] [/magz_tabs]

DD should be drawn in favor of: IIIT HYDERABAD
Payable at: HYDERABAD
Demand Draft should be sent to: The Chair, DDEE Admissions, International Institute of Information Technology Gachibowli, Hyderabad 500 032 Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.
Interview Dates: Will be updated soon.

Exam Center: Bangalore, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bhopal, Guwahati

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IIIT Hyderabad DDEE 2014 Programmes

[magz_toggle title=”B.Tech in Computer Science and MS by Research in Computational Linguistics (5 year Dual Degree)” state=”closed”]

Computational Linguistics (CL) deals with understanding and developing computational theories of human language. Such theories allow us to understand the structure of language and build computer software that can process language. For example, if a query can be processed (that is, analyzed and understood) by the machine, then it can try to find an answer from a given database or from a set of documents. A search engine of the future is likely to use such a technology.

There is a great emphasis today on machine learning where the machine learns from real life language data. Consequently, the field is close to both Linguistics as well as Artificial Intelligence.

If you have a fascination for scientific study of natural language and combining it with computer science., this area is for you. The dual-degree programme will give you a strong grounding in both Computer Science and Linguistics, and will prepare you for academic research as well as industry research jobs in Computational Linguistics.


[magz_toggle title=”B.Tech in Computer Science and MS by Research in Exact Humanities (5 year Dual Degree)” state=”closed”]

This dual-degree program is designed to cultivate frontiers of knowledge that are common to computer science and humanities. Humanities, a body of knowledge encompassing both arts and social sciences, are undergoing deep changes due to rapid growth of digital technology. Computer science, with its expanding applicability, is also seeking humanities for its own development. This program is one of the recent global initiatives underway specifically to nurture trans-disciplinary confluence between the two. This confluence is opening challenging research and technology development opportunities.

Confluence of CS and Humanities is founded on the general background of (1) celebrative bohemia of arts and sciences, (2) common frontiers at the foundational level of knowledge, and (3) deep impact of digital technology on human environment. Theoretical underpinnings of the confluence rest on the rich legacy of the history of ideas, multifarious inquiries regarding nature of intelligence and emerging explorations into discrete worldviews.

The program does not see Humanities as merely an application domain of computer science. Humanities is taken as an equal knowledge partner in the confluence with computer science. The confluence is nurtured at the theoretical as well as applications levels. Courses are designed such that there is (a) wholesome exposure to incredible cultural/social wealth of India, (b) deep understanding of the theories of society and aesthetics, both traditional and modern, and (c) state-of-the-art expertise in computer science and information technology.


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