PU UIAMS MET 2014 Entrance Exam

PU UIAMS MET 2014 Entrance Exam – Scheme

The Entrance Test will carry 85% weightage and be of 2 hours duration. It will consist of multiplechoice questions having four responses A, B, C & D. The components of the test will include:

  1. General Knowledge;
  2. Economics and Business Environment Awareness;
  3. Data interpretation and problem solving;
  4. Numerical Ability;
  5. Verbal Ability/ Reasoning and
  6. English Comprehension.

PU UIAMS MET 2014 Entrance Exam – Instructions

The candidates shall be admitted to the test only on the production of the Admit Card at the Test Centre. No candidate shall be allowed to take the test without the Admit Card under any circumstances. The candidates must retain the admit card with them till the admission process is over, since it will be required again at the time of counselling.

The Admit Cards will be issued to the candidates only provisionally, at their sole risk and responsibility subject to the final confirmation of their eligibility at the time of admission. It is further clarified that the candidates shall be taking the test at their own risk and responsibility as far as their eligibility is concerned and the University shall, in no way, be responsible if they are found to be ineligible, later, leading to cancellation of their result or any other consequence(s) emanating from the same.

No candidate be allowed to leave the examination hall/room before the expiry of half of the time allotted for the respective paper.

The medium of examination shall be ENGLISH only.

The candidates shall be required to hand over their OMR answer-sheets and the question paper in full to the Centre Superintendent. No page/part of the Question paper/OMR Answer Sheet is to be removed/torn/taken out of the Examination Centre under any circumstances, failing which the candidates shall be disqualified from the entire Entrance Test.

The candidates must bring their own stationery items such as Black Gel Pen/ Ballpoint pen. Borrowing of material inside the Test Centre is strictly prohibited.

In case of Objective Type question papers, rough work should be done in the space provided for this purpose. No rough work shall be done on the OMR Answer Sheet under any circumstances.

In case of Objective Type Question Papers having OMR sheets, there shall be NEGATIVE MARKING FOR WRONG ANSWERS i.e. marks will be deducted for wrong answers. If for each correct answer 1 mark is to be awarded, for a wrong answer 1/4 mark will be deducted.

In case of Objective Type question papers, the candidate must ensure that the answers to the questions are attempted on the specifically prescribed OMR answer sheet only. No answer attempted on the question booklet will be considered for evaluation. Only those questions answered on the OMR sheet shall be taken into account.

Carrying of any communication equipment such as mobile phones / pager/ wireless set, scanner, camera or any such electronic / digital gadget etc in the examination hall is not permitted and will lead to disqualification. The use of calculator is not allowed in the test.

Candidates should not carry eatables, drinks etc. into the test centre. Smoking inside and around the Centre is not permitted.

Any candidate who creates disturbance of any kind during examination or otherwise misbehaves in or around the examination hall or refuses to obey the Superintendent/Deputy Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent /any other official on examination duty or changes his/her seat with any other candidate or occupies any seat, other than the one allotted to him/her shall be expelled from the examination hall. (“Expulsion” for this purpose would mean cancellation of the Entire Entrance Test). The Centre Superintendent/Observer/any other authorized University Officer/Official shall be competent to expel a candidate from the examination centre.

Any candidate having in his possession or accessible to him/her paper/books or notes which may possibly be of any assistance to him or is found giving or receiving assistance, or copying from any paper/book or note or from anywhere else or allowing any other candidate to copy from his/her answer book or found writing on any other paper, questions set in the question paper, during examination or using or attempting to use any other unfair means or indulging in any kind of misconduct shall be expelled from the examination hall. (“Expulsion” for this purpose would mean cancellation of the Entire Entrance Test). The Centre Superintendent/Observer/any other authorized University Officer/Official shall be competent to expel a candidate from the examination centre.

If any answer sheet of a candidate shows or it is otherwise established that he/she has received or attempted to receive help from any source in any manner or has given help or attempted to give help to any other candidate in any manner, the relevant answer-sheet shall be cancelled. The cancellation of the answer-sheet shall mean cancellation of all answer- sheets of the Common Entrance Test. The decision of the Controller of Examination, Panjab University, Chandigarh in this regard shall be final.

If a candidate writes his/her name or puts any kind of identification mark or discloses his/her identity by any method whatsoever on the cover or anywhere else in the Question Booklet/Answer Sheet, the same shall be treated as cancelled. The cancellation of the answer sheet shall mean cancellation of all answer-sheets of the Entrance Test. The decision of the Controller of Examination, Panjab University, Chandigarh in this regard shall be final.

Any person who impersonates a candidate shall be disqualified from appearing in any University examination including this examination for a period of five years, if that person is a student on the rolls of a recognised School or College or University. But if the person is not on the rolls of a recognised School or College or University, he/she shall be declared as a person not fit and proper to be admitted to any examination of the University for a period of 5 years and the case, if necessary, shall also be reported to the police for any further action in the matter. The candidate who is being impersonated shall also be disqualified for a period of Five Years from appearing in any examination of this University apart from any other action which the University may take against him, as deemed fit.

If it is found that a candidate has knowingly or willfully concealed or suppressed any information/fact which renders him/her ineligible to take the Entrance Test, his/her result of the Test as also admission to the University Institute of Applied management Sciences (UIAMS), if granted, shall stand cancelled and he/she shall have no claim whatsoever against the Institution/Department/Centre concerned and the case, if necessary shall be reported to the police.

The result of the Entrance Test will not be sent to the candidates but will be conveyed confidentially to the Director, University Institute of Applied Management Sciences (UIAMS) who will compile the comprehensive result after the Group Discussion and Interview & notify the same on the department’s notice board as well as UIAMS website. Schedule for Group Discussion will be announced by the UIAMS.

If a dispute or controversy of any kind arises before, during or after conduct of Entrance Test, the decision of the Controller of Examinations, Panjab University, in all such cases, shall be final.

If a candidate does not submit his/her application in the prescribed Application Form online by due date, his/her Application for appearing in the Entrance Test shall be summarily rejected, he/she shall not be allowed to take the test under any circumstances, whatsoever. No intimation in this regard shall be given.

4-5 days after the test, the question paper and its key will be put on the University website. The candidate can file their objections regarding discrepancies and accuracy of the key, in writing, within 48 hours of this announcement. The valid concerns thus expressed will be given due consideration while evaluation. Within 10 days after the declaration of the final result (i.e., after the completion of group discussion and personal interview), if a candidate wishes to verify his/her result, he/she will be provided a photocopy of his/her answer sheet on payment of Rs. 10,000/- and will be informed about his/her score in the group discussion and interview, in case, a discrepancy is found in the result of the candidate, the result would accordingly be revised.

Candidates securing equal marks will be bracketed together. Their inter-se merit will be determined by the UIAMS as per PU norms.

The candidates shall have to apply for admission, within the prescribed time limit, directly to the UIAMS, Panjab University, Chandigarh

The candidates can download their admit cards on or after March 4, 2014

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