With just 15 days left for the JEE Main 2018, the students are all geared up for the D-day. For a majority of the students, these days shall be filled with panic and distraught. If you too are caught up in a similar storm, it is important that you should avoid the last minute stress and anxiety and take appropriate measures in order to put your best foot forward in the JEE. With every passing year, it has been observed that there is a stiff competition in JEE Main, however, self-confidence is the key to sail through the storm. Here we have given few tips which for sure will help you to excel in the exam. Check more details about it from this page.

15 Days Left For JEE 2018 and This is what you should do

Do not start any new topic

There might some topics which you may have overlooked at the time of preparation but it is advised that you should not start anything new, instead, clear doubts of already prepared topics. Starting a new topic at this crucial time is only a waste of time and will confuse you. So rater wasting your time and energy on a new topic, utilize it for revision of the already completed chapters.

Previous Year Question Paper and Mock Tests

In these 15 days, solve as many previous year question paper as you can. Ths will not only help you in your revision but will also increase your efficiency for answering the question. Take online mock test also a part of the routine. Constant practice of mock tests takes you through the entire syllabus at least once in a day, allowing you to focus on every concept.

Stick To NCERT Books Only

This is not the best time to take help from any other resources. Stick to NCERT books and don’t take up too many reference books. Since the major portion of the exam is covered from the NCERT, hence this forms the basic foundation for you. At this point of time, it is vital to stick to NCERT study material and strengthen your concepts.

Stay Healthy to concentrate well

This is a crucial time and more than preparation you should take care of your health first. At this time your health plays a very important part of your success.The best way to start the day is by taking a morning walk. Whenever you feel stressed, go outdoors or do something which you like to take your mind off from the stress. Take small and regular breaks in between the studying. Get adequate sleep, ensure 6-7 hours of sleep every day.

Manage Your Time Well In The Exam

Last but not the least, do not spend too much time solving one question or section. Rather make sure you devote equal attention to all the topics. In the examination, there would be 90 questions to be solved in 3 hours so you do not need to be stucked up on one question. Leave and proceed to other questions. If you have some time left you can always return to solve the question you left unanswered.

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