After GATE 2018

Getting a good score in the GATE 2018 is a great achievement! Result of GATE 2018 will be declared on March 17, 2018. The next step is even more important as it will be crucial to what you do for the next years.

Once the GATE results are declared, congratulations are in place for those secure a good rank in GATE.

But getting a good rank in GATE exam does not ensure you a seat in IITs except if you have done exceptionally well (within AIR 100!).

GATE 2018 Result

Check result of GATE 2018  – Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering – to know your score and All India Rank. In order to check result, you have to login with enrollment ID / email ID and password. Qualified candidates can participate in counselling for M.Tech / PhD admissions or PSU recruitment through GATE 2018. Score will be valid for three years.

Check GATE Result 2018 here

Admission to IITs also include Interviews. Sometimes it may so happen that a candidate getting AIR 250 in GATE exam is still not be able to get a seat in some IIT. So scoring a good rank in GATE exam is not sufficient. Though it plays an important role, but you will also need to pass hurdles like written tests and interviews. So that’s why we are throwing some light upon Post GATE Preparation.

After GATE 2018

Where to Apply For M.Tech Admission With GATE Score

First step: After GATE results first step is to apply to different courses in different institutes. You must know the difference between M.Tech and MS.

Once you know about the difference you must apply to different institutes in a manner that ensures you get a seat in your desired college. I am giving you an outline that would help you to secure your seat in your desired college. But the final decision must depend upon you and your interests.

  • 1- 100 AIR: Apply to IISc and IIT B. If you want to go towards hardcore research then go for IISc Banglore. But if you just want jobs and a little easier M.Tech course (and not to forget vibrant lifestyle) go for IIT B.
  • 101- 250 AIR : Apply to IIT M, IIT K and IIT D. Also start preparing for interviews for the same as most of them don’t have direct admissions. For information about interviews and written tests, how to prepare and what to prepare keep reading the post.
  • 251- 450 AIR: Apply to all above and IIT KGP to be on the safer side. Start preparing for written tests and interviews. Also you can apply for IIT B RA (Research Assistant), IIT D MS, IIT D JCA.
  • 451- 600 AIR: Apply to all of the above and IIT R and IIT G as well. Start preparing for written tests and interviews. Also you can apply to new IITs like IIT H, IIT Rajasthan as they are also having very talented young faculty which is a positive point when you are doing Masters.
  • 601- 800 AIR: Apply to all of the above and also you can apply for IIT M MS. Prepare hard for interviews and tests as you will have a tough fight to get a seat in to IIT. You can also apply for Centralised Counselling of NITs to be on safer side.
  • 801- 1000 AIR: Apply to all of the above and prepare very hard for interviews and also be ready for some on spot admissions in IITs ( Luck plays a very important role here)
  • 1001- 1200 AIR: You can apply to the above but there are very slight chances. You must focus on the NIT counselling and you can get into top NITs for sure.
  • 1201- 3000 AIR: Chances of admission in IITs is very small with GATE rank 3000 or less. Apply for the centralized counselling for NITs and also to some other good institutions like DTU, NSIT, DA-IICT etc.

Post GATE Preparation

Second Step : After applying to all the colleges next step is to prepare for written tests and interviews. Written tests and interviews play an important part specially who have not scored very good rank. Written tests and interviews generally happens in last week of MAY and 1st half of JUNE. SO most of the students are preparing for their semester exams and they are not in touch with their subjects related to GATE. So here you have a chance . Start preparing right now so that you would be able to set both semester and interviews right. Also make your mind up for more 2-3 months of hard work and to face the panel comprising best teachers of India and yes a lot of travel of course.

Next question arises – What to prepare?

  • Revise your whole GATE syllabus as the panel can ask you question from anywhere and no one can stop them to not to do so.
  • Prepare Discrete Mathematics and Algorithms very well. As its the basics for Computer Science.
  • Prepare 2-3 subjects well and thoroughly. You will be asked to tell your areas of interests and question will be fired from those areas mostly. But remember they are the best faculties of India so do prepare yous subjects very well.
  • Also don’t dare to try to fool them. If you don’t know the answer simply deny. Yes you must give a try to their questions as they want to see your approach to the problem. Keep your nerves cool and face them bravely.

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