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AIIMS MBBS Cut Off Mark 2018 – Candidates who will get marks equal to or more than AIIMS MBBS Cut Off 2018 will get a position in the merit list. They will be awarded a rank in AIIMS MBBS Result 2018. Candidates can keep in mind the AIIMS MBBS Minimum Cut Off Mark In The MBBS Entrance Examination at the time of exam and also results.

AIIMS MBBS Minimum Cut Off Mark In The MBBS Entrance Examination

In accordance with decision of the Governing Body, AIIMS, New Delhi dated 26 Nov 2009 and the past practice adopted by AIIMS, New Delhi, the AIIMS MBBS Minimum Cut Off Mark necessary in the Entrance Examination to determine eligibility for admission is:

Category Minimum Cut-Off Marks
General Category 50%
OBC Category (Non Creamy Layer) 45%
SC/ST Category 40%
OPH Cut-offs of the respective category
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Since the examination will be held in two shifts and a Normalization Procedure will be used; the Percentile score corresponding to the above AIIMS MBBS 2018 Minimum Cut Off Mark will be used to determine eligibility. In the event of the percentiles for the two shifts being dissimilar / unequal, the lower of the two will be the eligibility cut-off for that category for all candidates (i.e. both shifts).

For example if the 50% marks correspond to a Percentile score of 90 in Shift 1 and to a Percentile score of 88 in shift 2 then all those equal to or above 88 Percentile (Percentile score of 100 to 88) in both shifts will become eligible in General Category. Similar method will be adopted for the other categories to determine eligibility cut-offs.

Normalization Procedure

This year, since there would be two shifts, a Normalization Procedure is being adopted as decided by experts based on analysis of past MBBS Entrance Examinations conducted by AIIMS, New Delhi. This will be utilized to decide on the inter-se merit / ranking [used during Counseling for allotment of seats] between those who appeared for the examination.

The normalization procedure that will be adopted is based on PERCENTILES.

Percentile Scores

Percentile scores are scores based on the relative performance of all those who appear for the examination. Basically the marks obtained are transformed into a scale ranging from 100 to 0 for each group (shift) of examinees.

The Percentile Score indicates the percentage of candidates that have scored equal to or below (same or lower raw scores) that particular Percentile in that examination. Therefore the topper (highest score) of each group (shift) will get the same Percentile of 100 which is desirable. The marks obtained in between the highest and lowest scores are also converted to appropriate Percentiles.

The Percentile score is the Normalized Score for this examination.

The Percentile Scores will be calculated 7 decimal places to avoid bunching effect and therefore reduce ties.

In this method of scoring the HIGHEST SCORE in each paper (irrespective of the raw scores / percentage obtained) will be the 100 Percentile indicating that 100% of candidates have scores equal to or lesser than the the highest scorer/ topper for that shift. For example, in Shift 1 if the highest score is 80% and in Shift 2 the highest score is 82%, both scores would be normalized to 100 Percentile for their respective group / shift.

The lowest score would have a percentile depending on the total number of candidates who have taken the examination. Supposing 100000 students have taken the examination in Shift and let the highest score (A) for that group / shift be 160 / 200 (80%) and the lowest score (B) – 3/ 200 (-1.5%). If there is no other candidate who has scores equal to either A or B, then the Percentile Score of A, the top scorer, shall be 100 [because all or 100% of candidates have scored EQUAL TO OR LESS THAN A].

The Percentile Score of B, the lowest scorer, shall be 0.001 since the percentage of candidates with scores EQUAL TO OR BELOW would be 0.001 [(1/100000)100]. If another candidate (C) had a raw score similar to that of A, then both A and C would have a Percentile Score of 100. Similarly if another candidate (D) had a raw score equal to that of B then both B and D would have a Percentile score of 0.002 [(2/100000)100]. Ties would therefore have similar Percentiles.

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