Dr Ayush Jain AIPGMEE Rank 35 Topper Interview Aglasem

Ayush Jain from Delhi, secured rank 35 in AIPGMEE

Dr. Ayush Jain loves to sing, read fiction and listen to music, got 35 rank in AIPGMEE 2016. He shares his journey, preparation tips and experience of AIPGMEE 2016 in this exclusive interview. Read his interview to get inspired and get some wonderful tips for AIPGMEE preparation.

Name Ayush Jain
Schooling Sherwood College Nainital, Vivekanand School Delhi
College (Graduation) Maulana Azad Medical College
AIPGMEE Score 1366.88

Dr Ayush Jain AIPGMEE Rank 35 Topper Interview Aglasem

Please tell us a little bit about you & your family background? How did your family support you in your preparations?

I come from a family wherein my father is a Paediatrician and my mother is a Gynaecologist. My family has been immensely helpful in my preparation, by being patient with the lack of time I had, and supporting me through all the  up and downs and cheering me up when things didn’t seem too clear. Internship was a stressful period where at times I lost hope but my parents trusted me blindly. Everything I have achieved so far became possible because of them only.

What was your favourite subject in college? And which field you want to specialize in?

My favourite subject in college was initially Pathology, and in clinicals I liked Paediatrics a lot.. I always wanted to specialise in Paediatrics. I got through JIPMER exam held in November 2015 with a Rank of 10, and took up Paediatrics, but I resigned from there 20 days later because I realised that Paediatrics wasn’t what I wanted to do.. so now I will probably opt for MD Radiodiagnosis through All India whichever is the best possible college at my rank.

Share your feelings after cracking the exam!

Since I had resigned even before the AIPGMEE Result was out, it was a jobless kind of a feeling from the day of resignation to the day of the AIPGMEE Result. I felt as if I was doing nothing at home and sitting idle all day long. At that time, I only had a DNB Rank 50 in hand which I was unsure to go for. So basically I had nothing.. When the result came, it didn’t open for like 5 hours, so it was all a suspense, with me getting jitters and palpitations all this while. I asked my friend to check my result, and I couldn’t believe what I got! I didn’t even understand what was happening! AIPG Rank 35, Delhi Rank 2! Today, I feel on top of the world, and I am more than satisfied with my result.

Which all Post Graduate entrance exams you have appeared for apart from AIPGMEE 2016?

AIIMS Rank 61
PGI Rank 49
JIPMER Rank 10
DNB Rank 50
Delhi PG Rank 2

How was your internship experience?

Internship at MAMC is not very easy. The hospital is a busy one located in the Heart of the capital city, and there is lack of manpower at all levels. Inspite of all that, there are learning experiences and amazing seniors who teach you Clinical points, and some of which you learn by doing. I would say that we get less time to study, but then if we see the overall picture, Internship here is almost a complete package, you can only get experience if you want to get it, so its upto you.

Regarding AIPGMEE preparation

When did you start preparing for AIPGMEE 2016 exam?

I started preparing at the start of my internship, 1st January 2015.

What was your strategy for subject-wise preparation? Did you follow any timeline for the preparation?

I had joined DAMS T and D for preparation, and as advised by my seniors, stuck to their timeline to complete my syllabus with enough time to revise in the end. I had decided not to give too much time to Final year main subjects like Medicine surgery, obgy and paediatrics because these are the only  subjects we read the entire year in final year.

Have you attended any coaching class for the exam? Was it helpful?

I attended IAMS Foundation course in 3rd Year and DAMS T and D in Internship. I recommend all friends to follow this pattern and read on your own in final year.

What is your success mantra?

I think constant hard work with never ending quest for knowledge would lead us to success. At times we are too tired to go on, but I feel those are the times which differentiate a Top ranker from a mediocre student. Just do your duty well, try to gain clinical experience and try to avoid temptation, I think that’s enough to give you results.

What are the key tips to crack the AIPGMEE exam?

Concentrate on the basics.

Read Basic Medical Sciences really well.

Don’t go much for MCQs, they are not going to be repeated anyway.

Please be in touch with Standard textbooks for reference and for high yield topics.

Try to avoid reading big MCQ books for Subjects like Medicine and Surgery and trust your final year knowledge and revise that. Keep Harisson as Reference, but don’t stay stuck to that only, it’s okay even if you haven’t read Harisson at all.

Any suggestions/ advice to aspiring Medical Students?

Keep your basics strong, and always keep a daily routine & plan for the next day. Try to revise things multiple times instead of reading new things daily. Make notes concisely from standard textbooks AND READ THEM TILL YOU REMEMBER THEM without difficulty.

“Read till you remember them” – Dr. Ayush Jain (AIPG Rank 35; Delhi rank 2).

Books for AIPGMEE preparation

Please list the books you used to prepare for AIPGMEE exam.

Anatomy – Arvind Arora, Grays for reference. Also just go through Netters atlas because AIIMS had all Diagram Questions directly from there.

Physiology – Arvind Arora and Please READ GANONG.MUST

Biochemistry – Arvind Arora and a Book by Dr Karthikeyan Pethusamy

Pathology – Dr Devesh Mishra.READ ROBBINS WELL.MUST

Microbiology – Arvind Arora

Pharmacology – Dr Gobind Rai Garg and Do NEW Drugs well.

Forensic Medicine – Sumit Seth. Nothing else Required.

Ophthalmology – Dr Ruchi Rai

ENT – Revise from Dhingra and T and D Notes.

PSM – Vivek Jain, and PARK IS MUST.

Medicine – IAMS Modules, T and D Notes, Rest rely on Final Year knowledge

Surgery – IAMS Modules, T an D Notes, Rest Rely on Final year Knowledge

OG – IAMS Notes, T and D Notes. I did not refer Sakshi Arora so cant say but these were enough for me.

Paediatrics – IAMS Modules are sufficient, provided you also REVISE GHAI.

Anaesthesia – IAMS Module is more than enough

Radiology – Dr. Sumer Sethi

Dermatology – DAMS T and D notes, IAMS Module

Psychitry – IAMS Module

Orthopaedics – IAMS Module

AIPGMEE Exam experience

On the exam day, what was your experience like? Please elaborate upon this as it will be extremely helpful for the aspirants.

I was anxious on the exam day but a little bit relieved because of the JIPMER Result which had come before that. I had taken the Evening slot on the second Day of AIPGMEE 2016. I tried not to study on the last day as it would only increase my anxiety levels. My DNB Exam had got over just two days back and I was in a state of shock, DNB Exam had gone very very wrong, and I felt I would not even be able to qualify. So, I was expecting the same kind of exam in NEET as well. The anxiety level keeps rising as you walk upstairs to reach your station, seeing so many other students gearing up. The exam pattern was familiar as I had given DNB, questions were somewhat better than DNB, and I found the exam on an easier side. But it was easy for all, so that would be no advantage. I attempted all 300 questions, finishing one round of answering in about 2 hours and then going for only those questions which I had marked for review. I had marked even the slightest doubt questions for review. I was sure of 150 questions out of 300 but had a doubt in the rest answers as i attempted them by elimination and guessing. Overall I felt satisfied with the Exam but I had heard that easy papers fetch comparatively poorer results, so I was way scared too. But it was a better experience than the DNB Exam.

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