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If you are appearing for BITSAT 2016, check out the most important topics for BITSAT preparation here!

Important topics to be covered in BITSAT

BITSAT PreparationBirla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani is one of the most sought after engineering colleges in India. BITS Pilani offers various technological and professional courses. Several engineering aspirants looking for a seat in BITS Pilani appear for the BITSAT exam which is a computer based online test governed by BITS Pilani for its integrated first-degree programmes offered by all its three campuses – Pilani campus, Goa campus and Hyderabad campus.

Unlike many other engineering entrance exams, BITSAT is different being an online computer based test. However with the introduction of online JEE Main, a bigger percentage of engineering aspirants are now familiar with online CBTs.

NCERT textbooks are Bible for the BITSAT aspirants.Students are advised to cover the entire syllabus form the NCERTs first and then consult other reference books.

Physics topics for BITSAT Preparation

Physics is generally considered to be the hardest amongst all the sections of the BTISAT syllabus. Candidates are advised to cover the entire syllabus as studying selectively can be risky. Some of the topics which are extremely important due to their high weightage in the exam are listed below:

Topic Weightage
Heat & thermodynamics 10%
Magnetic effect of current & Magnetism 9%
Wave Motion 6%
Current Electricity 6%
Electrostatics 5%
Simple Harmonic Motion 5%
Wave Optics 5%
Fluids 5%
Rotational Motion 4%
Work Energy Power 4%
Elasticity 4%
Ray Optics 4%
Units, Dimensions Errors 3%
Gravitation 3%
Alternating Current 3%

Heat & thermodynamics, Magnetism and Wave Motion are some of the topics which must be prepared thoroughly. In case you don’t have sufficient time, you can skip topics like vectors, physics of nucleus and circular motion as they don’t really fetch many questions in the exam.

Chemistry Topics for BITSAT Preparation

Some of the vital topics which fetch a god number of questions are tabulated below:

Topic Weightage
Chemical Bonding 10%
Biomolecules 6%
Atomic Structure 6%
Carboxylic Acid & its Derivatives 6%
Mole Concepts 6%
p-block elements 6%
Alkanes, Alkenes & Alkynes 5%
Chemical Thermodynamics 5%
Electrochemistry 5%
Chemical Equilibrium 4%
Solid state 4%
s-block elements 4%
General Organic Chemistry 4%
Chemical Kinetics 3%
Ionic Equilibrium 3%

Students are advised to begin with the topicslike chemical bonding, atomic structure, p-block elements, carboxylic acid & its derivatives, mole concepts, general organic chemistry etc.These topics generally fetch a good number of questions. While topics likeredox reactions, surface chemistry, solutions and polymers,gaseous state should be practiced only once you are done with the rest of the syllabus.

Mathematics Topics for BITSAT Preparation

Coordinate geometry and algebra are the most scoring sections. Practicing questions from the previous year papers of BITSAT is a must in order to know the trend of questions asked in the exam. List of the important sections is given below:

Topic Weightage
Circles 11%
Straight Lines 7%
Pair of Straight Lines 6%
Vectors 6%
Continuity & Differentiability 6%
Complex Numbers 4%
Differential Equation 4%
Theory of Equation 4%
Binomial Theorem 4%
Sets, Relations & Functions 4%
Properties of Triangles 3%
Trigonometric Equations 3%
Probability 3%
Matrices Determinants 3%
Application of Derivatives 3%

Circles, straight lines and vectors are some of the important topics. These topics are not very tough and fetch a god number of questions in the exam. Some of the topics which are not very important and can be skipped include mathematical induction, statistics and inverse trigonometry. They should be revised only if you are left with extra time.

English Proficiency

The English proficiency section is not very tough and tests the basic grammar of candidates. Questions range from simple synonyms and antonyms to comprehensions. It tests the comprehension ability of candidates.

Topic Weightage
Synonyms & Antonyms 30%
Sentence Completion 15%
One Word Substitution 15%
Rearrangement of Jumbled Words 15%
Tenses 3%
Rules of Conjunctions 3%
Prepositions 3%
Modals 3%

Logical Reasoning

The section asks questions on interpretation of data,finding the missing words and completing the patterns.Candidates should be able to complete analogies and missing links, follow directions, classify words and establish sequences.This section basically tests the aptitude and problem solving ability of candidates.

The important topics are:

Topic Weightage
Figure Formation & Analysis 40%
Figure Matrix 40%
Analogy Test 20%
Series Test (Numerical & Alphabetical) 10%
Logical Deduction 10%
Figure CompletionTest 7%
Paper folding and Cutting 7%
Detection of the Rule 5%

The lists provided above help you in getting acquainted with some of the important topics of each section. It is based on the weightage of various topics in the exam. However, there is no thumb rule for the important topics and hence students are advised to cover the entire syllabus of BITSAT.

Competitive scenario for BITSAT

The ratio of students appearing for BITSAT vs seats available is very high. This makes the competition rally tough!

It is important to adopt a correct strategy in the right direction so as to ace the exam with ease.

BITS exam has become challenging seeing the mounting competition. Around 70 candidates compete for a single seat every year!Hence, students are advised to cover the entire syllabus of BITSAT in order to come out with flying colors.

Adopt the appropriate strategy and work hard. Have faith in yourself and win this battle!

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