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BITSAT Top Dos and Don’ts for the last day!

The countdown has already begun! With just one day remaining for the elite BITS Pilani entrance exam, students are in a serious “mug up everything you can” mode. BITSAT is considered to be the student’s idealistic gateway to the prestigious IITs. The exam is extremely challenging as around 70 students compete for a single seat!

The very thought of competing with lakhs of students must have started taking a toll on your lives. With time ticking off and the BITS entrance inching near, it is time for students to brush up their skills and do their last minute revisions instead of fretting over what all they couldn’t cover! Cracking such national entrances cannot be considered a cakewalk. Hence it is extremely important to have faith in yourself in order to ace the exam with ease. The last day is meant for relaxing and regaining your lost energy.

While some students prefer to close down their books and relax on the last day, few prefer going for another round of revision. You may or may not study but you must not lose your confidence. Agreed that your future depends entirely on your performance in the exam but would worrying prove fruitful? When future is uncertain then why do have to think negative? Be optimistic, visualize your successand relax.

We list here some of the Dos and Don’ts of the day preceding the D-day.

Top Dos – What to do before the exam

  • Consult your Revision Notes:You may see your revision notes once again, but do not refer your books. Just go through the important facts and formulae. Even if you are not able to recall some of the facts, calm down and learn it.
  • Sample Papers: Majority of the aspirants must have already attempted several past year papers of BITSAT, however you may go through some of the tricky questions again.
  • Meditation: On the day preceding the exam, stress is at its peak. Practice some yoga or meditationas they help in relieving stress. Practice some breathing exercisesas they also help in relaxing the mind.
  • Visualize your success: If you are confident then half the race is already won. Try visualizing your success. This will infuse you with positive energy so that you are able to perform to the best of your capabilities.
  • Focus on all five sections: It is important to prepare all the five sections. Ignoring any one can prove to be risky as every mark counts.
  • Have balanced meals: Students are advised to have light meals on the last day as having fried or heavy meals can make them feel sleepy. Consuming fruits, juices and salads can prove to be beneficial as it makes you feel active.
  • Sleep well: Majority of the aspirants keep studying till late night and as a result they feel sleepy during the exam. Moreover, one cannot think of attempting the tricky questions in such a state. Hence, students are advised to sleep for at least 6-8 hours so that they attempt the paper with a fresh mind.
  • Relax: The last day is not meant for studying new topics or worrying about the exam. Students must relax and regain their lost energy. accept the fact that you gave tried your level best and whatever happens will happen for your good.

Top Don’ts – What not to do before the exam

  • Don’t panic: Getting panicky will only worsen the situation. Don’t worry even if you are not able to recall the results.This is likely to happen due to stress.
  • Avoid practicing numericals: This is not the time to practice numerical. However, aspirants may go through the important points involved in the numerical.
  • Discussion with peers: Any sort of discussion with peers related to syllabus or paper must be avoided as such a conversation is likely to triggeranxiety.
  • Do not skip meals: Skipping meals can in have a negative impact on your concentration level. Hence, go for light but balanced meals.
  • Don’t fret over what you couldn’t cover: Accept the fact that you have worked hard and have tried your level best. Instead of fretting over what couldn’t be done, be satisfied and believe that you’ll surely win this race.

The last day is crucial in the sense that you have to regain the lost confidence and prepare yourself for the final day. Believe me, if you confident and optimistic, half the race is already won!

All the best and give it your best shot!

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