CAT Preparation for Working Professionals

Prepare for CAT while working. You can do it!

In the recent years, with work experience being given considerable weightage in the admission criteria by IIMs and other Indian B-schools, the odds of getting admission for working professionals has increased considerably.

CAT Preparation For Working Professionals

But, CAT preparation for working professionals is neither easy nor miraculous. So How Can Working Professionals Prepare for CAT?

CAT preparation for working professionals

For candidates working 5-6 days a week, CAT preparation is like ball game of tennis between Job and Preparation. Focus like the ball, keeps on bouncing back and forth in the two courts. Thus, Time and Energy Management are of utmost importance. Working professional preparing for CAT must take note of the following points.

Take care of your Seconds, and your Minutes will fall in place. – Umberto Eco

Apart from the 3-Phase preparation program, here are some things related to CAT Preparation For Working Professionals, that are to be kept in mind.

A bout to quit your job for CAT preparation? – DON’T!

There are two reasons why it’s a bad idea to quit your existing job.

  • High Risk to Reward Ratio. Also it might make the PI a little tougher as candidate might have to face uncomfortable questions.
  • Increased Pressure to deliver. Apart from Family and Peer pressure, Future worries might also degrade your output.

B reak Target into Checkpoints

Planned work is all that is needed. Follow these instructions.

  • Break CAT syllabus in parts. Pledge and plan to complete a specified part by a specified date.
  • Don’t create schedule overloaded with study with no time for rest. Whatever you do, you are not going to stick to it.

Achieve these checkpoints and keep a record. As you see things been done, your confidence will be enhanced and you will feel motivated.

C ritical for success – Discipline and Perseverance

Coming home after an exhausting day at the office, you have two choices,
The EASY ONE – to relax, watch TV i.e. work, eat, sleep and repeat routine. Or, the RIGHT ONE – to remain loyal to your Checkpoint plan and study at least 1.5 hours each day.

D o not believe in the following myths.

… College students have an advantage over you. x
— College students are themselves indulged in so many projects, internships etc. that they also like you, have to arrange time for preparation.

… Leaving your job will bring more peace of mind. x
For a matter of fact, It won’t. Due to the reasons mentioned in 1st point.

… Analyzing solved tests is waste of time. x
In fact, it is essential for better understanding of the topics and improving performance.

E xercise the Planned sick leave well.

  • When you take a “sick” leave, make sure that you take the most out of it. Taking a week long leave for some viral disease is practically useless if you study only for 4 hours a day!
  • Make sure you do the grind even on single day holiday.

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