CCMT Priority List EE

Suggested Order of Preference of Specializations

  1. Power Systems
  2. Power Electronics
  3. Control and Automation
  4. VLSI / Micro Electronics
  5. Electronics Design & Technology (Chip Design)
  6. Integrated Electronics & Circuits
  7. Communication Engineering
  8. Instrumentation Technology
  9. Computer Technology
  10. Single Processing
  11. Digital Electronics
  12. Computer Science Engineering
  13. Instrumentation & Controls
  14. Aerospace Engineering
  15. Instrumentation & Control
  16. Others

Suggested College Admission Preference Order

  • IISc Bangalore
  • Older IITs (Bombay, Delhi, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras, Roorkee, Guwahati)
  • IT BHU, IIITs, Older NITs (Trichy, Warangal, Surathkal, Calicut)
  • DTU, BITS, ISM, Anna University, COE Pune, COE Trivandrum
  • New IITs & NITs
  • University Campuses like JNTU, Jadhavpur, Osmania
  • Private Deemed Institutins / Universities
  • Other reputed private colleges like RVCE, PSG, CIT, VJTI

CCMT Priority List EE (Old)

General Choice Filling Priority List For EE:

S.No NIT Course
1 NIT Trichy PS
2 NIT Trichy PE
3 NIT Warangal PD
4 NIT Warangal PD
5 NIT Calicut PS
6 NIT Calicut PE
7 NIT Surathkal PSE
8 NIT Rourkela PE
9 MNIT Jaipur PS
10 MNNIT Allahbad CP
11 MNNIT Allahbad PA
12 NIT Kurukshetra PS
13 NIT Kurukshetra PD
14 MANIT Bhopal PS
15 MANIT Bhopal ED
16 SVNIT Surat PS
17 SVNIT Surat PL
18 VNIT Nagpur IW
19 VNIT Nagpur PD
20 NIT Hamirpur PS
21 NIT Calicut IE
22 NIT Calicut IO
23 NIT Rourkela CA
24 NIT Rourkela EC
25 NIT Kurukshetra CO
26 NIT Jamshedpur PS
27 NIT Durgapur ES
28 NIT Hamirpur SC
29 NIT Hamirpur MO
30 NIT Agartala PS
31 NIT Agartala PE
32 NIT Agartala IE
33 NIT Raipur CT
34 NIT Patna PS
35 NIT Patna CO
36 NIT Silchar PS
37 NIT Silchar PO

*Disclaimer : This is the priority list as advised by our team and is solely created with the intention to help students. This not govern by any polls or competition. It is based on the general trend and is not funded in any way by any external authority or institute. Priority may vary from individual to individual depending upon what factors an individual is considering. Students are advised to consider it just as reference not just fill choices only on this basis.

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