CUCET Sample Question Paper 2015 for M.Phil- Biochemistry (MPBC) / M.Phil – Genomics (MPG)

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CUCET Sample Question Paper 2015 is given below.

1. Mannose 6 phosphate receptor is involved in the

  • (a) Absorption of Man-6 Phosphate
  • (b) Transport of Man-6 Phosphate in the plasma
  • (c) Absorption of mannose from the intestine
  • (d) Sorting of lysosomal enzymes

2. Which is the wrong statement in respect of IP3

  • (a) It is a second messenger
  • (b) Receptor activation by ligand causes secretion of IP3
  • (c) IP3 receptor is a Calcium channel protein
  • (d) IP3 binding to its receptor causes efflux of calcium ion

3. Signal Recognition particle is

  • (a) DNA
  • (b) Ribosome
  • (c) RNA protein complex
  • (d) Protein

4. The enzyme aldolase catalyses

  • (a) Oxidation of an aldehyde group of glucose
  • (b) Formation of trioses from fructose-1, 6-diphosphate
  • (c) Oxidation of glyceraldehydes-3- phosphate
  • (d) Formation of Fructose-6-phosphate from G1-6 phosphate

5. Which is the wrong statement

An allosteric enzyme

  • (a) Exhibits anomalous kinetics
  • (b) Generally oligomeric in nature
  • (c) Dissociation of subumits does not effect the regulatory action
  • (d) Regulated by modulators

6. The molecule in the C4 pathway that combines with CO2 is

  • (a) Glyceraldehyde phosphate
  • (b) Ribulose phosphate
  • (c) Phosphoenol pyruvate
  • (d) Citric Acid

7. The source of hydrogen atoms for the synthesis of glucose is

  • (a) H2O
  • (b) NADPH
  • (c) FADH
  • (d) n(CH2O)

8. Which of the following is not normal constituent of urine

  • (a) Sulphate
  • (b) Creatinine
  • (c) Uric acid
  • (d) Bence Jone’s proteins

9. The components of the respiratory chain are arranged in the following order of redox potential

  • (a) Increasing
  • (b) Decreasing
  • (c) Alternatively increasing and decreasing
  • (d) Random

10. Bile pigments are formed from

  • (a) Cholesterol
  • (b) Vit D
  • (c) Haem
  • (d) Carotenodis

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