CUCET Sample Question Paper 2015 for M.Phil. Economics (MPE)

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CUCET Sample Question Paper 2015 is given below.

1. A statistical correlation can be misleading for economics because it does by itself explain

  • (a) If the correlation between the two economic variables is a causal relationship
  • (b) If the correlation is wrong
  • (c) Is the correlation has been developed by economic theory
  • (d) All of the above

2. The IS curve is downward sloping because a lower rate of interest

  • (a) Stimulation investment and raises national income
  • (b) Encourages saving and reduces national income
  • (c) Deters capital formation and reduces national income
  • (d) Reduces consumer spending and raises national income

3. Rate of unemployment is

  • (a) (Labour force/adult population) X 100
  • (b) (Number of unemployed persons/total population) X 100
  • (c) (Number of employed persons/labour force) X 100
  • (d) (Number of unemployed persons/ labour force) X 100

4. If the income elasticity of demand is greater than one, the commodity is

  • (a) Luxury
  • (b) Giffin’s good
  • (c) Necessary
  • (d) None of the above

5. Now a days we discuss about ‘sustainable development’ which relates to

  • (a) control of population to suit natural resources
  • (b) development for sufficiency and efficiency which is bio-friendly
  • (c) development which is within the central and state budgetary resources
  • (d) development which takes into account the taxable capacity of people

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