CUCET Sample Question Paper 2015 for M.Sc. (Information Technology) MSCIT / M.Sc. (Computer Science) MSCS

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CUCET Sample Question Paper 2015 is given below.


Pick out the most effective choice wherever applicable to complete the sentence.

1. Indian Union Comprises of

  • (a) 28 States
  • (b) 27 States
  • (c) 26 States
  • (d) 25 States

2. Television is better than Radio as a teaching Aid because it is

  • (a) Costly
  • (b) Serves two senses hearing and vision leading to more accurate form of learning
  • (c) Is liked by students
  • (d) It is entertaining

3. The common feature in Anger, Love and Sorrow is

  • (a) Feeling
  • (b) Instinct
  • (c) Emotion
  • (d) Tears

4. A dealer sold a mixer for Rs.540 losing 10%. At what price should he have sold to gain a 10% profit?

  • (a) Rs.660
  • (b) Rs.600
  • (c) Rs.670
  • (d) Rs.680

5. The first Indian to win a Nobel Price was.

  • (a) C. V. Raman
  • (b) Rabindranath Tagore
  • (c) J. C. Bose
  • (d) Subramanyam Chandrashekar


1. Procedural Programming language is

  • (a) COBOL
  • (b) BASIC
  • (c) C++
  • (d) PASCAL

2. A base class may also be called as

  • (a) Child class
  • (b) Subclass
  • (c) Derived class
  • (d) Parent class

3. Disadvantage of dynamic  RAM over static RAM is

  • (a) Higher power consumption
  • (b) Variable speed
  • (c) Need to refresh the capacitor change every once in two milliseconds
  • (d) Higher bit Density

4. The register used as a working area in CPU is

  • (a) Program Counter
  • (b) Instruction register
  • (c) Instruction decoder
  • (d) Accumulator

5. The highest level in the hierarchy of data organization is called

  • (a) Data bank
  • (b) Data base
  • (c) Date file
  • (d) Data record

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