CUCET Sample Question Paper 2015 for M.Sc Psychology (MSPSY) / M.A Counseling Psychology (MACP)

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CUCET Sample Question Paper 2015 is given below.


Pick out the most effective choice wherever applicable to complete the sentence.

1. Indian Union Comprises of

  • (a) 28 States
  • (b) 27 States
  • (c) 26 States
  • (d) 25 States

2. Television is better than Radio as a teaching Aid because it is

  • (a) Costly
  • (b) Serves two senses hearing and vision leading to more accurate form of learning
  • (c) Is liked by students
  • (d) It is entertaining

3. The common feature in Anger, Love and Sorrow is

  • (a) Feeling
  • (b) Instinct
  • (c) Emotion
  • (d) Tears

4. A dealer sold a mixer for Rs.540 losing 10%. At what price should he have sold to gain a 10% profit?

  • (a) Rs.660
  • (b) Rs.600
  • (c) Rs.670
  • (d) Rs.680

5. The first Indian to win a Nobel Price was.

  • (a) C. V. Raman
  • (b) Rabindranath Tagore
  • (c) J. C. Bose
  • (d) Subramanyam Chandrashekar


1. _________________is a form of social influence in which individuals change their attitudes or behaviours to adhere to existing social norms

  • (a) Compliance
  • (b) Obedience
  • (c) Conformity
  • (d) Leadership

2. Some people claim to have the ability to communicate with another person by direct transmission of thoughts without the use of the senses or devises is known as telepathy. Such incidents are the research interests of

  • (a) Clinical psychologists
  • (b) Counselling psychologists
  • (c) Educational psychologists
  • (d) Parapsychologists

3. Damage to the autonomic nervous system would most likely affect which of the following processes?

  • (a) Heartbeat
  • (b) Vision
  • (c) Voluntary muscle movement
  • (d) Sensation of temperature

4. MRI refers to

  • (a) Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • (b) Magnetic Revolving Imagery
  • (c) Magnetic Restructure Imaging
  • (d) Magnetic Residual Imagery

5. Which hemisphere of brain is responsible for nonverbal abilities including music, arts, etc.,?

  • (a) Left
  • (b) Right
  • (c) Both
  • (d) Sometimes left, sometimes right

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