With GATE or Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering examination being just months away, it’s time to put on your rucksack and prepare yourself for 5 months long trek. Preparing for anything, be it an exam or climbing a summit is basically the same. Long painful hours of getting adapted to the continuously changing surrounding, making mistakes, getting stuck on the way, being attacked by animals (distractions), making mistakes and learning from them, thinking you’re getting better but again making mistakes and much more. The climb is an amalgam of hardships, sleepless nights, perpetual demotivation, even getting sick; but if you think of nothing but reaching the summit and keep moving gradually you’ll get where you want to be and the view we promise you will be great.

GATE 2018 Five Months Preparation Plan

A journey this difficult can be travelled at a constant pace with the right set of skills and understanding that no matter how difficult the situation may seem right now will be overcome and if you keep moving one step after another, you’ll achieve the heights you want to.

Here is a 5 months preparation plan for GATE 2018

GATE is on of the most competetive exam in India for engineering students, so you have to remember that it being a competetive exam requires speed and accuracy. Speed and accuracy can only be achieved if you have an understanding of what you’re dealing with and and practicing it as many times as possible. Few tips are as follows:

Understand the concepts and the formulas, don’t mug them up.

Mugging up may help you solve one or two questions but the questions with a little twist in them may make you sweat. Understanding the concept doesn’t only save the statement of the concept in your mind but saves the whole idea behind it due to which you are able to relate the question to the concept easily.

Important: These are the most important books for GATE, subject-wise.

Don’t lose will.

You may not understand the concept right away. You may not even understand the question more than a number of times. At this point you have to remember that just like there are different methods to solve a question, simillarly there are different methods to understand a concept. Try reading the concep, if that fails ask your teacher or a friend for help, if that fails to try searching for videos on youtube. It’s easier for the mind to grasp the practical things. Just remember you’ll eventually get it!

Practice Questions.

Once you’re done with a particular topic, make sure you practice questions related to the topic right away. Start with excercise questions and finally solve questions from previous year question papers.

Create a book bank according to your understanding and follow that without digressing.

Going through numerous books will confuse you. If you are attending coaching classes then class notes should be more than enough for studying.

Track your performance.

Remember, the exam tests your comprehensive abilities which means how much can you understand in how much time. It indicates that you should be able to solve as many questions as possible in the given amount of time. This can be achieved by taking mock tests. Take these tests at regualar intervals and track your performance. This will help you increase your speed with time.

It is advisable to stick important formulas on your walls or anywhere you can glance at them quickly.

Study everyday. But don’t forget to take 2 days a month a day off. This will help you get out of the rut to return all rejuivinated.

Remember, no matter how difficult the task may seem, it is definitely possible to achieve it. The first and foremost step towards achieving something is thinkinking about it! Since you have achieved that, the second step is to desire it, and desire to such an extent that you believe you already have it. At no point you must doubt yourself. We often have this opinion that the distractions are external, but the truth is, the biggest distraction is self doubt. If you ever do, just take a deep breath and remind yourself that there is nothing you cannot do! Self motivation is the greatest motivation. Say the words “I can do it” out loud even when you doubt yourself. Help yourself get over the fear of failure.

GATE Toppers’ Words Of Wisdom

Mock test can only help you in getting good rank. It is the backbone of your preparation.

14 full mock test and 1 advanced subject test for each subject., said Shivam Singh,  GATE 2017 AIR 1. Even the topper recommends mock tests!

My study plan was to revise the whole syllabus from standard books. I just skimmed through them. Then I solved previous year GATE questions and finally wrote some online mock tests.“, said Ravi Shanar Mishra, GATE 2017, AIR 3.

I kept track of my study hours on weekly basis. I tried to study for 30 hours in a week. After graduating I joined the company and worked there till October. Resigned in October and studied for 60 hours weekly for the next three months. I made short notes with my weekly studies and revised them on a weekly basis.”, Divyanshu Jha, GATE 2017, AIR 8

“Continuous determination and dedication as well as strong belief on ourselves” Shubham Kumar, GATE 2017, AIR 21.

“I always understand what I’m studying. Understanding helps me retain things“, Tamanna Mitra, GATE 2017, AIR 1 (BT)

Do’s 5 months prior to GATE 2018

  • Plan your week and study according to it.
  • Set weekly goals and achieve them.
  • Take as many mock tests as possible.
  • Create a time table and follow it.
  • Revise the syllabus regularly.
  • Don’t deprive yourself of sleep. Remember the brain needs to rest to function properly. Sleep on time.
  • Wake up early and study.
  • Eat healthy.
  • Avoid distractions like mobile phone, social media etc.
  • Believe in your self!

Don’ts 5 months prior to Gate 2018

  1. Don’t digress from your study material. Follow a single set of study material and make ntes out of it.
  2. Don’t take your health in vain. Remember health is always the first priority.
  3. Don’t compare your preparation to other’s. Remember every one has their own pace.
  4. Don’t doubt yourself.
  5. Don’t procastinate!

All the best!

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