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GATE – Should you opt for a coaching institute for GATE?

There are two kinds of GATE aspirants –

(1) Who have decided early in their engineering (B.Tech) course that they want to opt for GATE. Such students would have started preparation early, and also made it a point to recall what they have studied in BE / B.Tech. For them, GATE is the final destination, thus they can pave a path early on.

If you are one of those students, then I am pretty sure you are better prepared than most others. In the under graduate years you study for semester exams, keeping in mind how these subjects would be useful in GATE.

GATE - To opt for GATE coaching or not?For such students, who fall in this category, let’s call them the early risers.

If you have already been preparing for GATE during your engineering years, you do not specifically need coaching for GATE preparation. You can enroll in GATE practice tests during the final year. You have the added advantage of having diligently followed lessons. Your grasp of fundamentals and concepts is better and need less coaching.

You need to practice GATE questions and solve test papers to increase your understanding of the GATE pattern. In the final year check whether you have completed the syllabus and revise your notes.

(2) The late risers would be those students who have decided to appear in GATE in their pre final or final year. If you are one of those, we suggest to join GATE coaching classes. In these classes you will get a comprehensive guidance for the GATE exam. You can understand how to learn or relearn the syllabus in the final lap.

Practicing GATE papers and mock tests is as important for you as well. Join a good GATE coaching and make sure it is not one such where you have to waste a lot of time travelling. Start from your fundamentals and build your way up. You need to climb the ladder fast and smart. In your case, smart learning would be crucial. In this GATE coaching can be of immense as they can tell exactly what to study and how.

Ultimately whether you are one who has decided for GATE early or late, the final year is critical. Manage your time and resources. With the increasing competition levels, covering syllabus or revising in a shorter time span becomes difficult.

The late risers group is faced with a challenge to cover up for the lost ground. Opt for a good classroom coaching and stay focused.

GATE – Set your goals early!

How much you score in the GATE exam will decide your chances of admissions. Of course IITs or IISC would be your top choice. After that comes the top NITs and state colleges. Know your current status of preparation and set the pace of GATE preparation accordingly. Practice a variety of questions as GATE is just an extension of your engineering syllabus.

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