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GATE 2018 Preparation Tips and Tricks for All Papers – Science and engineering students across the country are gearing up for GATE 2018. With a few months left for the crucial exam, preparation for GATE 2018 is the most critical aspect to be discussed about now. Almost all the candidates aim to get admission in IITs for M.Tech. Among more than a million test takers, it takes more than just casual studies to score high.

As part of our GATE 2018 exam preparation guide we present the GATE 2018 Preparation Tips and Tricks for All Papers. Here we discuss about important points to keep in mind while preparing, books to refer, importance of mock tests; and more. If you still have any queries after reading the article, feel free to ask them in comments below. We will surely answer your questions to help you succeed in GATE 2018. The article is presented in QnA format to shed light on various topics related to GATE preparation.

Qs: What should be the time division to prepare for GATE exam?

Ans: While the strategy should vary from person to person, the most recommended study plan is divided into three stages. It is advisable to start preparing at least 6 months before the exam.

Stage 1 The take off; start preparing for GATE focusing on your subjects.

GATE Preparation TipsThis stage begins when you first make up your mind for appearing in the GATE exam. If you have made the decision just when application form submission begins in September, you can start now.

  • Focus on basics and strengthen your fundamentals.
  • Know the syllabus of GATE exam. Prepare a study plan dividing topics in the time table. Make sure that you cover the entire syllabus before October.
  • Refer to past year GATE papers simultaneously. These will give you an idea of the difficulty level and type of questions asked.
  • Keep in mind the importance of understanding theory + developing ability to solve problems based on these theories.

Stage 2 The SWOT analysis and working on them.

Once you have covered the syllabus, aggressively start doing solving GATE sample papers. If you have not already attempted previous year papers, solve them too. This should ideally be given at least two months.

  • By taking mock tests and solving papers, you will understand your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Work on your weak areas. Reach out to teachers in college or coaching to help you quickly grasp these topics.
  • Keep analyzing your preparation and working on the areas.

Stage 3 Polishing the diamond.

Preparation for GATEBy the last month, you should be confident in all the subjects of the paper. Focus should now be on problem solving and revision for GATE.

  • To start your GATE exam revision, it is best to refer to notes.
  • Do not start reading from a new book in the last month. It may lead to confusion.
  • Practice more mock tests.
  • Be absolutely focused on the preparation and avoid distractions.
  • Whatever happens, do not push the panic button.

Qs: The last few months are crucial for GATE preparation. How to utilize the time properly?

Ans: GATE is a tough exam. Likewise, the preparation for GATE will be difficult and success depends on a lot of factors. While studying for long hours and solving papers is important, what defines your performance is your confidence. Despite starting their preparation months ago, many students start panicking in the last month. They often feel that their preparation has not been done well. We strongly advice you to try and keep calm and reflect on your hard work.

Hard work + Confidence = Success!

In the last month, keep in mind the following:

  • Practice GATE sample papers.
  • Instead of studying new topics, brush up concepts.
  • Try your hand at problem solving more than theory learning.
  • Maintain a proper schedule. Stop waking up till late night. You need to stay alert during the exam, and not feel sleepy. Set your body clock straight!

Qs: After GATE, which colleges to apply for?

Ans: The old IITs and the four NITs in south are definitely the first choice for all students. Next in line come the rest of the NITs and state government colleges. While you have to separately apply for admission in each IIT, the admission process for NITs is common and done through CCMT. CCMT is the centralized counselling for M.Tech for GATE. Apply online for CCMT in the month of April.

Also make sure you know about the top engineering colleges in your state. Keeping government colleges in a higher priority, private or aided colleges are also good. Keep your options open.

Qs: What is the role of coaching centers in GATE exam preparation?

Ans: Self study is important to prepare for GATE. You need to devote a good number of hours each day to study and take mock tests. In this regard GATE coaching centers are important to guide you on how to prepare. Also they help you grasp concepts in topics you may otherwise take longer in understanding.

If you have not joined a coaching for GATE, do not panic. You can still score well as long as you have put in good preparation.

Qs: Where can I get my queries answered regarding GATE?

Ans: We are constantly answering queries regarding GATE exam at the discussion forum. Please go to AglaSem Forum and ask your question.

We wish all the GATE aspirants best of luck for the exam!

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