In this competitive world where there is a cutthroat challenge at every step. Towards success, there are some students who prove their mettle by their sheer dedication, passion for learning and inspire us to dream big. Here is a story that anyone envy was theirs. This is a story of a  boy named Divyanshu Jha,  a student of Delhi Technological University. He has bagged an air of 8 in his GATE results this year 2017. Our Aglasem team members had an exclusive interview with him and he was so kind to take sometime out of his busy schedule to shed some light over how he achieved this task impeccably.  Hear the points to remember from the topper himself as he gives an insight into his own struggle towards GATE preparation.

GATE Score 965, MARKS 92.28/100
GATE Rank AIR 08

About Divyanshu

He is residing in Delhi currently. He was placed in Trident Group for a CTC of 15 lakhs per annum. He worked there for 4 months and quit after that to pursue his dreams. His father, Shri V K Jha is a central government employee in CPWD. My mother is a home maker. He has a sister preparing for medical entrances. He stated the motive behind appearing for GATE as :

“GATE  provides ample of opportunities for engineering graduates to pursue their careers in Public Sector undertakings having good perks and a balanced life. By giving GATE I wanted to keep my options open for my future aspects.” 

Divyanshu did share his feelings about GATE 2017 and he said:

“I was expecting myself among top 10 as I calculated my marks according to the official keys but was still ecstatic to know about the result.” 

GATE Exam Experience

When asked about his experience about the exam he said:

“I was very relaxed during the exam. I found the most questions easy but 2-3 questions were good which made me little anxious. But as I knew I had good preparation I thought that If i am not able to solve these, no one else would be able to do either  and finally I was able to solve them.”

Other questions asked to Divyanshu were:

1. There are lot of students who are apprehensive about the online pattern. In your opinion, is format something to be worried about?

No, I think the exam is both user and environment friendly. But candidates have to a bit careful regarding the use of virtual calculator.

2. According to you how was the exam? Was it easy or was it tough?

I found the Aptitude section on a little higher level and technical section on a little lower level compared to previous years.

3. On the exam day what was your experience like? Please elaborate on this as it will be extremely helpful for the students.

It is always frightening to see so many students outside the exam centres revising notes, formulae & discussing doubts. I too got a little nervous and had a little doubt if I am actually prepared well in comparison to others or not. But have confidence in yourself  and never compare yourself with others.

GATE Preparation and Strategy

“I started my preparation in the final year of the college. I kept track of my study hours on a weekly basis. I tried to study for 30 hours in a week. After graduating I joined the company and worked there till October. Resigned in October and studied for 60 hours weekly for the next 3 months. I made short notes with my regular studies and kept revising it on a weekly basis.”

Books Recommended

 Thermodynamics  P.K Nag
 Heat Transfer  Made Easy class notes
 Production  S.K Mondal Notes
 Material Science  Made Easy Class Notes
 Fluid Mechanics and Machinery  Modi & Seth
 Machine Design  VB Bhandari
 Strength of Material  Sadhu Singh
 Refrigeration  Made Easy Class Notes
 IC Engine  Mathur Sharma
 Theory of machines SS Rattan

Last Minute GATE Preparation

Short notes should be made during preparation and revision of it should be done as many times as possible. Practice, practice and practice as GATE requires higher accuracy.

Future Plans

At present I am targeting the prestigious UPSC exams. 5 years down I would definitely want to work for government organisation in technical field. I’ll seek advice from my faculty and seniors regarding the same.

Success Mantra

I have always believed in hard work. If you do work hard success will definitely come in one way or the other.”

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