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Before getting into the Group Discussion you must know do’s and don’ts. Here are the do’s and don’ts:


Tip 1: Rich Content with good subject knowledge:

Having good subject knowledge and rich content is the first and foremost GD tip to enter the Group Discussion Round. Following are the main steps to improve your Group discussion skills in regard to GD content preparation:

  • You must try and prepare on a variety of topics as rich and right subject knowledge will be required during GD round.
  • You should gain subject knowledge and be well aware of the latest happenings around you, not just in India but around the world as well.

Tip 2: Be a Leader:

There is no doubt that to emerge as a winner in GD round you should speak after getting a proper knowledge on the given topic. But it also gives you the opportunity to take the lead. Key tips are:

  • Usually when the moderator announces the GD topic, for a minute be silent.
  • If possible, gather your thoughts in a few seconds and start the Group discussion with positive impact and take the initiative and be a leader.
  • Beginning the Group Discussion gives the opportunity to make an impact but if you are unable to make your point well, it will create a negative effect.
  • Therefore, it is not important to speak first but it is necessary that when you speak you are heard by other candidates and are able to make your point well.
  • If you are attentive enough and remember the names and if you speak out the name of your previous speaker and then present your views, it will mark a good impact.

Tip 3: Be relevant:

  • When you speak you should speak to the point without being doubtful about any thought.
  • Express your ideas at length. If you simply follow the other speaker or his ideas, remember your elimination is confirmed.
  • Wherever it is possible, emphasize your point with facts and figures.

Tip 4: Be a Good Listener:

  • You have to be a good listener. Listening Skills are very important for GD round, so carefully listen to what others have to say.
  • Just speaking throughout the discussion would not make you better. You have to learn to give others a chance to speak. Try and listen to others.
  • If the speaker is making an eye-contact with you while speaking, then remember to acknowledge him by nodding your head, so that the speaker is aware that his listeners are listening to him and paying full attention. This will also show that you are interested in and are an active participant in the discussion.
  • Listening to others offers you the opportunity to summarise the Group Discussion on each and every aspect.

Tip 5: Improve your Communication Skills:

You may have good and rich content with lots of unique ideas but if you are unable to communicate well with your thoughts and opinions, all the things are useless. The basic thing is now to improve your communication skills with the following GD tips:

  • Be well versed in your communication skills.
  • You should have a good vocabulary and decent control and fluency over English.
  • Try and rehearse well before your actual group discussion.
  • There will be a time when you would not be sure about something, then you can use phrases such as: “I think” or “Probably/Approximately” or “If I remember correctly”

Tip 6: Body gestures:

It is one of the most important tools for Group Discussion. The panelists observe the way you are sitting and reacting in the course of the discussion. Body gestures are very essential because your body language says a lot about you. In a GD, sit straight, avoid leaning back on the chair or knocking the table with pen or your fingers. Also, do not get distracted easily. Nervous body movements or folding your hands across your chest or having skeptical expression, constantly moving, evading eye movements are the indicators of a negative personality and should be avoided at all costs.


Tip 1: No Aggressive Move:

It is expected during the Group Discussion that you are confident about your ideas and are audible enough to make an impact on the group. But you must not be aggressive, must not shout and not allowing others in the group to speak, is not appreciated. So be careful and don’t be a bully.

Tip 2: Don’t Crisscross on your Ideas:

Don’t crisscross your ideas. The topics given in Group Discussion are debatable, you might like to speak for or against the topic and while speaking don’t forget that you may be crossing your own lines. It gives a bad impact and you can be judged as a person who has no stand for his own ideas.

Tip 3: Don’t be a part of the fish market:

As a team player, your ability to be a leader and play in a team is measured in the GD. During the Group Discussion, there are many situations where you will find everyone is saying something and no one is being heard. It is better to be quiet for a while and then after gathering your thoughts, raise your voice initially and make your point.

Tip 4: Don’t give up: Make multiple entries:

Focus on key points, form the ideas and opinions to enter again based on the views presented by others to further strengthen your viewpoint.

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