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Science stream students in India are gearing up for upcoming Engineering Entrance Exams 2018 and 2019. The question that every student wants to know about is how to prepare strategically for these entrance exams for engineering admission in top colleges. Successful preparation is a mix of planning, execution, hard work and proper guidance. Unless a student gets the correct guidance, hard work may be futile. In an effort to show the right path to the millions of students who will be appearing the various engineering entrance exams next year, we present the Preparation Guide for Engineering Entrance Exams 2018 and 2019.

Application Forms for engineering entrance exams 2018 and 2019 begin in November / December and close by February / March.

How to prepare for Engineering Entrance Exams?

Start preparing for entrance exams now!

There is no better than time than the present to start your preparation for Engineering Entrance Exams. If you are a class 12 student, or a year dropper, accelerate your preps beginning this very moment. Plan and create realistic goals that you can stick to. Chart your own study schedule for each day. Allot time to attending school and coaching, recreation, and self studies appropriately.

Preparing a time table

Draw a study time table which will include all activities such as classes, meal times, other chores. Make sure that you chart a realistic time table, not an ideal one that can never be achieved.

Ideally, you should have at least 4 hours of self studies on school + coaching days, and more than 6 hours on holidays.

You can take breaks of 10-15 minutes in the self study hours. But do not get too distracted during these periods of break that you lose grasp what you have been studying before that.

You know yourself best, so whether you wish to have early morning study hours, or late night, is up to you. Make sure that this does not interfere with your health and well being. If you are waking up till late night, you should be able to wake up in the morning for school / classes as required.

Sleep well and appropriately. A human body, especially for a youngster requires at least 6 hours of sleep to stay focused during the waking hours. Some prefer taking afternoon naps to recharge themselves. So divide the time to sleep as per your convenience.

Divide time among 22.5 hours, instead of 24. In a day, there are bound to distractions or knick knack work here and there. If you keep a rigid 24 hour schedule, you might not be able to stick to it.

Plan your schedule weekly as well. Preparing for engineering entrance exams should be done well from the start.

Books for engineering entrance exams.

There is no “perfect” set of books for your preparation. NCERT books are a must have and should be studied from the beginning. This will solve two purposes

  1. It will help in preparing for board exams. Remember that you need to score high in class 10+2 exams for JEE Main.
  2. You will strengthen your basics.

We have also prepared a list of best books for entrance exam preparation. Check out Best JEE reference books for students.

While studying, keep the following in mind.

  • Concepts and basics are crucial. You should understand each topic you study. Try to take down notes while studying theory, jot down formulae. This will be useful during revision.
  • After you have studied one or two chapters, attempt multiple choice questions. You need to work on your problem solving skills simultaneously.
  • Build up your speed and accuracy by solving mock papers.
  • Do not get stuck on a topic for too long. If you are having trouble grasping it, approach a teacher or mentor to help you out.

Do not read every book available in the market. Stick to at max three good books for each subject.

Exam patterns and how to solve multiple choice questions?

Apart from knowing your concepts well, you need to work on problem solving skills. Engineering entrance exams test a student’s ability to approach a question and arrive at the correct answer in a given time. While the pattern for exams like IITs used to be subjective, they have all moved to a objective test pattern now. This is a boon, as well as a bane. You need to arrive at an answer in a correct pattern plus make sure there are no calculation mistakes. Many students lose marks each year due to silly calculation mistakes.

You must be appearing in JEE Main and similar exams like BITSAT. Each exam has a different pattern in terms of duration, number of questions, marking scheme, and difficulty level. Separate preparation is not needed for each exam. If you are studying well, understanding concepts, and learning to approach problems; each exam can be aced.

As the notification is released for engineering entrance exams, you will be getting updates about them at AglaSem.

Know the details of each exam before applying. You should know the question paper pattern, type of questions asked. Also read the detailed syllabus for each exam as and where provided.

Engineering Entrance Exams Mock Tests – Prepare for exam online!

Take the mock tests to prepare well for your exam. We have provided several mock tests for engineering entrance exams at AglaSem. Check out and take these tests for free. Engineering Entrance Exams Mock Tests will help you in analyzing your preparation and enhance problem solving skills. Go to Online Mock Tests.

Also refer to Engineering Entrance Exams Study Material for Preparation.

If you have any queries regarding Engineering Entrance Exams Preparation, please ask in comments below.

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