An online entrance test is conducted every year by Manipal University (MU), now Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), for engineering admission. Reportedly 2 lakh class 12th pass students from across the country appear for it. Earlier the exam was called MU OET, now it is called MET.

Usually, students prepare for JEE Main throughout the year and after they have appeared in JEE, then they prepare for Manipal Engineering Entrance Exam in remaining time. This may or may not work always.

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To get a good rank in engineering entrance exam conducted by Manipal University in either 2018 or 2019, you should target a score above 140.

How to score above 140 in Manipal Entrance Exam 2018 / 2019?

Like before you start climbing a mountain, you need proper gears for it, similarly before you dive into preparations, here are some things you need.

  1. MU OET 2018 / 2019 Syllabus

Candidates may note that the Manipal entrance exam syllabus is officially published at Since the university conducts various entrance exams, its syllabi are often grouped. For B.Tech aspirants especially, the syllabus is as follows.

  1. MU OET 2018 / 2019 Exam Pattern

Manipal University engineering entrance exam is a computer based test of 2.5 hours duration. There is no negative marking. Its exam pattern is as follows.

Subject Number of questions
Mathematics 70
Physics 50
Chemistry 50
English and general aptitude 30

Tip #1

There is no negative marking in MU OET. Thus, you can intelligently guess some questions and improve your score! Only guesswork has not made any toppers, but it at least helps in improving score to get a better rank in result of Manipal 2018 entrance exam.

Tip #2

You get only 150 minutes to solve 200 questions. Thus you should have a really good speed and accuracy.

Tip #3

Since you have less time to solve more questions, you should be well aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Attempt those questions first which you are familiar with.

Now that you are armed with both syllabus and exam pattern, this is how you should proceed.


Maths questions take most time to solve. It is also the most important section in the exam contributing maximum weightage to total score.

As per past year exam analysis, it will not be a very easy section in Manipal University 2018 / 2019 entrance exam. So be prepared for a tough math paper.

  • Refer A Dasgupta, solve its examples and solved problems at least.
  • Do calculus and coordinate geometry thoroughly.
  • Also use Arihant handbook.

Tip #4

To guarantee high marks in Math section, practice medium to hard difficulty level math questions. Remember all formulae and theorems so that you can apply them quickly while solving problems. Also, avoid silly mistakes in calculations.


Apart from NCERT, practice questions from HC Verma. Keeping speed and accuracy in mind, practice questions with shorter steps to arrive at right answers sooner.


NCERT is again important. Practice all questions of NCERT and also other standard chemistry MCQ books for engineering entrance exams.

MU OET is held over a period of several days. Syllabus and pattern remains same on each day.

Tip #5

Difficulty level of exam are also same on all days. Therefore while booking slot for Manipal 2018 entrance exam, just consider which day would be more convenient.

Books for Manipal Engineering Entrance Exam 2018 / 2019

MU OET is an online exam and officially its question papers are not made available. So to get an idea of exam difficulty level and what type of questions are asked, it is important to refer some books which have past year papers and sample papers.

  • Solved Papers and 5 Mock Tests for Manipal UGET (MAHE) Engineering by Arihant

Apart from those, you can study theory from NCERT books

  • NCERT class 11 book of Physics
  • NCERT class 12 book of Physics
  • NCERT class 11 book of Chemistry
  • NCERT class 12 book of Chemistry
  • NCERT class 11 book of Mathematics
  • NCERT class 12 book of Mathematics

Reference books for Manipal engineering entrance exam 2018 are also important. You should solve at least 30 MCQs of each subject from these daily.

Tip #6

NCERTs are a must for all subjects. However when it comes to reference books, each student may choose differently. There are other books also that are similar to ones listed above, and if you have already used any of those then you can continue to do so. Do not focus on buying too many books, focus on gaining knowledge and experience from those you are most comfortable with.

Tip #7

That being said, for Math, refer a book with difficult questions.

How is Manipal Engineering Entrance Exam / MU OET different from JEE?

There are many differences between Manipal engineering entrance exam and Joint Engineering Entrance Exam.

English and General Aptitude section in MU OET 2018 / 2019

English and General Aptitude is such a section which is usually not there in many other engineering entrance exams. so make sure you prepare for it.

According to students who have appeared in MU OET, it is a scoring section and thus by little preparation you can secure 30 marks.

Tip #8

To prepare for English and General Aptitude, you can use any good reference book for verbal reasoning and aptitude. Solve 20-30 questions daily.

Tip #9

During exam, keep track of your progress every 30 minutes. Do not waste too much time on a single question. Do those questions first which are on easier topics. On day of exam, it is important to reach center on time along with Manipal 2018 hall ticket.

Tip #10

If you do not do well in MU OET 2018, remember that you can attempt it two more times. You should know about second and third attempts of MU OET 2018. So if you did not do well, head over to slot booking section and book slot for second attempt and give it a better shot.

In conclusion, all tips for MU OET 2018 / 2019 are

  1. Try to answer all questions as there is no negative marking. You can guess some answers through logic and deductions.
  2. You need good speed and accuracy as you have to solve 200 questions in 150 minutes.
  3. Know your strengths and weaknesses so that you can attempt questions of those topics first which you know better about.
  4. Solve moderatley difficult to difficult questions of math during preparation to be prepared to face tough Math paper.
  5. Do not worry about difficulty level variation between slots; paper on all days and slots are equal.
  6. Refer only best and most recommended books for Manipal University 2018 / 2019 entrance exam.
  7. For math, practice more questions.
  8. Remember to study English and General Aptitude also to easily score 30 marks.
  9. Keep track of progress every half an hour during exam.
  10. If first attempt does not go very well, you can also take second and third attempts.

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