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IIFT 2019 MBA Entrance Exam Preparation

The IIFT 2019 MBA Entrance Exam will be held in the month of Dec 2018. It is time to start focusing on the IIFT exam preparation for all MBA aspirants. This MBA entrance exam is the gateway to IIFT MBA IB programme for International Business. Along with your CAT preparation, you need to focus on some key areas in English Comprehension for IIFT. Read the IIFT Preparation Tips 2019 for scoring high in the exam.

IIFT 2019 MBA Entrance Exam Details

The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade is a highly reputed institute. The level of competition in the IIFT 2019 will be higher than CAT. It is much more difficult to get admission in IIFT compared to other non IIM B schools accepting CAT scores.

The paper pattern

Test window One day only.
Duration of exam 2 hours
Type of questions Multiple choice questions (MCQ).
Sections English Comprehension, Quantitative Ability, Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation, General Awareness.
Number of questions Not defined. Expected to have around 120-130 questions.
Marks per question 0.5 marks, and 1 mark.
Negative marking One fourth (1/4).

IIFT 2019 MBA Entrance Exam Preparation

Looking at previous years’ exam pattern, English Comprehension questions play a vital role. Almost 30% of the paper has questions based on English Grammar and Comprehension.

Such questions are of the following types.

  1. Grammatical errors.
  2. Jumbled sentences.
  3. RCs – Reading comprehension.
  4. Vocabulary.
  5. Figures of speech.

Grammatical Errors

The English grammar and its nuances need to be mastered for scoring high in such questions. Know well the usage of tenses, articles, nouns, and pronouns. You should be aware of the correct use of adjectives and adverbs. Learn to identify the right sequence of words.

Types of questions could be fill in the blanks, sentence correction, correct use of phrases, modifiers.

Solving questions on jumbled sentences

The first step in solving jumbled sentences questions is to identify links between sentences. Once you identify the opening sentence, you need to frame what could come next. Candidates with better reading speed and ability to comprehend the crux of the para will be able to solve such questions faster and more accurately.

Reading Comprehension

The most dreaded section in English comprehension questions in MBA entrance exams is often the RCs. The trick in mastering RCs is to read more and more in depth articles every day. Candidates are strongly advised to develop good reading habits and mentally analyze every passage they read in newspapers, columns and other places. These are quite simple for students who read more English books, and novels and formal articles and columns. Editorials in newspapers are highly recommended to develop your RC solving skills.

In IIFT 2019 MBA entrance exam, there will be reading comprehension questions. Approximately 3-4 passages are expected with 4-5 questions each.


CAT preparation overlaps with IIFT preparation in more ways than one. In CAT and XAT also core vocabulary usage based questions are asked.

Around 5-8 questions are expected in the IIFT 2019 MBA entrance exam on this topic. These could be of the type fill in the blanks, analogy based, synonyms and antonyms.

Figures of speech – Simile, metaphor and similar types.

Questions based on figures of speech are often asked in IIFT MBA entrance exams. Know more about hyperbole and apostrophe, oxymorons, personification, similes and metaphors.

IIFT Preparation – Time Management

You will get one minute or less for each question. Thus, time management is crucial for scoring high in the IIFT 2019 MBA Entrance Exam. You need to read and understand a question, solve it, and mark the correct answer in one minute or even less. Work on your speed and accuracy.

IIFT MBA Entrance Exam Complete Information

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