1. Is this your first time in Ahmedabad?
  2. So you have been in Tanzania..how did you find that place ?
  3. So you are a mechanical engg..how much of mech engg do u know still?
  4. How does a fan rotate without noise ?
  5. How does doors with springs close without bang ?
  6. Discuss your job profile.
  7. What other interests do you have?
  8. How did you prepare for CAT?
  9. What did you the day before CAT?
  10. How many students here today with an NIFT background? Does it help?
  11. What projects have you done in your final year?
  12. Why do your academics show a consistent fall?
  13. What is white revolution?
  14. What makes you unique? Something that would force us to select you.
  15. Imagine a situation where you have to sacrifice your ethics or leave the oragnisation, which one wld u choose ? Your family is under sever finacial stress, so leaving the orgnisation would not be right?
  16. Which newspaper do you read?
  17. What kind of security systems are you aware of ?
  18. What is hacking? What are different ways of hacking?
  19. What do expect from the interview?
  20. What have u heard about the interviews from the other people?
  21. Do u expect a stress interview.
  22. What is your favourite subject?
  23. How would u find no of vehicles in Ahmedabad? Assuming u r the first person to find this out and u have no source of data.
  24. Define professionalism.
  25. Which national parks have you visted to? What are the unique features of each one of them.
  26. What r ur hobbies?
  27. Which is the latest novel that you have read?
  28. How is the novel that you are erading different from the rest of the novels written by the same author?
  29. What is the difference between CDMA and GSM?
  30. How has Reliance affected the telecom market?
  31. On what ethics does Reliance work on?
  32. Who do u think sets telecom policy in india: TRAI or Reliance?
  33. What is your area of interest?
  34. Are GSM and GPRS competing technologies?
  35. What is the diffence between walkie talkie and push to talk?
  36. What are submarine cables? Who has laid them in india?
  37. What is bandwidth? What is braoadband? Can u buy bandwidth? Who sells them? Who assigns them?
  38. Tell about some ragas in Hindustani.
  39. What is the meaning of your name?
  40. Do you believe in neumerology?
  41. Is your work challenging?
  42. What do you think about 3d effects in movies?
  43. What do you think would be the turnover of Indian post-production lab?
  44. Which is the last movie that you have reviewed?
  45. What is the present nasscom report on Indian animation industry?Who is the chairman of nasscom? Why does he have funny name (Jerry Rao)?
  46. What is Taylor theorem?
  47. Explain AC and DC motors.How the speed of the two motors be changed.
  48. Explain the dynamics of motion in molecular form. Why the intermolecular attraction among the air molecules is less than that among the pencil molecules?
  49. What is instrumentation? Name the companies providing instrumentation? How would you increase foreign investment in India in the instrumentation field?
  50. Why should we have foreign investment?
  51. Do you think the ruling front has done much in the past 5 years? How is Congress as a party?
  52. What is the significance of the city that you belong to.
  53. Who is the last SriLankan prime Minister? What are the latest the SriLankan crisis?
  54. Name some non-European countries where European languages are predominantly spoken.
  55. What are Romance languages?
  56. What sorta books do you review? What do you keep in mind while reviewing? Why some reviews seem to meander on without any suggestion of the book’s agenda? Can you name any famous Indian reviewer?
  57. Do u think that e-books will take over the publishing industry?
  58. What do you know about psephology? Name some famous psephologists in India.
  59. Evplain the complexity of algorithms. What are the main differences among the pentium series chips.
  60. Tell about some function which is continuous but not differentiable.
  61. To represent a million in binary how many digits are required? In ternary ?
  62. Convert 3.23 to binary.
  63. Name some Indisn carnatic singers.
  64. Who was Subramnaiya Bharathiyar.Name some other poets in his time who worked for freedom.
    • What is the display in watches?What is the display in computer screen? Why not use LCD in monitors? Can it be done?
  65. Why not use CRT in wateches? Can it be done? Differentiate between the two types of displays.
  66. You are the project leader of a project which has a major deadline in 3 days.However one of your subordinates comes up with a new idea to implement it.But it will take more time.How do you handle this situation.
  67. Wouldn’t your two years of work exe be wasted if you join MBA now?
  68. Do you read newspapers?What sections?
  69. Which are the major political parties in india?What is the strength of lower house?
  70. Where are you residing currently? Who is your MP? Which political party does he/she belong to?
  71. What is project life cycle management,manpower management.
  72. Explain the major projects handled by you.
  73. How will you solve the differential equations?
  74. Difference between order and degree.
  75. Business and Ethics do not go together .Comment.
  76. What is the significance of you email id?
  77. Do you know about any Hindi authors?
  78. Who is your favourite poet? Favourite composition.
  79. Narrate a stanza from your favourite poem.
  80. How you think the Case study went.
  81. Do you think that it was a comprehensive one?
  82. What other aspect could have been added in the Case study?
  83. Are you familiar with Prabhakarn (LTTE).What is he doing these days/where he is these days?
  84. What is LTTE, tell us full form and what are they trying to achieve?
  85. What is the religion of Tamlians and Sinhalis?
  86. Where is the Jafna, is there still Srilankan Govt hold?
  87. Can you show us the location of Jafna in the Map.
  88. Since you are working so do u plan to take study leave?
  89. Tell us about the IIM alumni working at your org.
  90. Wats ARPU (average revenue per user)?
  91. What were ur 3 major learnings at your work place?
  92. How do u define success for a salesman?
  93. What is the rumour during ONGC IPO?
  94. Which is the holding company of Buffet ?
  95. What are FIIs ?
  96. What are the rules for FII investment in India?
  97. Who is the Chief Justice of India
  98. Who is the president of Tanzania?
  99. What is fiscal deficit, stocks, per capita income?
  100. At what rate is US economy growing?
  101. In the last year which great invention has taken place in India?
  102. Define Bonafide.
  103. Why *this * particular caste is dominating in Andhra Pradesh?
  104. Which religion does your CM follows?
  105. What is your CM’s qualificatin and which place does he belong to/
  106. What news have you read today morning?
  107. So it must have been a long wait for you, right? What did you do to get off the boredom, incase you were bored?
  108. So we were to interview you on one of the three topics (acads, work exe, interests), which one would you choose and why?
  109. How many people report to you?
  110. Do you do any cost budgeting?
  111. Whom did Shivaji’s Father work for? Was he the king of any region?
  112. Which state in India has two high courts?
  113. What is the distance between Mumbai and Nagpur?
  114. Difference between rally and a race.
  115. What is the networth of your company?
  116. Tell me about a typical day at work?
  117. Are you happy at your job?
  118. Have you heard about Pi? Have you ever wondered how did they arrive at it? Think if you were to discover Pi, how would you go about it? you can imagine things.
  119. What role do you want to don after MBA?
  120. What is happening to govt in UP?
  121. Tell me something that is not in ur form and is a piece of information so important that it would make us feel that this candidate is certainly going to be selected.
  122. Where is Arunachal Pradesh and where is Tripura?
  123. What is the problem with Bhutan, is it a country? Manipuri claim manipur is theirs, so is it a country?
  124. What defines a country?Is Taiwan a country?What is the problem with Taiwan?Is Taiwan part of UN?
  125. What is the mathematical problem with IRR?So can we have more than 1 rate? How many?What is NPV?
  126. Which college are you from? So what are the changes in your college this year?
  127. What is the practical use of Indifference Curve Analysis?
  128. What is the use of Economics when you cant apply these laws in real life? What are other laws of economics that are used in practical life?
  129. What do you know about the recent TISCO Corus deal?
  130. It seems you dont have any weakness.
    132.Where is McLean Island? Where is windward island? Is Carribean in Pacific ?
  131. What is Luxemburg – a country , a city ? Whats its Capital?
  132. Should US have attacked Iraq?
  133. Define Risk.How is risk calculated? Why don’t you go for enterpreneurship, if you like risks?
  134. What is Sensex and how’s is calculated ?
  135. Tell me some of the family members of Schindia tree ?
  136. What are the risks you are facing sitting in this room ?
  137. Do you think that Indian politics should be youth oriented or experience heavy?
  138. What’s the retirement age of officers ?
  139. What is the speed of aeroplane?
  140. Draw the graph of (3-|x|)^2
  141. Lets just say that there are X people who become famous every year. The probability of at least one of them having a name which is common is way higher than the uncommon names, give examples of both kind of people.
    144.What is India’s motto? India’s emblem?
  142. Design a traffic management system. Imagine you are manager of city traffic.
  143. What would you do tomorrow, if IIM starts charging $40K a year and you have financial constraints?
  144. You worked on CMMi? What does it stand for? Who started it?
  145. How does a bill become an act of parliament?
  146. Is Iraq a terrorist country?
  147. Tell me,what is the difference in the Indian political scenario between the 1970s and now?What do u think v can do to avoid coalition poilitics?
  148. Do you know who Fidel Castro is? What else do you know about him?
  149. How is the relationship between Cuba and the US? How big is Cuba? Whats Cuba famous for?
  150. Ever heard of Hugo Chavez? What is Columbia famous for?
  151. How incentive is related to sales? Draw one graph when no of employees are increasing and sales also increasing.
  152. What is happening in retail sector in India?What do u know FDI? Why FDI is limited to 21% , 74%.
  153. Name 3 districts in Rajasthan apart from Jaipur.
  154. Name 5 districts in Maharashtra apart from Mumbai n Nagpur.Why did I say not Mumbai and Nagpur? Whats the connection?
  155. Why some coffee is better than the other?
  156. If you go Westwards from Delhi which all old civilizations you will encounter?
  157. What is the difference between data and information.Suppose two players play and i have the data of their scores. and after reading them i can say probablity of a winnig is say 7.Is this an information.
  158. What is knowledge and if you answer this then what is widom?
  159. What is knowledge transfer?
    163.What is difference between bill and act? How does a bill become an act.
  160. What is RTI?
  161. Have you heard of quadratic equation?
  162. Which civilization invented the started using the wheel around 500 years ago?
    167.Who is the king of Nepal? What are the Mountain ranges in Nepal? A site famous for Pilgrims in Nepal.
  163. Economics-Describe how does a rise in interest rate help in curbing inflation.But a rise in int. rates does lead to a rise in cost of companies, so prices rise, inflation rises.I don’t believe man is rational.Prove.How will u do it?
  164. India is said to have largest democracy. What’s the next?
  165. What is the population of US? What is the difference between Indian and US democracy?
  166. How is the President selected? If some common man wants to become one, then what he should do?
  167. What is the capital of South Africa?
  168. Are you afraid of taking risks?
  169. Rajasthan- Who was Jai narain Vyas? When did Jai Narayan Vyas University get its name? Who was Girija Vyas? Did she have any relation with Jai Narain Vyas? Where was she from ?
  170. You have done a lot of events in college..do you think college life is like real life? Are they exactly the same? How are they same?
  171. Book ‘GODFATHER’- Do you have any Godfather type person in your family? Have you been like or been with a person like the Godfather?
  172. How can business help the society?
  173. You said Mukesh Ambani is cool, calm and so are you too. But cool these days also means dynamic. As you people say “Cool dude”. Which cool did you mean?
  174. Why do you feel the need to write blogs? Why not just talk with people around you?
  175. You will quit it in the middle anyways. Why should we admit you?
  176. Do you consider India a poor country? Tell me five ways to remove poverty from india.Is corruption prevalent everywhere?GDP of
    India. GDP of US. How do you define poverty? Why $1 per person per day? why not $2,3 or 5?
  177. I will give you some data, I went to country A and asked 5 ppl their incomes n this what i got [ 3.1, 2.9 , 4.2 ….some completely random set of values in this range and I went to country B and asked 6 ppl their incomes n this is what I got [ another random set
    of 6 values]. Which country has higher average income?
  178. What are the synonyms for the word Parliament?
  179. Is gambling legal in India ?I saw an advertisement of Sikkim lottery in the newspaper the other day.
  180. Why don’t you apply for a foreign MBA? Most of the students here love doing a lot of assigments and then love being employees.
    Top MBA schools will die to admit a dude/dudette like you.
  181. Do u have to be a citizen of India to study at the IIMs?
  182. Commerce- Do you know what an IPO and an NFO is? NFO stands for New Fund Offers ?
  183. What does a mutual fund do? Could you name a few mutual funds in India? So an NFO is when mutual funds starts up, and an IPO is
    when a new company starts up? In IPOs we see the word share premium being used. What is it?
  184. Have you heard of probability distributions? What are independent events?
  185. Are they the same as mutually exclusive?
  186. Why did you do NCFM? What are circuit breakers? What is index? How do you calculate sensex?
    Isn’t sensex all about speculation? What is the value currently? Which companies are represented in the basket? What should I do in
    order to represent my company in the sensex? What does SEBI do? It’s a free market. Why should there be any policing?
  187. If regulatory board is not there and there’s a police force kind of body for stock markets then, would it work?
  188. Difference between a kite and a balloon
  189. You are from Andhra. Can you tell me the problem with telangana? Why shouldn’t there be a separate state?
  190. Can you tell me two major challenges that India faces today?How do you decrease economic divide?
  191. What problems we face with neighbouring countries?
  192. We should give Kashmir to Pakistan and Siachen, Sikkim to China and then we need not spend so much on defense and we can also be at peace. Right ?
  193. Why make states with boundaries that are difficult to draw for 3rd std kids? Why not squares and circles?
  194. How are states made?
  195. Do you take pride in your nation? Why? Indians are not treated well outside. So we should all go and settle somewhere else ?
  196. Do terrorists have a focus?
  197. I am giving you two minutes, tell me all the questions that you know the panel has asked the candidates before.
  198. Where does the Equator pass from?
  199. Sourthen most point of India.
  200. What 3 suggestion would you give to your HR?
  201. 5 regions and their old names.
  202. Who is an entrepreneur and you don’t have to tell me the classical definition in the books? Are managers entrepreneurs? Who are intrapreneurs?
  203. Are wooden shoes common in Amsterdam? Tell about the architecture of the Colloseum in Rome.
  204. Have u been to Ahmedabad? Have u seen the website? Have u seen the building? Who designed it? How many different departments at IIMA ? From any one department tell 2 electives in the 2nd year?
  205. Is violence in its various forms is a result of religion? What is the theory which uses religion called?
  206. There is one term for milk revolution.What is it?
  207. What is Green Revolution?
  208. What are the values of the TATA group?
    214.What is the goal for of your company ?
  209. Name 5 rivers of India.
  210. Name political parties in UPA.
  211. Name two states in the south.
  212. Two south indian rivers.
  213. Name 5 ministers/portfolios in the government.
  214. Imagine you are at Bombay airport, have boarded a flight to New York via London and a small kid stting at the window next to you wants to name out all the water bodies as you pass above them. What will be your answer? The water bodies and the sequence.
  215. Name some of the islands where you can see people of Indian origin.How did they come there?
    222.Where does V.S. Naipaul belong to?
  216. Who is the leader of Cuba? Where is he from?
  217. Do you know any other Latin American leaders ?Name the Latin Amreican countries.
  218. What was the difference between you and the others during the GD?
    226.What can be done to improve the GD process?
  219. Is a GD not the right way to select people?
  220. Do we lose out on good people due to a GD?
  221. Do you think we do the GD for entertainment purposes?
  222. What is the difference between a GD and a real-life discussion and why?
  223. Why Ayn Rand?
  224. What is common between Ayn Rand and George Orwell?
  225. Could you tell me something about the background of George Orwell?
  226. Which George Orwell’s books have you read?
  227. What is common between Ayn Rand and Oscar Wilde?
  228. Play Devil’s Advoate and suggest why a collective may require to supersede individual rights?
  229. What books of Ayn Rand have you read?
  230. Have you read The virtue of selfishness?
  231. What books on Partition have you read?
  232. Who wrote Tamas?
  233. Have you read Manto? What of his? What did the stories deal with?
  234. Have you seen the movie based on”The Ice Candy Man”? What’s it’s name? Who directed it?
  235. What is the difference between empathy and sympathy?
  236. Your opinion on non-violence. The sanskrit term for non-violence. The source for the word ‘ahimsa’. Can we apply it on al-qaeeda.
  237. Guitar- Do u know Vishwa Mohan Bhatt? What does he play..he did something to the guitar.Whats the difference between hawaiian and spanish guitar?
    246.What is the good deed for the day?
  238. Who found the Scouting Movement?
  239. Give me two obscure trivia (history).
  240. Who is the Pope?
  241. What is odyssey about?
  242. Who was prince of Troy?
  243. What is Illiad?
  244. Where was Troy?
    254.What is the origin of the word ‘trivia’?
    255.What is Raja Ravi Verma famous for?
  245. Can u compare Piccaso and Rembdtrant?
  246. What is Daulatabad?
  247. What is indraprasta?
  248. Another name for Delhi(Delhi has 7 names)
  249. How do u keep yourself fit?
  250. Name some masterminds behind Hitler’s rule?
  251. CAs:- Did u have Cash Flow analysis? What is the need for preparing a Cash Flow Statement? Tell some ratios prepared on the basis of Cash Flow Statement to assess cash position.What are the tools of Capital Budgeting? Formula for IRR? What are the tools in IT for CAs? What is depreciation? What are the methods of charging depreciationn? How do you estimate the useful life of an asset?
    263.Who is your model writer?


  1. What technology go you work on?
  2. What is the other competing technology?
  3. Talk about .NET
  4. What is the difference between J2EE and .NET.Which one do you think is better?
  5. What is object-oriented programming? What are its advantages?
  6. What is the future you see in this field? How do you think will that happen?
  7. What do you thing about XML?
  8. What do you think are the emerging opportunities for Indian IT Companies?
  9. What do you think about the areas of opportunities for IT companies in India? Give two examples where you think IT can turn around the business.
  10. What is the application area of IT in a Manufacturing sector?
  11. What is hashing?
  12. How many yrs will it take for phasing out of IC engines? What are the alternatives?
  13. What are the reasons that IC engines will go out?
  14. How many types of engines are there?
  15. Which engine has better efficiency?
  16. How does mobile switch to a particular frequency?
  17. What is the difference between transverse and longitudinal waves/
  18. What is the between light and radio waves?
  19. Explain inventory modelling.
  20. What is an EOQ model?
  21. What is inventory carrying cost? How does it incur any cost?
  22. What is bubble sort?
  23. What is Businness intelligence?What is Data mining?How are they related?
  24. Do NASA do Data mining?
  25. Why should a company us business intelligence products? Why not fire a query and get the data?
  26. What is STP?
  27. What is middleware?
  28. What is Reynolds number?
  29. Is fan above part of mechanical engineering or electrical engineering?
  30. What could be the use of Mechanical Engineer in Computer hardware industry?
  31. What Kind of air flow would be required for cooling chips? Streamline or Turbulent? Explain method of Heat transfer.
  32. Why do we need Databases? How is the databases implemented? Major properties of Databses. Explain ACID property. What is atomicity in ACID? What is C? How is it maintained?
  33. Which Locking protocol does Oracle use ? What Locking protocol does Sybase Use?
  34. I want to store few numbers in a datastructure but what we want is just tthat the access should be done from it after the entire insertion is done, which data structure should be used? What are SpLAy trees? What is the time complexity for searching in AVL And Splay trees?
  35. Explain Dining Philosophers Problem.
  36. Where is this transposition used ?What is graph ? How is graph represented in the computers
  37. I am giving you an unbiased coin and you have to slect three of us randomly tossing the coin.I want all of them to be selected with the same probability, then your solution will be in problem.
  38. Describe ThermoD. 2nd and 3rd law of thermoD.How much heat can be converted to work?
  39. What technology was used in the ERP project? No Linux?
  40. How does my digital watch work? So if I want my digital watch user configurable by time zone, what should I do? And what if I want auto-configurable time zones? Like I go to the US and the time auto sets? Explain GPS.
  41. Why do telecom companies operate in a fixed frequency range?
  42. What is Otto Cycle?Draw the PV and TS Curves. What are TS curves?
  43. What is second law of Thermodynamics? What is first law?Do you think there is a third law?
  44. Is there is also something called Zeroeth law rite?
  45. What are the processes involved in petroleum industry? What are the inputs for a petrochemical industry.. as in some components from petroleum? How do you get a feed out of the petrochemical industry,lets say i want to manufacture plastic and how do i get the feed?
  46. What is the difference between catalytic cracking unit and a fcc?
  47. What is the advantage of the datawarehouse tools over say an Excel?
  48. what generation mobiles do we use? What do I do to enable GPRS in my mobile now?My phone doesn’t have the features.Do I need to buy another handset or is there an option? What is the technique behing GPRS? Can u tell me the architecture of cellular mobile communication?
  49. What is a J-K Flip Flop? Are flip-flops kind of memory devices? Draw the truth table for NAND gate.
  50. For what kind of square matrix will u not be able to find the inverse? What is the need to know the rank of a matrix?
  51. At what voltage is power transmitted in transmission lines? Whats the highest transmissn voltage in the world?What in SE Locos?
  52. Explain how a car takes a turn? Trains dont have differential. How do they do it?
  53. Starting from A to Z, name one automobile MANUFACTURER for every alphabet.”
  54. Why is support necessary?Why dont IT companies just rewrite the entire code to get rid of problems? Where is Electronics in automobiles? Difference between electronics and electrical.
  55. You are in a room with all the ingredients of a coffee and various varieties of each one of them. Write a pseudocode for preparing a coffee keeping in mind that you don’t know anything.
  56. All the things inside the room are scattered say all the types of beans. Which sorting technique will you use to sort them and on what parameter?
  57. Difference between server and proxy server?
  58. How many protocols are there? Then, why only one protocol is used for communication?
  59. Difference between UDP and TCP.
  60. Plot graph of|x|/x.
  61. What is condition of diffentiabilty?
  62. What is USM?
  63. What is RFID and tell some applications.
  64. Where exactly do radio waves come in the spectrum. and also light red and violet,infra red, gamma rays etc.
  65. What is the difference between C and Java.Give an application example for C and Java.What is Java developed in?
  66. Have you done the Knapsack problem, n-queens problem in Algorithms?
  67. What is Six Sigma? Why the name Six Sigma is given?
  68. What is predicate logic? Which language uses predicate logic?
  69. Diferences between prolog and C.
  70. Databases- What about 3rd and 4th Gen languages? Why are they different?
  71. How does an analog telephone work? What is the EMF of the battery used at the exchange? How does a call reach from here to Timbaktoo? How many exchanges are there in India? What network topolgy will a telephone network be? Describe tree topology?
  72. Network topolgy of BSNL.How were the cellular operators in a region decided in India? Number of cellular operators in Gujarat?
  73. Which countries use CDMA? Which use GSM?
  74. What is stack? Difference between Queue and Stack. Operations of Stack.What will happen if I do pop operation on an empty stack?
  75. Protocol of Internet.Does it follow the OSI model? Is internet session oriented?
  76. Tell me about the in mobile telephony where are wires and were it is wireless ? Which is protocol for the wireless ? What are BTS ?
  77. What is TRAI ? What they do ? What is TRAI 99 policy ? What is unified licensing? Under which ministry Telecom Sector comes?
  78. What is complexity ? What is time complexity of bubble sort ? Why is it called bubble sort.
  79. Draw an AND-OR graph.For the game of Tic-Tac-Toe, how will the tree look ? Draw n explain.
  80. What are the various scheduling algos ?
  81. In SJF, how is the next CPU burst calculated ?
  82. How would you seperate a single signal from a mixed signal?
  83. What is Taylor Series? What is Partial Differentiation? How many variables would you differentiate wrt 1st, then with 2nd..etc.
  84. What is the melting point for nitrogen? What is the range? The magnitude? negetive or positive? How is it liquefied.What is liquefied nitrogen used for? What is the policy for extracion of natural gases?
  85. What is a CT machine and what makes it different from a CAT machine? What is spiral CT? What is a PET scan? What is the difference between the two? When do u use PET and when CAT? Explain the working proinciples. What is an MRI machine, what does it do? How is it different form the other two?

  86. How does a kite fly?
    Ans- Any body at +ve angle of attack to the wind will generate lift..Same for kite.

  87. Does that mean it can be of any shape?
    Ans- Yes.

  88. What shape is it normally?
    Ans- Diamond shaped..It is easy to mass produce.

  89. A tail? Is it necessary to have a tail for the kite to fly?
    Ans- A tail is not necessary.But it is used to give lateral and directional stability to the kite if required.

  90. What are diff types of car navigators? Any company doing it in India?

  91. Whats GPS?
  92. Give the variance used to analyze overheads? Theoretical name of the variance.
  93. What are relevant costs? What can be used for cost control and reduction? Is there a difference between cost control and cost reduction?
  94. What is kurtosis?
  95. What are the steps involved in steel production? So where is smelting done?
  96. What is natural log?What is e. Why is it called natural log?
  97. What is an algorithm?
  98. What is a heuristic? What is time complexity? What does Big-Oh indicate? What are the different kinds of complexity?
  99. What is n^2 called? Draw the graph of ‘root n’ versus ‘n’. Draw y=x.
  100. Tell about the technical architecture of the product as per development standards.
  101. Coming to Object oriented programming, can you describe with the help of a small peice of paper what are the concepts of Aggregation and inheritence ? Give an example where inheritence and aggregation are concurrently used ?
  102. Why companies around the world are more in Java now a days and not C++ ?
  103. Are you aware of any software metric ?
  104. What is normal distribution ? Can you draw a normal curve and explain? Tell a bit about the technical architecture of the product as per development standards.
  105. What is the latest in Digital technology? How is it cost effective?
  106. What’s P-4 architecture?
  107. Why do all colleges teach 8086 when it is redundant? What is the architecture of 8086?
  108. What is the diff between 16 and 32-bit processor?
  109. What is cache memory? What is L1 and L2 in cache memory?
  110. What is rank of a matrix?
  111. What is flash memory?
  112. How are nand and nor gates used in flash memory?
  113. What is XML , HTML? Difference between the two ?
  114. How are dynamic pages generated ?
  115. What is EDI?
  116. Write a second order differential equation ?
  117. What is Normal Distribution?
  118. Is there anything in the software industry which can be compared to inventory in a manufacturing set-up?
  119. How are connecting rods made? Plot the power vs time diagram for three cylinder engine?
  120. What type of flywheel to be used assume 2000 rpm?
  121. whats Grid Computing and difference with distributed computing.
  122. Why is optical fibre better? One disadvantage of optical fibres.
  123. I am a completely non tech guy . explain WLL to me.
  124. What is the “last mile connectivity”?
  125. What is laplce transform?
  126. If I give you 5 numbers X1, X2, X3, X4 & X5 & their forecasted values Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4 & Y5 tell me jpw how will you go about doing the analysis?
  127. What is power factor? What is its physical significance? What is reactance?
  128. What is “ELASTICITY EFFECT”.
  129. How do you go about the tariff setting process?
  130. Why is it that not many people are making the switch?
  131. What according to you is the main reason of the power crisis in the country.
  132. Who generates power in the country today?
  133. How much is the nuclear generation in the country? Do you think it will go up in the future?
  134. What is CORDECT?
  135. Give an approximate cost to set up a solar plant vis-a-vis say a coal plant.


  1. What is India’s one-day ranking in cricket? What is its test ranking? What is a chinaman?
  2. What was the last news about Shane Warne?(cricket)
  3. What is the latest technique employed in hockey now? What is a Drag Flick.
  4. What is the state of Indian Hockey today?
  5. Fav Spanish team in football?
  6. So u think Sachin is a good bowler? He can neither bowl offspin nor legspin consistently.
  7. Who is the president of Indian Football Association?
  8. What is the difference between Brazilian styl and European styl football.Who are the best goal keepers in the world according to you.Best 3 current Brazil players.Best 3 all time players.Can u name some fooball players from Kerala and Bengal?
  9. Basketball- How many leagues are there in the US? Who is the MVP? How many teams are there in the NBA?
  10. Football- What is happening in football these days? What about the Premier League? Who is the highest scorer for Man U? Who is the highest scorer right now in the league overall and for Man U? What is the current standing in the Spanish League? What about the Italian League.What is it called? What is the recent controversy in Italy? Which all teams were relegated? What about the German League? The Dutch league? What about Indian football? Why is it that India fares so badly in football and also the reason for it being so less popular.
  11. Why is cricket so popular?
  12. Tennis- If two players are tied on 6-6 on games in a set in Wimbledon final, what will happen?
    And what happens in tie-break.What will happen if it is 7-6 on points in the tie-break?
  13. Basic difference between thinking of human chess player and computer?
  14. Who started Tae-kwan-do?
  15. What are the differnet grips in Table Tennis?

Agri Business

  1. Why you chose this field after doing so and so in agri?
  2. What is the guarantee that you won’t switch to some other field if we take you for this?
  3. I am still not convinced that you actually want to go into this field. Take a hypothetical situation where you have to select between agri field and some other field with high salary. Then what will be your take.
  4. What do you think are major problems in mechanization of agriculture.What about unemployment?

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