IIT JAM 2019

The JAM 2019 Examination for all the seven test papers will be Online Computer Based Test (CBT) where the candidates will be shown the questions in a random sequence on a computer screen. For all the seven test papers, the duration of the examination will be of 3 hours. The medium for all the test papers will be English only. There will be a total of 60 questions carrying a total of 100 marks. The entire paper will be divided into three sections, A, B and C. All sections are compulsory. Questions in each section will be of different types as given below:

IIT JAM Exam Pattern 2019

The candidates are advised to visit the JAM 2019 website for more details on the patterns of questions for JAM 2019, including examples of the questions. Candidates will also be able to take a mock examination through a ‘Mock Test’ link that will be made available on the website on a date closer to the examination.

IIT JAM 2019 Exam Pattern

  1. Section A – It contains a total of 30 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) involving 10 questions of one mark each and 20 questions of two marks each. Each MCQ has four choices out of which only one choice is the correct answer. Candidates can mark the answer by clicking the choice.
  2. Section B – It contains a total of 10 Multiple Select Questions (MSQs) carrying two marks each. Each MSQ is similar to MCQ but with a difference that there may be one or more than one choice(s) are correct out of the four given choices. The candidate gets full credit only if he/she selects all the correct answers only and no wrong answers. Candidates can mark the answer(s) by clicking the choice(s).
  3. Section C – It contains a total of 20 Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions involving 10 questions of one mark each and 10 questions of two marks each. For these NAT type questions, the answer is a signed real number, which needs to be entered using the virtual numeric keypad on the monitor. No choices will be shown for these type of questions.

• In all sections, questions not attempted will result in zero mark. In Section A (MCQ), wrong answer will result in negative marks. For each wrong answer of 1 mark questions, 1/3 mark will be deducted and similarly for each wrong answer of 2 marks questions, 2/3 mark will be deducted. In Section B (MSQ), there are no negative and no partial marking provisions. There is no negative marking in Section C (NAT) as well.
• There is a provision for using online virtual calculator hence, the candidates should not bring any calculator with them.
• Mobile phones or any other electronic devices are strictly prohibited inside the examination hall. Charts, graph sheets, and tables are also NOT allowed inside the examination hall.
• A scribble pad will be provided for rough work and this has to be returned at the end of the examination.
• The candidates are required to select the answer for MCQ and MSQ type questions using the mouse. The answer for NAT questions can be entered using a virtual numeric keypad (the keyboard of the computer will be disabled). At the end of 3 hours, the computer will automatically end the examination.
Use of unfair means by a candidate in JAM 2019, whether detected at the time of examination, or at any other stage, will lead to the cancellation of his/her candidature as well as disqualification of the candidate from appearing in JAM in future.

How to prepare for IIT JAM exam

The strategy to score top in Joint Admission Test for M.Sc varies from year to year. Since there are no subjective questions in the entrance exam, one has to be really good at answering objective questions. Also keep in mind that there will be negative marking. Starting from knowing the syllabus to last minute revision, your exam preparation strategy will play an important role in exam performance. You can keep in mind the following key tips for JAM preparation.

The first thing for JAM exam preparation is to have a good understanding of theory. From either your class notes (graduation) or books, understand theoretical concepts well. Do not spend too much time deriving equations; nevertheless, their understanding would help in remembering formulae better.

Have one or two books only for every JAM exam subject. There are ample number of books by various authors for each topic. You will feel the urge to collect lots of books, but don’t do that. Instead focus on grasping knowledge from specific books only.

Speed and accuracy will lead to high score in JAM. Solve as many questions as you can of multiple choice, multiple select, and numerical answer type. You will understand different approaches to solving problems and thus answer questions correctly.

Solve previous year JAM question papers, and sample papers, and take mock tests. It is highly important to realize that solving paper in a simulated exam environment helps a lot. Take such tests in same time duration as exam. After solving papers, check answers and work on areas accordingly.

IIT JAM 2019

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