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10 Simple Ways to Handle Pressure Just Before IIT JEE Advanced 2017

The giant of all entrance tests, IIT JEE Advanced 2017 is just a couple of weeks away. With the exams round the corner, loss of sleep and hunger, anxiety, goose bumps, nightmare and stress are common emotions your must be experiencing. Some of you may even be visualizing or reciting formulae and equations in your dreams.

We understand the trouble every student undergoes just before the exam, therefore we bring you simple ways from someone who faced the same challenge as you are – clearing IIT JEE with excellent scores and reserving seat in the elite IITs.

How to Handle Pre-Exam Pressure?

  • Say ‘No’ to any new Topic –A week before the exam is the time when you should scan through topics, which you have studied and are confident about. Revise your basic fundamental, derivatives and formulae. Avoid running behind any new topic, which you haven’t touched so far. Since, taking up a new topic in the remaining few days will only contribute to your trouble and will confuse you more.It is better to know less than to know incomplete information. Since, that will overshadow your knowledge and may result in low performance in the exam. Just review your sticky notes, key concepts and important formulae. Don’t press yourself hard. Just brush up what you have already studied.
  • Revise, Revise & Revise Again –Revision is the best way to sharpen your preparation. Coordinate geometry and calculus in Mathematics, Chemical and ionic equilibrium and aromatic compounds in Chemistry, and modern physics in Physics are the important topics you must revise.
    If you have sticky notes of important theorems and formulae, take a glance on it to refresh your memory. Always remember that nothing can compare the power of revision. The more your revise, the better you will do in JEE Advanced 2017 exam.
  • Commit Mistakes! –This may sound weird, but this is a crucial part of preparation and revision. Make as much mistakes that you possibly can in the remaining couple of weeks. Solve mock tests and sample papers to point out your mistake patterns and take necessary steps to avoid those errors.If you make errors in mock test, don’t get frustrated. These mistakes will ensure you don’t repeat the same again. Sometimes, mistakes are required to learn!
  • Solve previous year’s papers –The best way to revise what you have studied is go through IIT JEE Advanced Question Papers of the last two years. Doing this will help you know the pattern of questions generally asked in the exam.This exercise will also prepare you to face IIT JEE Advanced 2017 with much more confidence. Additionally, along with question papers also refer JEE Advanced Answer Key to check whether you have attempted the questions correctly.
  • Be an early bird –This is especially dedicated to candidates who have the habit of late night studies. It’s time to change your routine! In the last week of the exam, you should prepare your mind and body to study, take test and revise in the day time; otherwise you are bound to feel lazy during the exam. Therefore, change your timings from today!

Sleep at least eight hours in the night and start preparing early in the morning. Try to take mock tests during the actual exam hours.

What Else Should You Do?

Other than doing what is explained above, students should also pay attention on their physical and mental condition as well.

  • Meditation is necessary to balance your mind and body. It enhances your concentration level.
  • Do not skip your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eat healthy food like leafy vegetables, fruits and liquids. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to keep your body hydrated.
  • Eight hours of sleep is important to keep your mind stable and body healthy. Eat well, sleep well.
  • Exam doesn’t mean you should lock your feelings and likes. Relax for a while; do whatever you enjoying doing – watching videos, morning or evening walk, practice yoga, listen to music or play game.
  • Change your style of revision. You could watch Online IIT JEE Video Lectures rather than simply revising from books or notes.
  • Refer tips and tricks from field experts to get an idea on how to solve paper and how to clear the exam.

The Bottom Line

Pre-exam pressure and post-exam stress won’t give you anything, but will take more. Therefore, stay calm and give it your best shot in the exam.

*Note: The above tips are recommended by Top 100 IIT JEE Rankers from IIT Bombay and Plancess Subject Matter Experts.

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