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Top 7 Tips to Master a Day before JEE-Advanced 2014 Examination

Exam Preparation by AglaSemWith JEE-Advanced 2014 examination approaching all too quickly, there is a sense of rising anxiety among its candidates from all corners of the country. The stress level increases to such an extent that students lose their focus completely just a day before the examination.

Keeping this in mind, we have brought you a list of a few things that you must do a day before the big day to ensure you are on the right track. Here we go:

Go through Your Flash Cards / Notes

You must have prepared key notes or flash cards while you were preparing for the examination. This is the right time to go through them and recall key information. Remember that trying an entirely new topic right before the big day can prove suicidal for many students. Stay away from new big topics on the eve of the examination. This is the time to strengthen what you have already studied not mug up new things to just mess up what you already know.

Get a Quick Sneak Peek into the Key Topics

Give a sneak peek into the following key topics: coordinate geometry and calculus in mathematics, electromagnetism and modern physics in physics and chemical and ionic equilibrium, thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, coordination compounds and oxygen containing organic compounds in chemistry.

Don’t Solve Mathematical Problems

As your stress level just a day before the examination is already high, solving numerical will only add to your woes. So just don’t solve any mathematical problem the day before your big day. You might also end up making errors, which will only make you lose your confidence. Solving mathematical problems will do nothing good to you. This is the time to relax and concentrate on other key things.

Eat Healthy and Take Balanced Diet

Don’t skip your breakfast and ensure that you supplement it with iron rich food. Avoid eating spicy and oily food as they cause dizziness. Have almonds and drink plenty of water. Eat frequently in small portions.

Visit Your Examination Center

It is always a good idea to visit your examination center a day before your examination day as it helps avoid anxiety of finding the address on the final day.


Meditation and doing Yoga can help you get rid of depression or any kind of stress. So take some time out and do some light exercises to keep your body and brain healthy. Working out improves blood flow in your body, which eventually helps your brain to perform better.

Take a Proper Night’s Sleep

You should not ignore the importance of sleeping. You must get a sound sleep of at least 6-8 hours. Sleeping less will eventually hamper your performance during the examination. To take proper night’s sleep, make sure you don’t study late hours.

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