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JEE Advanced is the entry level exam for admissions in the most prestigious colleges of the nation – IITs and ISM Dhanbad; which are recognized across the globe. The exam is conducted every year after the Result declaration of the JEE Main exam which is the qualifying one for JEE Advanced and selection level exam for admissions in all the other colleges except IITs and ISM Dhanbad. Only Top Two lakh and twenty thousand candidates of JEE Main are allowed to take this exam. Finally, the qualifying candidates of JEE Advanced are called for the counselling process for admissions.

JEE Advanced Exam Preparation

JEE Advanced Preparation

Owing to the high level of competition, the exam requires a rigorous exam preparation which is both dynamic and consistent. A student needs to have a certain level of discipline and motivation in order to pass the exam and qualify it. The last four years of the scholastic education (from 9th to 12th) are the career years of a student’s life and the following post will be detailing out the various preparation tips or plans for the students in these classes. Winding up the article with a few last minute preparation tips and toppers’ talk, we shall b offering a really helpful guide of exam preparation for all the candidates.

JEE Advanced Preparation – Preparation Tips for Class X Students

  • Students in Class X should understand that they are in a very important phase of their life which can make or break their career path. The studies and books take somewhat serious turn and the science and math subjects are no longer simple.
  • Developing the affinity for a subject and sharpening skills in the same will lay the foundation stones for the next years. Instead of depending totally on the classroom teaching, the students should develop the habit of self-learning. Seeking right guidance and following the same will only boost the foundation for the JEE Advanced Preparation.
  • The students will get to know and understand their expertise in some subjects and should practice the problem sets which actually employ the concepts and are a bit higher in level than the ones mentioned in school books.
  • Developing the habit of sitting and becoming stable will help all the students in grooming for the higher studies as well as JEE Advanced Preparation.
  • Try to learn the new things, read reference books as in Class X you might have some leisure time. But from Class XI onwards, the time will be limited and course syllabus will be in heaps.

JEE Advanced Preparation – Tips for Class XI

  • The complete syllabus for the JEE Advanced exam is split into the course syllabus for Class XI and XII. The candidates should therefore, focus on studies and make sure that they solve the problems from reputed question banks.
  • Taking up some good coaching classes will also make them more focused for the JEE Advanced Preparation and also make their concepts clearer still.
  • NCERT books may be enough for the scholastic exams, but the preparation of the competition level will be covered only if the students solve the problems of the same level.
  • After covering a topic daily in the school, solve the problems on the same topic from the sample papers, some good reference books, coaching material and finally, the previous year papers of JEE Advanced.
  • The Preparation of JEE Advanced will require the regular revision too. So, keep your Sundays for the revisions.
  • Follow some good online portal to solve the online mock tests which are available for each subject and each section.
  • Make your own notes which consist of PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS and not the theory lines.
  • After the complete syllabus is over, you should solve the complete question banks in the school vacations on a regular basis.
  • Stay motivated while you are doing JEE Advanced Preparation and keep your schedule very disciplined which will help in adapting for the exam ahead.

JEE Advanced Preparation – Tips for Class XII

  • The time for the final exam is drawing closer now. Don’t forget that in order to qualify the JEE Advanced, you need to take and qualify the JEE Mains too. Hence, it is important that the sample papers and mock tests for both the exams are solved by the students on a regular basis.
  • There is NO such thing as the TWO MONTH preparation. You have to be preparing since day ONE so that the D DAY comes without panic and tensions of performance levels.
  • Now that you are in Class XII; you should make it a habit of recording your preparation. This means, if you are solving a sample paper, then write down the number of RIGHT and WRONG answers. Make sure that the number of the wrong answers is decreasing. This will give you a moral boost as well as make the JEE Advanced Preparation more comprehensive.
  • Make a journal. Record the subjects, topics and concepts which are done and dusted. Revise them on a weekly or fortnightly basis in fixed time slots. You cannot revise the complete syllabus in one day. But, if done regularly, this habit will make your preparation sure shot.
  • While you are revising the syllabus, put remarks in the front of the topics and as the revision will advance, you will find yourself getting more confident regarding the JEE Advanced Preparation.
  • On the previous day of the exam, while you scroll through this journal you will be very well aware of the topics which are done, in which you excel and if there is anything you need to brush upon.
  • Solving of the mock tests as well as the previous year papers is a must for the JEE Advanced Preparation.

JEE Advanced Preparation – Last Minute Preparation Tips

  • Always learn the concepts and don’t go for the cramming. You can ace the exam only if you are confident of the METHOD for problem solving and not if you have crammed the process of solving the question.
  • Don’t try to solve 100 sample papers. Try to solve 100 types of different problems instead. You cannot read and prepare all books. Know your limits and opt for the most crucial sections instead of preparing and revising the easy topics.
  • JEE Advanced is TOUGH and hence, the JEE Advanced Preparation is bound to be tougher. Don’t get carried away or lose focus.

JEE Advanced Preparation – Some Reference Books

  • Problems in General Physics – I.E. Irodov
  • Concepts of Physics – H C Verma
  • Chemistry – P Bahadur
  • Inorganic and Physical Chemistry – R C Mukherjee
  • Math – Arihant Publications

JEE Advanced Preparation – Toppers Say that

  • Losing the pace while preparing for the exam over the course of 2 years can have serious affect on the performance.
  • Don’t lose the grip over the preparation as well as the syllabus. Maintain the speed till the end of the preparatory days.
  • Make each second of your day count. This time is irreplaceable and will determine your performance in the final exam.
  • Follow the coaching classes; but don’t be dependent on them. Their aim is to cover the syllabus, but your aim is to CRACK the exam and get admission.
  • Make a time table with slots for all subjects and rotate the slots every month. This will not make your JEE Advanced Preparation a mundane task.

We hope that these tips really come handy for all our readers for JEE Advanced Preparation and they ace the exam. All the best for the exam.

This article is a part of the series on JEE Main 2017-2018 and JEE Advanced 2017-2018 Preparation. If you have any queries on JEE Advanced Exam Preparation, you can ask in comments below or at discussion forum.

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