The ORS is graded and scrutinized with extreme care. The Optical Response Sheet of all candidates who have appeared for both Paper 1 and Paper 2 will be displayed on the online portal, along with the machine-read responses.

In case of perceived discrepancy, candidates can seek review of the machine-read responses. The requests would be submitted online. In addition, candidates should pay review-fee at the rate of 500 per question to be reviewed. Detailed instructions and the mode of payment will be given on the online portal as per official announcement. After ORS display, answer key of JEE Advanced 2017 will be put up online.

JEE Advanced ORS 2017

The JEE Advanced ORS & answer keys for both Paper 1 and Paper 2 of JEE (Advanced) 2017 will be displayed on the online portal.

Online display of ORS will be available on 31-05-2017, 17:00 IST onwards.

For ORS Display – Click Here

Portal for display of ORS and scanned responses
  • Online display of ORS and scanned responses
  • Request from candidates for review of scanned responses
31 May 2017 to 03 Jun 2017
Display of answer keys 04 Jun 2017
Receiving feedback from candidates on answer keys 04 Jun 2017 to 06 Jun 2017

About JEE Advanced ORS Answer Sheets

The answer sheet of each paper of JEE (Advanced) 2017 is a machine readable ORS. The ORS has two pages with the same lay-out. The first page of the ORS is machine readable. It is designed so as to leave impressions of the responses on the second page.

Candidates should not separate or disturb the alignment of the two pages of the ORS at any stage and under any circumstance. The answers to all the questions should be marked on the first page of the ORS by darkening the appropriate bubble or bubbles (as per the instructions given in the question paper).

Candidates should use BLACK BALL POINT pen for darkening the bubbles. Candidates should apply adequate pressure to ensure that a proper impression is made on the second page of the ORS. Other instructions for darkening the bubbles will be printed on the question paper and candidates must strictly adhere to these instructions.

The second page of the ORS will be handed over to the candidates by the invigilator at the end of the examination

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