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Sure Shot Formula for Success in the Last 10 days to IIT JEE Advanced 2014

Exam Preparation by AglaSemFear. This word would not be unknown to you. Whether prepared or unprepared, you all would fear. This can be either fear of the exam, or just the fear of the unknown. And this is valid too, after all you are going to get into the last leg of a competition to the best engineering colleges in India. But fear alone would not equip you with what you need to do! Follow the below written points to make the best of whatever time is remaining in your hands.

IIT JEE Advanced Pre Exam Preparations

Put up a goal ahead: Before you sit down to study now, make up your mind in advance on how much course you have to deal with in the coming days. You might have already started, or may be starting today. So make a list. This will keep you focused, as you will have a target in front of you. Being goal oriented never lets you lose a track.

Stretch a little more: You have been studying for 8 hours per day? Try and add a couple of hours more to it. Don’t exert much, just try.

Don’t go for everything available: You have spent 2 years on this and now you can’t expect to revise it in just 10 days, right? So try and revise the important topics from your classroom/coaching notes or revision notes. You cannot afford to do all the sums, and you just cannot read the whole textbooks. So concentrate. List out the important topics and get going. Right now revision is more crucial than the pending chapters.

Refresh Problems done lately too: Sometimes you would pay no heed to chapters or problems you have just lately finished. Revision is important for new and old topics alike. The new topics may be fresh in your mind, but revision is good to reinforce! This way you can ensure that you would not get any last minute difficulty in remembering.

Last minute revision notes: Keep handy notes of formulae, important concepts, theorems etc. for the last minute exam revision, couple of days before the exam.

Have a scoring strategy: It is important to have a scoring strategy. For this keep a tab on the most scoring topics and chapters. You can have the list available from internet or from your classes. But you might already have an idea as you would have been solving previous years’ papers.

  • You can emphasize on topics like optics, waves, thermodynamics, Mechanics, modern physics and electromagnetism, etc. in Physics
  • In Maths, focus on topics like calculus, probability, coordinate geometry, vectors, and complex numbers etc.
  • Chemistry- Try to tackle physical chemistry before taking on the Organic and Inorganic portions.

Balance out while revising: While you concentrate more on top scoring chapters, do not neglect the other important ones. And same goes with the subjects too. It is really important to balance between subjects. Just do not go on revising the one you have interest in. Put in extra work for portions and subjects you are not confident at. You have to be above average in all. You can always ensure a decent All India JEE Advanced 2014 Rank if you will be able to score well in two of your preferred subjects and above average in the one you are weak in. This is so because on an average students are good at one subject and perform averagely in the other two.

Take Mock Tests: Mock tests play an important role in the last stages of preparation, be it any exam. It is imperative for you to take as many mock tests or practice tests to accustom yourself to JEE Paper pattern as well as revise the topics.Each and every Mock Test will reflect on your preparation, and make you aware of the weak points which you need to improve.Schedule your day such that you do 1 or 2 mock test apart from your revisions. And as you go on doing these mock tests, you will realize there is a method to all of them and will improve your preparation levels.

Plan your day in advance: Schedule you day and follow it strictly.Make sure to have place for mock tests along with revision every day.Ensure a “ME” time where in you can do something else other than study to free your mind and get refreshed. The exam should not scare you away. It shouldn’t be overwhelming. You need to embrace it happily for the best results.

Clarify Doubts day to day: As you revise, you will not only thorough your bits, but will come across many new and old doubts as well. There is nothing to panic. Just as you have studies scheduled for the day, plan a time when you can get the doubts cleared. Keep a note of all your doubts and get them clarified on a day to day basis. You can take the help of your teachers, friends or seniors for this. Call them, or plan a quick visit.

Do not overwork yourself: Your body works just like a machine. It gets exhausted and needs rest. So taking a small break of 5-10 minutes after an hour of study is very important in order to relax your mind. Remember that an average concentration span is also just 40 to 50 minutes, so it’s better to relax rather than just wasting time brooding over the course material. Breaks reduces fatigue and help in improving the concentration. Apart from this also they also break the monotony and refresh you enough to start studying again with a fresh mind.

Sleep well: Sleep is the last thing you should neglect. You have to ensurethat you get the right amount of sleep before the examination. Depriving yourself of sleep will result in fatigue and high stress levels with a drop in memory and concentration levels.
Boost Up Your Concentration: Concentration is all you need right now. Boosting your concentration level means registering double than what you can study in your mind. It is essential right now. The activities like meditation and yoga rejuvenate mind and keep the body fit. You can do this early in the morning before you start with the day’s course.

IIT JEE Advanced – On the Examination Day

Online and Offline Exams: If you think you have done enough practice online, then only opt for it. Or else the conventional method is the best. You comfort comes first. There is no special privilege in any, both are equal.

Don’t take breaks and don’t look haywire: Sometimes you would want to take break to relieve yourself of the tension, also sometime you look haywire to see how others are performing. This never helps. This will just slow down your flow and hinder the thought process. Carry a water bottle to the centre and if you feel stressed take a sip or two from it.

Speed: JEE Advanced is all about your pace. If you are writing offline, do not waste your time in attempting and thinking over questions which look completely new to you. Same goes with online mode, but here you have to be extra attentive that the system is working with a good speed or not. Of course you would not want to lose because of no fault of yours.

Read the question paper very carefully: Questions can be tricky here and so you have t read each and every instruction very carefully. Similarly, read the instructions also before you set out to write the exam.

Take all requisites to the exam: Keep extra pens, scale and pencil, sharpener, easer etc. with you. Do not forget the admit card and12th class Hall ticket too.

Don’t panic if questions seem unfamiliar: Remember it is the entrance to the best! It is not going to be easy. But the coolest part is everyone in the room would be as baffled as you. Want to be better than them? So don’t lose your cool and move on with patience.

And Lastly-

Always remember, it’s all in the mind: While preparations matter a lot, but there sometimes your own mind can ditch you. So you need to be confident about a=what you have done and go ahead with a positive attitude. Remember that Negativity will result in nothing but frustration and failure. Keep your desires high. If you have a burning desire to do something, then all the energies in the world will help you in achieving your goal- that’s not new, right. So set your goal, be passionate and never look back!

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