Candidates can download JEE Main 11 Jan 2019 Question Paper with Answer Key from this page. The National Testing Agency (NTA) has released Answer Key along with question paper and responses at its official website, To download the JEE Main 11 Jan 2019 Question Paper with Answer Key, enter your application number and date of birth/password. Now that Question Paper with Answer Key is out, JEE Main 2019 Result shall be declared. Candidates can check more details related to JEE Main 11 Jan 2019 Question Paper with Answer Key on this page.

JEE Main 11 Jan 2019 Question Paper with Answer Key

  • Exam Date: 11 January 2019
  • JEE Main Paper: Paper 1
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NTA has released JEE Main 11 Jan 2019 Question Paper with Responses on January 14, 2019. Candidates can login to see JEE Main 11 Jan 2019 question paper, responses until January 17, 2019.

JEE Main 11 Jan 2019 Shift 1 Official Question Paper

JEE Main 11 Jan 2019 Shift 2 Official Question Paper

JEE Main 11 Jan 2019 Analysis

Check the complete analysis for JEE Main 11 Jan 2019. The paper analysis is going to be updated here for both Shift 1 and Shift 2 as per the students.

JEE Main 11 Jan Shift 2 Analysis:

  • Questions from Calculus were Moderate
  • There was a question from the Modulation topic in the Physics section which was tricky.
  • The Overall difficulty level of JEE Main 2019 Exam for 11 Jan 2019 Shift 2 was Easy.
  • In the Chemistry section, there were 1-2 questions from s, p and f-block
  • 2 questions from Electrostatistics, no questions from Optics
  • There were 2-3 questions from Integration and 1 question from Probability
  • There was one question from the Solution topic.
  • In the Chemistry section, the majority of questions were asked from Organic from Class 12th
  • In the physics section, maximum questions were asked from Class 11th Mechanics.
  • Chemistry was easy and Mathematics was Moderate.
  • Physics was tough as students who appeared in the First shift also said

JEE Main 11 Jan Shift 1 Analysis: 

  • Overall, the students said that 45% part of the JEE Main 11 Jan 2019 Shift 2 was from Class 11 syllabus
  • Some students were surprised to find questions on Biomolecules and Polymer.
  • Students who appeared for JEE Main 11 Jan 2019, shift 1, said that most of the questions were from Class 12th syllabus
  • Another topic which was covered in the Chemistry section was P-block.
  • There were 3 questions from Mechanics and 2 questions from Optics
  • In the physics section, weightage was given to Mechanics
  • The exam conducted today was lengthy and time-consuming
  • Few questions were repeated from previous year papers and Sample papers as well.
  • There were questions from Mechanics, Optics, and Projectile in the Physics section
  • In the Mathematics section, Integral and Calculus questions were tough. Also, there were questions from Calculus and Differential equation
  • The overall difficulty level of the exam is said to be Moderate
  • In the physics section, there were questions from Moments of Inertia, Electrostatistics, and Vector
  • Physics section was tough
  • Chemistry was Easy, Mathematics was Moderate

JEE Main Question Paper 2019

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  1. When are you going to upload 11 january 2019 shift 2 questions and answers????
    i am waiting for it.
    please upload it as fast as possible……..
    do send me a favourable reply.

  2. Qs1 Chemistry: stiffening/hardening, not decolorisation.

    Mathematics: the last two questions:
    x(x/4)/sin(sin2x)): no such question.
    a+b (ab)-1 etc.: not the question at all.
    Given det(ABÂ) = 8. det(AB^-1) = 8. Find IDK.
    (IDK turned out to be 1/16 = (1/detA)*(1/detB²))

    Qs1 Physics: definitely not the question. Here:
    A metallic ball of mass 0.1kg is heated upto 500°C, and dropped into a vessel of heat capacity 800J/K, containing 0.5kg of water. The temperature of the vessel and its contents is 30°C. Find the % increment in the temperature of the water. (Specific heat capacity of water = 4200 J/kg.K; specific heat capacity of metal = 400 J/kg.K)

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