If one went to question any JEE aspirant that how he is going to prepare for the exam, his first thought or plan would be to join a top coaching centre. Some people even got to the extent of buying PGs and live on rental homes so that they can stay closer to their coaching centers. Well this may seem to be an ideal situation, if, one did not have access to good education closer to their homes, but I have seen people who even though having multiple mediums of accessing education prefer to join coaching centers because they believe that it will definitely get them admission into a good institute. Well! we are not questioning the integrity of the coaching centers as there are teachers who have spent their life trying to help students in the private coaching institutes. But today! we are going to let the candidates have a look at some tips that may be helpful for preparing them for JEE without joining coaching centers.

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Prof. Raman Khanna who is a well known figure in JEE coaching thinks that

Students can benefit by joining either mode of coaching – online or offline. Since the exam is very competitive, it is recommended that you join at least one form of coaching. Although, it is not uncommon to find JEE top rankers who did not take any coaching at all and did just self-study.


Not to be biased, we are going to present both sides of joining coaching classes for preparing for JEE and not joining coaching classes for preparing for JEE. Coaching classes are considered to be a crucial part of JEE Preparation by candidates. Be it Main or Advanced, they believe that joining coaching helps in having crystal clear concepts, clarity in problems, boosting confidence and getting that extra edge over others in the exam. A recent study shows that around 45 – 50% more students now prefer to join coaching centers than ever before. It’s not because there are thousands of institutes offering the best faculty or they have the best preparation material but simply because students have come to blindly follow the trend of needing an already set course which lands them to the door of success in a short span of time.

You must have heard the stories of the toppers who charted their success without any coaching centre’s help. They are also average kids who once felt that acing the exam was impossible without coaching but as they grew interest in studying on their own, they felt more and more comfortable each day. One cannot possibly deny that a teacher is required at every step but nothing helps more than self-studying. Ultimately, you are going to write the exam, not the teachers. They have done their part. Now it’s your turn.

First of all! let us see the advantages and disadvantages of joining coaching classes and advantages and disadvantages of not joining coaching classes to help you decide on your own

Not joining coaching classes Joining coaching classes
Advantages Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages
1. Plan your own time table suiting your needs.

2. Flexible hours of studies

3. You can refer to video lectures over and over again

4. No need to leave the comfort of home as travelling would be not needed

5. Progress can be tracked easily using online tools

6. Online study enables quick interaction

1. No face-to-face interaction with teachers/ students

2. Easy to lose track

3. No idea of overwhelmingly vast syllabus

1. Direct interaction with teachers

2. Social networking keeps minds fresh

3. Set schedule for different topics

1. Can’t ask lot of doubts to the teacher owing to time limitations

2. Traveling to and from the coaching institute may leave you exhausted

So, as you have seen both the sides, it’s upto you to decide which mode you want to choose. ALL THE BEST! If you choose the option of Not joining the coaching classes. The following tips may help you keep a check on you.

Tip-1 Start with easy topics

In our other articles, we have mentioned the most important topics to be read and most easy topics to be studied in JEE. You can take help of that to know how you want to go about your preparation in the first few days. Do not start studies by picking difficult topics at first. What it will do is that you will get panicky when the first few questions are not solvable and you will give up in the beginning or procrastinate your work. That’s not what you would like to do, right.

Tip-2 Learn to track your progress

We will not deny the fact that, while in coaching centers you get an already set course, but on the other hand this fact can also not be denied that the plans can be rigorous and sometimes too harsh. At home, you get to pick your own suitable time for studies and fitting your requirements. So in this situation, you must keep a track of the syllabus you have covered and what portion is still left. A very good idea could be to prepare a worksheet of your progress. How? Well write down the syllabus on Google Worksheet. Mention the topic to be covered in each row and assign day’s task and when completed, write down the status at the end of the day. For the section, you could not complete, you do not have to worry. You can always finish it in the extra time you get.

Tip-3 Save Time, Save Questions

Now imagine, if you had joined coaching classes, then the time spent in travelling could not be spent studying. But when you decided not to join coaching classes, you get to spend the equivalent time in solving more questions. What we mean by that, while the time spent in travelling would have been wasted, if you are not joining coaching institutes, you can consider this as your backup time to solve extra questions than planned for the day or the ones that were left previous day.

Practice with JEE question papers.

Tip-4 Break down the syllabus

The biggest mistake would be start  with any subject abruptly. Instead begin with one subject. Solve NCERT first and then take help of supportive materials. In JEE you get PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) subjects. Start with Inorganic chemistry to bind your interest. This is an easy portion, hence you will be able to complete it within a week or less. After you are done with Chemistry, you can begin with Physics or Mathematics or vice versa. Ensure that you have divided the syllabus and follow it regularly.

Get the complete JEE Syllabus here.

Tip- 5 Say no to Unknown sources

Never study or refer the books which have not been mentioned by teachers. When the exam time draws near, never read new concepts from unknown sources. This will leave you puzzled. Rather what you should do is have more question papers with you and start solving them. Listen to toppers videos, you may draw a similar course as they followed.

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