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JEE Main 2019 Video Lectures has been provided by NTA to help students for JEE Main Examination. The video lectures will help the students to understand the base level and advanced concepts. Students can watch the video lectures to get a thorough understanding of the syllabus. Video lectures can be watched online by going on the official website It will help the students to cover maximum syllabus and concepts in a given period of time. Those students who are unable to get any extra help for their preparation can get maximum benefit from these videos, as they are easily accessible. JEE Main Examination consists two papers, with different patterns. By watching the JEE Main 2019 Video Lectures, students can improve their problem solving speed. Try to understand the topics and concepts provided in the video lectures and then solve questions based on it.

JEE Main 2019 Video Lectures

JEE Main is a competitive exam with an increasing number of applicants each year. As the competition is very tough, so the students must be prepared well for the exam. They can watch the JEE Main 2019 Video Lectures for better exam preparation. In the video lectures, the topics are explained in the simplest form. The video lectures are made by Subject Experts and IIT Professors.

How to Check JEE Main 2019 Video Lectures by NTA

To watch the video lectures, students can follow the steps that has been provided below

  • Go to the official site of NTA, or click on the direct link provided on this page.
  • On the main page of the official site, click on “Content Based Lectures’.
  • The link will direct you to the page where you will have to choose the subject of which you want to watch the lecture. The video lectures has been provided for four subjects: Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • Choose the subject, and then the youtube page will be opened with all the lectures of that subject.

Check JEE Main 2019 IIT PAL Video Lectures Here

JEE Main 2019 Physics Lectures – Click Here

JEE Main 2019 Mathematics Lectures – Click Here

JEE Main 2019 Chemistry Lectures – Click Here

Students can also study from the notes given below


How the Video Lectures are helpful

There are several merits of preparing from video lectures. The students can watch the lecture anytime, anywhere as they are easily accessible. Students from rural settings should not have to worry about going to some place for learning. The students who can not afford to pay for coaching institutes and private tutors to prepare for JEE Main Examination should not worry because they can get the video lectures free of cost. They do not have the agency and resources to get the benefit of all education tools, for those students these video lectures will provide huge benefit. Through the video lectures, the students will have flexible learning. they can pause, rewind and re-watch the video anytime. there will be no time bound to understand a concept or topic. JEE Main 2019 Video Lectures

The one drawback of Video lecture is that the topics explained in the videos are limited, and if a students has any doubt regarding questions based on those topics then he will have to solve it himself. But this also helps the student to increase his capability to solve questions on his own. Students should not assume that all the questions in the examination will come from the topics explained in the video lectures, NTA has specifically mentioned this on their official site.

Preparation Tips for JEE Main Exam

To prepare for the exam, the candidate must know about the scheme of the question paper. It will help to understand the paper pattern. Solve maximum number of sample papers to familiarize yourself with the paper pattern and to increase your speed in solving questions. The sample paper will also help you to avoid the same mistakes again and again. When you identify your problem once, then the chances of repeating the same mistake when attempt a similar question reduces. The video lectures will also help the students to understand the concepts well. Students can watch a lecture and solve the questions based on that concept simultaneously. After watching each lecture, try to solve maximum number of questions. Take note of every important thing while watching. Take some time between studying different topics and manage your time accordingly.

JEE Main

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