JEE Main 2018 College Predictor – Know what are your chances of admission in college of choice on basis of JEE Main 2018 Result / AIR. If you do not know your rank, use rank preditor of JEE Main 2018 first by entering score. If you do not know marks obtained in JEE Main then use answer key of JEE Main 2018 to estimate score. However since JEE Main 2018 is yet to happen at all, you can start off with checking opening and closing ranks of JEE Main 2018 / JEE Advanced 2018 / JoSAA.

Updated statistics for JEE Main 2018 College Prediction will be available after exam. Until then statistics pertaining to past year exams are used.

JEE Main 2018 College Predictor

If you want to know where you can get admission based on JEE Main 2018 Marks or JEE Main 2018 Rank, then do this.

  1. Check answer key (here).
  2. Then calculate marks by awarding 4 marks for correct answers and deducting 1 mark for incorrect answer.
  3. After that use rank predictor (here).
  4. Then check out last year JEE Main Cut Offs or JOSAA Opening and Closing Ranks (here) to know where you can get admission.

JEE Main 2018 College Predictor – All You Need To Know

You will appear in a major engineering entrance exam, the JEE Main 2018. Did you know that more than 11,00,000 students will also take the test? That is a quite a big number. Essentially you are competing against more than 1 million students for the dream college and branch.

There are two things that determine chances of getting seat in an engineering college.

  1. JEE Main 2018 All India Rank
  2. Number of seats in college

What is JEE Main 2018 Rank?

Rank is the position in merit list.

JEE Main 2018 AIR refers to how many students have obtained more marks than you. If your rank is n, then number of candidates with JEE Main 2018 Score higher than yours is n-1.

Rank of JEE Main 2018 is determined only by scores obtained in exam. You may be aware that until last year the rank was also influenced by board exam scores. This time, however, the Central Board of Secondary Education will only use entrance exam marks to calculate rank.

But, there is a clause regarding board marks.

And that is, that you should either have at least 75% in class 12 examination or you are in top 20 percentile candidates of your board. Whether you have 75% marks or not is clearly known through class 12 board results. If you do not have that score, then you must know whether you are in top 20 percentile students of your board or not. This latter data is directly provided by your Board to the CBSE which then indicates this in your JEE Main 2018 Result for which you need to see the score card.

How many seats are there in engineering colleges in India?

This question is easily answered here. The data for some of the states are also represented in this graph that you can see below.

The colleges offer BE or B.Tech in undergraduation. For this, there are over 15,00,000 seats.

Number of candidates registered for JEE Main = 11,00,000 +

Number of engineering UG seats = 15,00,000+

Number of engineering seats > Number of JEE Main test takers

Does that mean that everyone gets a seat?


Reason #1 Many colleges have separate engineering entrance exams. So this number, that number of applicants < number of seats does not directly relate.

Reason #2 Eligibility criteria are not met by several students. Cue: If a student does not have 75% in boards or is not in top 20 percentile then he is immediately not eligible to even compete for the seats.

Now we come to the crucial point of JEE Main Cut Offs

JEE Main Cut Off 2018 may refer, for the student, to one of the two things.

  1. Minimum marks needed in JEE Main 2018 in order to get a position in merit list.
  2. Minimum rank needed in order to get admission in a particular college.

Frequently asked questions on JEE Main Cut Off

Qs 1. What is the JEE Main 2018 Cut Off?

Ans. CBSE will decide the JEE Main 2018 cut off after looking at various factors such as average performance of students, difficulty level of question papers, minimum requirement for education standards. Usually cut off varies between 95-105 for general candidates, 65-75 for OBC candidates, 48-53 for SC candidates, and 40-50 for ST candidates.

Qs 2. Is there any sectional cut off in JEE Main exam?

Ans. No. There is only an overall cut off.

You can check JEE Main Cut Offs here.

Opening and Closing Ranks

A rank with a lower denomination is a better or higher rank and vice versa. So in the next paragraphs wherever we say higher rank, that means a lower unit. And wherever we say lower rank then that means a higher unit.

Opening rank and Closing rank of a particular admission session become available after counselling. Opening and closing ranks of past years are particularly useful to get an idea of what the JEE Main 2018 OR CR could be.

Head over to JEE Main Opening and Closing Ranks (also known as JOSAA Opening and Closing Ranks) to check them out.

You will see that a college that has a better reputation has huge competition. To get a college such as one of the top engineering colleges requires having obtained a very good rank indeed.

You need a higher (or better) rank to get a very good engineering college.

Note: When we say a very good engineering college, we mean an engineering college that is among top engineering colleges in that state. This traditional ranking system takes into account college establishment year, infrastructure, placement and several such factors.

What the chances of admission to a college if I have x marks or n rank in JEE Main 2017?

In order to answer this question, we analyze three things.

JEE Main Score

You can either get an idea of marks by using JEE Main 2018 Answer Keys, or know actual scores when CBSE announces results. Maximum marks in Paper 1 is 360.

JEE Main Rank

Actual ranks are known when JEE Main Result 2018 are declared. Before that students make use of JEE Main Rank Predictor to know rank or estimate it at least.

Desired college and branch

Opening and closing ranks, or as you may call it cut off, depends upon college, branch and candidate category. Once you have these things in hand then you can just check JOSAA OR CR to know which colleges you can get admission in!

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  1. Im expexting 80-90 Marks in jeemain paper 1 Also Around 250 Marks in paper 2 . Im from sc category . Which college or branch i may get on this basis also im a native place is himachal ?

  2. what would be my OBC rank if my estimated Rank in GENERAL category is 50,000 – 55,000.Please and which NIT OR IIIT i would be applicable.
    Thanks awesome website bro.Keep it up bro!!

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