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India is a nation where most of the towns still don’t get 24-hour electricity, IITs/NITs have become the main attractions of education. Thanks to a large sum of funding from the government, they also have awesome residential facilities,  New and Innovative lab facilities and recreational activity facilities for the students to keep themselves away from any sort of stress. The faculties that are been assigned there are the best in India, These institutions have developed amazing industry contacts which tend to give you the best in class job opportunities that are present.

Why JEE Mains is important?

If you have a desire to be amongst the most intelligent, creative, logical and high IQ students. For that, you must study hard and crack the JEE mains exam. With only 30 days left in the exam, you have to define and know what it is that you want from your life?  How you want to build your life? Do you want to receive the best undergraduate education provided in your country? Do you want to grow as a leader?

If you really think your answer is Yes! Please pull up your socks, tighten your belt and get ready to be in a totally different world for the next 30 days to prepare for this important exam. You have to be ready to burn the midnight oil and achieve your goal. You must have the ability to set your priorities right and they should be well defined. Your concentration level should be more than 100%. You need to focus only on the important concepts. With only 30 days left to prepare for JEE mains, you have to study very smartly, keeping in mind that hard work has no replacement so anyhow you have to work hard day and night but in a smart and analytical manner.

What is it all about?

In 2018, total 11350845 students Appeared for JEE Main Exam, out of which only 231,024 qualify for JEE Advanced Exam. You need to prepare and work really hard if you’re dreaming to crack the JEE Mains.

JEE Mains have a set of 90 questions in total with 30 each in all the subject i.e. in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. The question will be assigned as 4 marks for the correct answer and -1 for every incorrect answer. You have to be very wise whether you should attempt or not. Attempt only the questions for which you are sure about.

Everybody Can!

Believe in Yourself, that’s the first and the most important task that you should focus on. When you’ll not have self-confidence, you will tend to put up a meaningless and half-hearted effort which will not be of any use.

How to Start the Preparation?

First of all, you need to create a timetable for yourself, A well-designed timetable which will suit you and you can follow that for the next 30 days with whole dedication and in a disciplined manner. Just dreaming and setting impossible goals won’t let you achieve anything, so gear up and start with the preparation now.

You have 30 days to prepare for JEE mains so the basic idea should be dividing your time equally for the three subjects.

That is 8 days each for physics, chemistry, and maths. The remaining 6 days you just have to revise, you do not need to start with any new topic or practice new problems, you just need to focus and revise thoroughly whatever you will study during these 24 days. You have to study hard and start with the easiest things, try to build your confidence and start moving up to moderate topics smoothly.

Divide your 24 hours into 4 parts.

  • Sleep- 7 hours
  • Study-11 hours
  • Miscellaneous work(eating/meditation)-3 hours
  • Revision/Tests-3 hours

You need to take two subjects simultaneously, study one in the morning and the other one in the evening, revise again and give a test of the same topic at night. Try to maintain and increase your marks gradually by improving on your weaker areas.

Test series must be attempted in order to:

  1. Attempt the questions of JEE Mains level and analyze your weak areas.
  2. These tests will definitely give you an opportunity to learn how to take tests in the given time limit.
  3. To know your potential or strength that how many questions you are able to attempt correctly.

Go through the key concept

Don’t take any subject lightly, because all three subjects have similar marks distribution and every subject is important for qualifying and scoring well in JEE Mains. You must analyze and choose good study material for study and try to concentrate on the concept. You should also prepare a list of important formula from each chapter. Try and make a note of the tips for a quick solution to problems.

Must Follow Tips!

  1. The focus should be on the selective study, First attempt all the easy topics and build your confidence, then move on to the tougher topics.
  2. Try and complete your syllabus as soon as possible, and then try to solve previous year papers( at least the last 15 years papers). Most of the questions would be coming from previous year question or they could just ask questions differently but the concept behind the question is the same as that of the previous year questions, you can use 34 years by Arihant Experts for practicing the questions and you can also find the question online on any website.
  3. If the chapter is carrying less weight and you feel that you’re not able to complete it on time or maybe it’s difficult then you can avoid that topic. You have to move ahead and concentrate on what you feel is your strong part.
  4. Revision and note making are the key aspects, keep on revising whatever you study on a daily basis.
  5. You should also eat good and healthy food, take care of your mental and physical health. You should not take any sort of unnecessary pressure and anyhow you have to give your best shot.

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