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How much time is left for JEE Main exam 2018 and 2019?

This post is relevant when number of days left for JEE Main 2018 and 2019 are around thirty

JEE Main Preparation in 30 daysNovember has already crossed the half way line and we are nearer to the end of the calendar year. JEE Main 2018 and 2019 will be held in April. You will have to appear in the class XII board exams (unless you are a dropper) in March. For that, you will need to prepare exclusively in the month of February. We can safely assume that the best time for preparation left is till January 31. Considering that you have around 60 to 70 days left.

But you also have to give time for the pre board exams in schools, so roughly deduct one more month and you are left with only 30 days of hard core JEE Main Preparation.

How can I prepare for JEE Main in 30 days?! Let us tell you how.

End of March (after board exams) and first few days of April should be allotted to only revision of key points.

Day wise preparation plan for JEE Main

Do you have the right books for JEE?

Before you run off to lay your hand on every book possible, check out the list of most important books for JEE Main and JEE Advanced.

JEE Preparation Books

This list has been prepared keeping in mind the Joint Entrance Exam pattern, their reviews, and recommendations from toppers and teachers.

Right now, you have roughly 10 days for each subject mathematics, physics and chemistry.

  • Divide time equally each day for preparation of all three subjects.
  • For a subject in which you are weakest, you can devote more hours at a time if required, at a stretch.
  • Concentrate on solving MCQs and cracking the theory of Physics and Mathematics early. If need be, study them longer in a day and try to tackle these subjects more in the coming days.
  • Practice for mathematics can go hand in hand with board exam prep. Because for both, you will have to solve questions and attempt problems of a wide range.

Hour wise preparation plan for JEE Main

Are you an early riser or late sleeper? What is the one time of the day when you are most awake and alert?

Every student has a peak time of the day. At this time, his / her concentration level is maximum. We advise that at this time, you should focus on physics and chemistry. These require more concentration in terms of handling theory plus applying to problems.

At the less energetic hours, you can attempt mathematics problems.

By now you must have analyzed your strong and weak topics. The weak topics, you must study at the alert and concentration peak hours.

Subject wise strategy for JEE Main 2018 and 2019 Preparation.


  • In the months of November and December you can allot lesser hours for maths. But make sure that syllabus has been completed. At the last moment you cannot afford to study something new.
  • For board exams as well as JEE, you need to practice all questions of NCERT text books and preferably another book like RD Sharma.
  • If you have time on your hands, you can pick up more MCQ based books such as SL Loney, Hall and Knight and TMH.


  • Note down important formulae for each chapter.,
  • Revise theory and formulae properly.
  • Solve questions as many as you can in the available time.
  • Maintain a note book for important points from your perspective. It could be about approach to questions or theory. This notebook can be revised a day or two before the exam.


  • It is important to study from NCERT books recommended by CBSE. This is crucial for board exams as well as JEE Main.
  • CBSE Chemistry text books are highly recommended by teachers for engineering entrance exam such as JEE. The chemistry NCERT book is well framed for detailed understanding of the topics.
  • Attempt all problems in the book.
  • More books to attempt MCQs for JEE Main are OP Tandon, P Bahadur, Morrsion and Boyd.

The aim should be to comprehensively cover all topics before February. This will leave us with enough time practice specifically for the board exams and also try out sample papers, mock tests. Also, it will help increase confidence. If we leave a lot of topics for last moment, panic level is bound to rise.

Keep your calm during preparation and do not give up! We are sure you will do fantastically well in the exam!

This article is a part of the series on JEE Main 2018 and 2019-2018 and JEE Advanced 2018 and 2019-2018 Preparation. If you have any queries on JEE Main Preparation in 30 days for JEE Main 2018 and 2019, you can ask in comments below.

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