Karnataka PGCET 2016 M.Tech Syllabus – Mathematics and Computer Science

Karnataka Examinations Authority Post Graduate Common Entrance Test (KEA PGCET) M.Tech Admissions 2016 Syllabus for Mathematics and Computer Science is given below.

Mathematics : 

Analytical Geometry of 2-d — Lines, Curves, Analytical Geometry of 3-d — Lines, Planes and Conics, Differential Calculus — Derivatives of any order, Derivatives of functions, curves, Polar coordinates, Partial differentiation, Integral Calculus — Integrals of standard functions, Reduction formulae, Applications, Differential equations — Up to second order homogeneous equations, Solutions using Laplace transforms

Probability — Events, Sample space, Basic Theorems, conditional probability, Independence, Statistics — Frequency tables, Histograms, Measures of averages and dispersion, Combinatorial analysis — Permutations & Combinations, Linear and Non-Linear equations — Solution, Application, Set theory — Basic concepts, Operations on sets, Venn diagrams, De Morgan’s law, Power sets ,Relations — Composite, Equivalence, Recurrence, Number system — Binary, Ternary and others, Logic — Operators, Truth tables, Tautologies, Algebraic structures- Groups, Rings, Sequences and Series- Convergence

Computer Science:

Fundamentals of Computers, Office Automation, Basics of Internet

‘C’ Computer Language

Basic Data types, Fundamentals of C programming, Control structures, Bit wise operators, Storage classes, Functions, Arrays, Pointers.

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