KEAM Option Registration 2018 will be opened and candidates can apply online. Candidates can register their options within the time schedule specified, using any computer having internet facility. Candidates who do not have access to Internet facility can use the facility provided free of cost, by the Government at various centres across the state. ‘Option Facilitation Centres’ (OFC) and ‘Help Desks’ (HD) have opened across the state for a specified period for the candidates who need assistance for registering their options. The list of OFCs and HDs can be checked on official website. The Option Facilitation Centres and Help Desks will be functioning only during the period specified.

The facility for registering of options is available only during the period specified in the notifications issued by the CEE. Wide publicity has given through electronic and print media regarding the schedule and related matters. The facility will be withdrawn once the time period is over and candidate will not have access to this facility after this time period. A candidate, not registering his/her options as per the time schedule announced, will not be considered for allotments under his/her eligible streams against any of the seats available then, irrespective of his/her rank. Requests for extension of time will not be entertained under any circumstances for registering options under any of the streams.

Centralised Allotment Process (CAP)

The Centralised Allotment Process will be done through the Single Window System (SWS) to give allotments to the various courses and colleges in the State, based on the options submitted by the candidates who have been included in the rank list for the year 2018, prepared by the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations (CEE), Kerala.

This is a system of ‘Allotments through Online Submission of Options’. The options are willingness of a candidate who qualified with a rank in the rank lists of KEAM 2018 to join a course-college combination prioritized as per his/her aspiration and desire subject to the conditions specified.

CAP through which the Options are registered is a simple and transparent process of allotment to the Professional Degree Courses and it gives the candidate opportunity to exercise his/her options for courses and colleges of his/her choice conveniently in the order of his/her preference considering all those available to be chosen from. The allotments will be strictly based on the options exercised, the rank obtained and eligible reservations of the candidate. Candidates should register options only to those courses/colleges which they are sure to join on allotment. If the candidate fails to remit fee/join the college, he/she will lose the allotment as well as all the existing options in the stream to which the allotment belongs. The options once lost will not be available in the subsequent phases. When an allotment is given to a candidate, the previous allotments, if any, shall automatically be cancelled.

KEAM Option Registration 2018

The activities related to the Centralised Allotment Process (CAP) to Professional Degree Courses for the year 2018-19 will be commenced from Jun 2018. In this phase, online options are invited to Engineering, Architecture and Pharmacy courses only. The Medical & Allied courses will be included in the Centralised Allotment Process in due course.

Options can be registered only through the website, “”. Candidates have to register their options in single stream or multiple streams (based on their eligibility) in the ‘Option Registration Page’ accessible through the ‘Candidate Portal’ within the stipulated period of time. Candidates should access the ‘Option Registration Page’ and follow the instructions given therein, to register their options for courses and colleges. Options submitted to the CEE by Fax, Post, Hand delivery etc., will not be processed or considered on any account for allotment of seats.

Procedure for Registering Option

Any candidate, who wishes to register his/her options, should have the ‘Roll Number’, ‘Application number’, ‘Key number’ and ‘Password’ readily available with him/her. The candidate must also have access to internet facility. The candidate should follow the procedure given below for registering options:

  • Log on to the ‘Candidate Portal’ through the website using Roll Number and Application Number
  • Log on to the ‘Option Registration Page’ using Key Number and Password.
  • Register Options.
  • Save the Options registered.
  • View and Print the List of Options registered.
  • Log off from the ‘Candidate Portal’.

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