Here is a good study time table for you to prepare for NEET 2019.

NEET 2019 Study Plan

By October 2018

Complete syllabus of NEET 2019.

There are 58 topics. If you devote 4 days to each topic, for each topic you do these four things –

(i) Study its theory from NCERT

(ii) Solve NCERT questions

(iii) Solve MCQs from a reference book

(iv) Solve MCQs asked from that chapter in past year NEET papers

– then you complete the syllabus within 232 days. If you study on at least 6 days of the week, then you can easily complete the syllabus by October.

The later you start with this time table, the fewer days you will get to study a chapter.

November 2018

Focus on strengths and weaknesses, to convert weaknesses into non-weak areas, and build strengths into sure-sot marks scoring sections.

December 2018

Take mock tests, solve sample papers.

January 2018 – February 2018

Revise class 12th syllabus. You may also have to start preparing for board exams.

If you are planning to appear in NEET 2019 (February) then best of luck! You can do well in it!

February 2018 – March 2018

Board exams

April 2018

Revise class 11th, go through important notes of class 12th, solve papers.

Here are some excellent resources which you can use to prepare for NEET 2019.

Preparing for NEET 2019 Along With Board Exams

If you are also going to appear in your class 12 / intermediate / 2nd PUC exams in March-April 2019, then you have another mountain to climb. However, you can easily do it if you are paying attention in classes from day 1.

An important thing to easily score high in NEET as well as boards is to attend school classes regularly. Many students think that because they are going to coaching classes or tuitions, they can skip school classes. That is not so. In fact, what happens in schools is that teachers teach in such a way that even those who do not go to coaching can understand. So there you can understand concepts more easily. So go to your school every day and take down notes. This will be very helpful when you are studying yourself.

As time for board exams get nearer, make sure your syllabus is finished well in time. Then in December-January, or January-February, or February-March, depeneding when your board exam is, revise complete class 12 syllabus. Do it in such a way that it suffices your revision also.

Then, after board exam, you can revise class 11 syllabus and then once again class 12.

NEET Exam Preparation

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