The most awaited medical entrance exam of the year is finally here. NEET 2017 is on 07 May 2017. As more than 11 lakh candidates gear up to appear for it, there are few questions everyone wants to be answered. For instance, the dress code for NEET 2017 exam is crucial. Last year many students were not able to get admission to exam center as they had not followed the dress code. Another thing is the list of barred items. Again, carrying any such item that incriminates you will lead to disqualification. Also it is important to know the rules and regulations for CBSE NEET. Know all about NEET 2017 Dress Code, Barred Items, Rules and Regulations.

NEET 2017 Dress Code

Candidates must wear clothes that match the following description.


  • Wear light clothes.
  • Clothes must have half sleeves.
  • Clothes must not have big buttons.
  • There must be no brooch or badge or flower.


  • Wear salwar or trouser.
  • They should not have brooch or badge or such embellishments.


  • Wear slippers or sandals with low heels.
  • Do not wear shoes.


  • Avoid any sort of accessories.
  • Do not wear watch or wrist watch.
  • Do not wear bracelets.
  • Handbag and wallet are also not allowed.
  • Do not wear ring, nose pin, chain, necklace, pendant, badge, brooch.

Note – NEET 2017 Dress Code has been formulated to minimize chances of a student using unfair means. Bulky clothes with accessories make invigilators suspicious that student is hiding notes or electronic devices. It is in fact, cases in the past that have spurred CBSE to lay down such strict dress code for the National Eligibility Entrance Test.

It may seem a bit inconvenient to students to follow such a dress code. But it is after all for the larger benefit of them only.

Adhere to the dress code so that the authorities can catch miscreants who do cheating.

NEET 2017 Barred Items

Do not bring any item that is given in the list below. These are barred items. Students will undergo frisking with metal detectors.

Things that you must NOT have on day of exam

  • Stationery item – Any paper, geometry or pencil box, plastic pouch, pen, scale, writing pad, eraser
  • Calculator
  • Pen drive
  • Log table
  • Electronic pen
  • Scanner
  • Communication device – mobile phone, bluetooth, earphone, microphone, pager, health band.
  • Wallet
  • Googles
  • Handbag
  • Wallet
  • Accessories of any sort – ring, nose pin, chain, necklace, pendant, badge, brooch.
  • Watch/Wrist Watch
  • Any metallic item
  • Any eatable item opened or packed
  • Water bottle

Do not have anything with you that could be an item for unfair means, or for hiding communication devices like camera, bluetooth.

The center will not have any provision to keep articles or belonging. So simply do not carry them to the center.

Dress code and the list of barred items are same for male and female candidates.

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Rules For Exam Day

  1. Examination centre will open 2.5 hours before exam. Last entry to exam hall is at 9.30 AM. Candidate must reach to center on time. As soon as exam centre opens the board expectes candidates to take their allotted seats.
  2. Candidate must present NEET 2017 Admit Card (download here), proforma, photograph. Anyone not in possession of these things will not be admitted to the hall by the Centre Superintendant.
  3. The invigilator will check admit card/hall ticket and satisfy himself/herself of the identity of the candidate. He/she will also sign on answer sheet side 1.
  4. Candidate will be allotted a seat with his/her roll number. They need to locate it and occupy it. Do not sit on any other seat.
  5. Clothes and footwear worn by test taker should be as per NEET 2017 dress code. Only those who adhere to it will get entry to exam hall.
  6. Candidate must not have any barred item.
  7. The invigilator will check hall ticket and also sign on answer sheet.
  8. Exam ends at 1 PM. Test takers must be seated until that time. Candidate may leave the exam hall only after time ends and he/she submits answer sheet.
  9. You cannot smoke in exam hall.
  10. Exam starts at exactly that time that is in admit card. There will be 3 signals – (1) at beginning (2) at half time (3) before closing time. Stop makring answers when third signal is given.
  11. Candidate needs to sign two times in attendance sheet. One at start of exam, and one while handing over sheet.

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