Need NEET PG preparation tips? Cracking NEET must be an aim for a number of candidates; students who are aiming to get into the best medical colleges for pursuing MD/MS/ Post Graduate Diploma Courses. The time can be very helpful for the students and a plus point for the students who have already started preparing for NEET Exam.

What are the highly recommended books for NEET PG preparation?

Students who work toward this goal often find themselves stuck behind the pile of books on which another book can be made just to name them. Is it the truth that we can achieve high marks in NEET exam with only a few good books with us? It is one-100% true. Ask the toppers, watch their interviews, you will get to know what they had put in to get what they have or better.

Some of the books that toppers and teachers suggest are –

Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Forensic and other short subjects ACROSS
Anatomy Chaurasia
Biochemistry Sreekumari
ENT Dhingra
Forensic Medicine Reddy
Medicine Harrison, Mudit Khanna, Ashish Gupta
Micro Rachna Chaurasia
Microbiology Ananthanarayan
O&G Sakshi Arora
OBG Sheila Balakrishnan
Ophthalmology Across, Parson
Pathology Robbins,Sparsh Gupta
Pediatrics O.P.Ghai
Pharmacology Tripathi, Sparsh Gupta
Physiology Ganong
SPM Park, Vivek Jain
Surgery Bailey, Ashish Gupta

How to prepare for online NEET PG?

As a NEET PG has become an online examination, it has proved to be a savior for the candidates. A big deal while writing the NEET PG examinations used to be filling the OMR Sheets. A number of students have done so many mistakes in the exam and have lost their focus because of the long OMR sheets. Candidates also tried to solve the problems by following many strategies. However, the horror of marking the wrong answer has been eliminated now.

Nowadays there are a number of mock test for NEET exam that have been designed so that the candidates do not feel new to the online examination. Therefore, the candidates don’t need to worry about the online examination and can shift their complete focus on the preparation for NEET.

Remain in Focus – There is a possibility that the candidates may lose focus or again make the same mistake of choosing the wrong answer. Therefore, it highly important that candidates remain in focus with solving the questions and filling the OMR sheet.

NEET PG exam pattern As per the last released brochure, there are 16 subjects. The syllabus includes subjects such as Surgery, ENT, Orthopedics and Anesthesia carrying the biggest share of 46 questions. In the event that there happens to be any changes in the NEET PG Exam Pattern, it will be mentioned in the new brochure.

What is the general pattern of NEET PG and what should students expect in the exam?

Aspirants preparing for the NEET PG exam are informed that in the NEET PG examination, they will be facing 300 Multiple choice questions. The exam will conclude in 3 hrs and 30 mins. The NEET PG question paper is divided in 3 parts. Part A contains 50 MCQ’s while the section B and C contains 100 and 150 MCQ type questions.

It is important that the candidates be ready for all type of questions. Candidates can face any type of questions in the NEET PG exam. Therefore, it is important that the candidates don’t remain in boundaries and focus on their expansion.

PG Medical entrance exams in which all medical candidates must appear

AIM for AIIMS – NEET marks are used by a number states and universities for admission to PG medical course. One of the major exam which the students can aim to appear is AIIMS PG Exam. AIIMS is much cherished among the students. Therefore, the candidates are suggested to also aim for AIIMS.

NEET PG Syllabus

The NEET PG Syllabus comprised of the subjects as according to the guidelines and regulations issued by the medical council of India. The guidelines are issued prior approval of the Government of India. Students can refer to the official website of MCI – for more details.

NEET PG Preparation Tips

The only difference between the students who top the exams and the students who get average/passing marks or don’t clear the exam is formulation of an effective strategy. However, as the leaders suggest, getting on the top must not be a goal, but getting all the right knowledge and becoming the master of the gained knowledge to remain on the top and sustain the position must be the ultimate goal. Speaking from the perspective of a NEET Candidate, preparation for the exam itself requires preparation and a strategy to know exactly how it is going to be done and how well can it be done. 

Strategy to Crack NEET examination for the year 2020

Candidates willing to crack NEET exam have to be sure that they have made the right strategy for NEET examination. One way to do is to understand where you are lacking and make specific preparation strategy for that section. Ideally if the candidates will be starting earliest, they can complete the NEET 2020 preparation while studying just 24-25 Hours in a week. Students should not worry as this means giving just 3-4 hours to the preparation everyday.

However, if you have started late, you need to be quicker, and need to devote more hours daily. You can prepare the shorter subjects such as anesthesia, dermatology, radiology from guides or notes. Bigger subjects such as medicine, pathology, pharmacology should be devoted more time.

Is coaching essential to score high in the exam?

It is a question which every need aspirants ask every year and irrespective of change in the exam patterns, the students are advised the same. If you are preparing for NEET PG and think that you require some extra support then you can have take help of coaching. Otherwise, just like the previous year toppers, you too can nail the exams without the need for coaching. Students can check the below tips to know how they can crack NEET in first attempt without coaching

Know the right books

The first crucial step to follow is that the students must have the right books for the preparation. If the candidates having good quality books, it will be easier for them to know the repeated answers.

How much time each day should to prepare for NEET PG?

Candidates appearing in the NEET PG 2019 exam will have to devote at least 8-10 hrs of studying if they want to get into the kind of college they are aiming for. The exam will be taken by thousands of students and the seats will be limited. Therefore, as the competition is going to be tough, students will have to give their best while preparing for NEET PG 2020.

Should you set a time table for preparation?

A time table will be very helpful for NEET 2020 preparation. The candidates have to ensure that they keep a track on what they study and how well they are studying it. Dividing the work hours and rest hours will be helpful for ensuring that the students do not feel tired and stay motivated. Focus and sticking to goals is critical in AIGMEE preparation.

We have tried to answer a large number of PG medical aspirants’ queries in this article. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask in comments below. Wishing you best of luck for your NEET PG!

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