About the institute

NIMHANS is one of the best colleges for studies in the area of mental health and neurosciences. The institute is a multidisciplinary one with excellence in mental health all over the country. Along with providing the best education in the field of mental health and neuroscience, it also helps the government in introducing policies on mental health, injury and neurosciences.

The students who wish to pursue a career in the field of neurology or mental health wish to take admission in this college. The institute is continuously progressing in the field and it has produced many successful Psychiatrists and psychologists, those are working in national and international institutions.

Pattern of Exam

The institute conducts online multiple choice questions entrance exam for post graduation.

  • For all the courses, the institute conducts the common exam.
  • After one clears the exam common exam, a separate merit list is published. One can apply for all the three courses.
  • The online exam is a two-hour test with 150 MCQs with negative marking. 90- 100 questions are asked from 19 subjects of MBBS.
  • One can easily answer these questions if one has prepared well for PGMEE. The difficulty level is moderate. The questions are from the usually direct from the preparation books of MBBS. The rest of the questions are directly or indirectly related to CNS. One can answer these questions only when one has read the neurological aspects of all the major subjects.
  • The questions are from psychiatry, medicine, physiotherapy, pharmacy, pathology, radiology and anesthesia. Even in this section, the difficulty level is moderate.

The exam is easier as compared to AIIMS and AIPGME. One must be consistent while preparing for the exam. Focus should be on all the subjects but a special focus should be given to the neurology subject.

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Online resources for NIMHANS Entrance Exam Preparation for Post Graduation in Neurosurgery

There are various online portals that offer courses and also a huge database for the preparation. These platform helps you prepare well for the exam through the continuous test and mock papers. One can assess their preparation simultaneously with this type of preparation that offers mock test scores. Along with the test papers,  these platforms also have detailed solution of the questions.

Preparing on your own

  • One should always prepare in time for the entrance exams as the last day preparations seldom pay off.
  • Students should prefer making own notes as it is difficult to study from someone else’s notes at the last moment during revision.
  • It is very easy to forget the difficult questions, therefore, one should mark the difficult ones to practice them during the time of the final exam.
  • The aspirant should make sure that he/ she is thorough with the concepts and is not confused between one or two concepts.
  • There are also various books available in the market for the preparation of this exam.

Studies are not enough

Apart from the preparation by studying, the students should not forget to keep themselves fit during this time. They must drink large quantities of water while burning the midnight oil. They should eat healthy food during the preparation of exam as it is crucial to stay fit. It is possible to crack any exam if you prepare wisely.

NIMHANS Entrance Exam

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