Odisha DET Sample Question Paper


1.     If a + b + c = 0, the value of

(b+c)2 + (c+a)2 + (a+b)2 will be

3bc       3ca      3ab

(A) 0         (B) 1        (C) 2        (D) 3


1.     Two bullets are fired simultaneously, horizontally and with different speeds from the same place. Which bullet will hit the ground first?

(A)   The Faster

(B)   The Slower one

(C)   Both will reach simultaneously

(D)   Depends on the masses

2.     For electroplating metal M on metal N, we have to take

(A)   ‘M’ as anode, ‘N’ as cathode and the solution of salt of ‘N’ as electrolyte.

(B)   ‘N’ as anode, ‘M’ as cathode and the solution of salt of ‘M’ as electrolyte.

(C)   ‘M’ as anode, ‘N’ as cathode and the solution of salt of ‘M’ as electrolyte.

(D)   ‘N’ as anode, ‘M’ as cathode and solution of ‘N’ as electrolyte.




1)     Solution of the differential equation

dy = x sinx is dx

(A) y = xcosx – sinx + c

(B) y = xsinx + cosx + c (C) y = xcosx – xsinx + c (D) y = -xcosx + sinx + c


1)     N-type Semiconductor is obtained by doping intrinsic Germanium with

(A)   Phosphorous, (B)   Aluminium,          (C)   Boron,       (D)   Gold


1)     % of nitrogen in the atmosphere is :

(A) 50%    (B) 78%    (C) 87%    (D) 65%





A)    Fill in the blanks with appropriate choice from the list given below:-


1.     He ____________ play chess while he was in school.

a)     might,                     b) would, c)         could,   d) should, e) none.


2.     By  the  time  we  reach  the  stadium,  the match    .

a)   had started,      b) will have, c)   would start,       d) started, e) none.


B)    Doing house work, taking care of children and carrying out assorted jobs for husbands are work just as much as is performing paid employment in an office or factory. To ignore this is to do a disservice to women in the labour force. The reality of house work is that women’s work in the home averages 56 hours per week for the fulltime home maker and 26 hours per week for the employed wife/mother. Husbands and children barely increase their contribution to house work and childcare when the wife/mother is in the labour force. As a result, the employed woman with family responsibility gives up most of her leisure to carry out the responsibilities of family life.


Answer the following.


1.     Is the house work taken by a house wife as much as the paid employment in an office or factory?

a) No,      b) Almost as much,      c) Yes,            d) none.

2.     A house wife works for       hours per week.

a)     46,                  b)     5,
c)     76,                  d)     2,                e)   none

3.     An employed woman gives up most of her leisure for the sake of

a)     Family responsibilities,                       b)         family entertainment,
c)     her own entertainment outside,            d)         none.


C)    Correct the error if any about the underlined portion.


1.     The boy is learning against the wall.

a)     on,                  b)     at,

c)     in,                   d)     none.

2.     It is 7 O’clock in my watch

a)     at,                   b)     by,

c)     with,                d)     none.


3.     Neither the cock nor the hens is in the yard.

a)     has,                b)     were,

c)     was,                d)     had,       e)         none.

4.        Time and tide wait for none.

a)     had waited,      b)     waits,     c)         waited,  d)         had waited,       e)         none.




1.     If the roots of equation 4x2 + (1+m) x+1 = 0 are equal, the values of ‘m’ are

a) (-5, -3),          b) (-5, 3),           c) (5, -3),           d) (5, 3).

2.     Valency of aluminium is

(A) +1,       (B) -1, (C) -3,     (D) +3


3.     Unit of resistance is

(A) Volt,     (B) Ampere,      (C) Ohm,           (D) Ohm-meter


4.     Power House of the Cell is

(A) Lysosome,  (B)   Nuclew,     (C) Mitochondia,            (D) Ribosome.

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